Schools Out For A Snow Day – Snow Activities For The Whole Family!

Has your local area been hit hard overnight with heavy snowfall? Has your school day been cancelled? Well, not to worry, Diggerland has the perfect snow activities for the whole family to get involved in. We know that some are lovers of the snow, however it’s not always great when you’re been stranded, or stuck indoors at home. So what better way to bring everyone together, than to enjoy some fantastic activities as a family.


Of course, at the top of our list had to be building a snowman. Wrap up warm and head out to either your garden or a local park. Make sure you pick the most suitable place to build your snowman. Remember to scout out the area and don’t forget to pick a space with level ground. It will give your snow friend the best chance of surviving for as long as possible. Now you’re ready to begin!

Start by rolling a small snowball with your hands, and then begin to roll it around until it gradually grows in size. Once it gets bigger, remember to ask for assistance from an adult before it gets too heavy to push. Next, make another snowball but slightly smaller for the body. Then, repeat the step again to resemble the head. Once they have been stacked on top of each other, you’re ready to start preparing the finishing touches.

Most people often take spare scarves, hats, and even gloves to decorate their snowman. What choice of clothing will you bring with you? Don’t forget to take a family photo once you’ve given your snowman a face, buttons, and arms!


Do you love the feeling of walking through untouched snow and feeling it crunch beneath your feet? So do we!

One of the best things to do is to get out and about, and go for a lovely family winter walk. It’s definitely up there as one of the best snow activities in our opinion. Why not admire all of the beautiful snow covered scenery around you, and take plenty of photos on your travels? 

If you do choose to venture out make sure you take plenty of care when walking, as we know some areas could be very slippery. However, most importantly, avoid the yellow snow!


For those who aren’t a fan of the cold weather, then this one’s for you!

Stay inside, snug and warm, and enjoy a tasty cup of hot chocolate. We would highly recommend pairing up a cup of hot chocolate with a Christmas film since it’s so close to the big day. It sounds like the ultimate chill out day!

You could also get creative and add plenty of toppings. Duggy and Dotty love a cup of warm hot chocolate on snowy days, once they’ve finished playing in the Diggerland park when we are closed. Their favourite toppings include whipped cream, chocolate chips, marshmallows and some colourful sprinkles. Which toppings would you choose?


Although Diggerland isn’t open over the winter, we’ve still got you covered. We have a couple of gifts that could be used for snow activities, can you guess what they might be?


For those children who love the idea of snowboarding, they can get their hands on, or shall we say feet, into their very own Diggerland branded snowboard. Measuring approximately 103cm long, the youngsters (sorry adults) can learn to master the art of snowboarding down their local hills. Who will reach the bottom first? 

The Diggerland snowboard can be purchased for only £14.95, plus you’ll be the coolest kid on the slopes! 

Snow Sliders

There’s no need to find something to use as a sled, or face trying to buy one online. Our snow sliders come in a range of colours and are perfect for children to use down in the snow. Our Diggerland snow sliders can bring a ton of laughter to any snow day, as well as the competitiveness out in a lot of children! 

For just £1.99, you could get your hands on a snow slider, for the children of course! 

Kids Snow Board
Kids Snow Slider

All information correct as of: 13/12/2022