Spin around on the Dig-A-Round at Diggerland UK Theme Parks!

In this week’s blog post we are focusing on the popular Diggerland UK attraction, Dig-A-Round! If you’re yet to visit our Diggerland parks then make sure you put this ride near the top of your to-do list. It’s an attraction that will leave you spinning right round!


As Kylie Minogue said “I’m spinning around!” pretty much applies to the Dig-A-Round ride. 

When you experience the Dig-A-Round, it’ll leave you in a spin, and not just forwards but backwards too!

This specific attraction was based on the concept of a carousel, also known as a Merry-Go-Round. Take away the horses and replace them with digger buckets and a digger as the centre control hub and you’ve got yourself a Dig-A-Round!

Preparing for your visit? View the Dig-A-Round in action here

Who can enjoy the Dig-A-Round?

You’ll all be happy to know that even the smallest of our visitors can enjoy the Dig-A-Round at Diggerland UK. Anyone over the height of 80cm, can experience this ride. Pick a friend or family member to ride with you, or even take on the ride yourself. Pick a seat, wait to be strapped in, and prepare for the ride of your life. 

Our top tip…

Similar to Spindizzy, we would also recommend planning when to go on the Dig-A-Round attraction. It can get incredibly spinny and we would hate for it to ruin your lunch. Especially when we have some fantastic caterers on site, serving delicious fresh meals and snacks!

Fun facts

Did you know that we use a JCB 8060 digger to operate the Dig-A-Round? This particular digger weighs roughly 12000 KG and an operating power of 38kW. 

Before it featured as part of the Dig-A-Round ride, it would have typically been used for the following type of construction work:

  • Digging holes and foundations
  • Landscaping
  • Transporting materials such as dirt, sand and even stones
  • Digging trenches

This is all based on just having a standard digger bucket, think about what else can be done with a digger such as this!

Lastly, the Dig-A-Round was designed and created by our sister company Masterhitch Europe Ltd. The concept was a bespoke idea originally designed by the Diggerland Chairman and the highly skilled team of engineers at Masterhitch. 


Along with the Dig-A-Round attraction, visitors can experience and enjoy the thrills of operating / driving 19 other rides and drives. Diggerland has 3 UK based parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, all including the same rides. You won’t be missing out on the Dig-A-Round whichever park you visit!

Our construction based parks are aimed primarily at visitors aged between 4 and 14, however that’s not to say that everyone else won’t enjoy a family day out with us. Who isn’t excited to get behind the wheel of a digger or dumper truck?

View all of our main attractions, and their height restrictions here.


Have you picked a visit date yet?

If so, we would highly recommend booking tickets on our website to guarantee your entry. Additionally, any tickets pre-booked in advance will benefit from a reduced ticket price. Ticket prices will be as follows:

Anyone over 90cm: £22.80pp

Any 65 + : £11.40pp

Disabled visitors: £22.80pp

Disabled carers: Free

Visitors under 90cm: Free

Visitors will still be able to purchase tickets on arrival, should we have availability. However, tickets will cost £28.00pp instead for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

Our upcoming months are starting to fill up quickly, so make sure you guarantee your entry before we sell out!

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*All information correct as of 15/03/2022