A Roar-some Safari Adventure at Diggerland

If you go down to Diggerland today, you’re in for a big surprise because there’s a roar-some safari adventure waiting for you – you won’t believe your eyes!  The whole family can enjoy a Safari adventure at Diggerland. Jump aboard the Diggerland Jeep, buckle up and sit back as a Park Marshal drives you around a thrilling course full of exciting surprises at every turn!

Read on to find out some interesting facts all about safari animals that you can show off during your Safari adventure at Diggerland.


The Safari adventure at Diggerland is packed with animals who just can’t wait to see you. Be sure to look out for the cheeky rhinoceros! 

Did you know that there are five species of rhinoceros in the world? Two of these are the  black and white rhinos, which are both African species. The three remaining species are Sumatran, greater one-horned and Javan rhinos, all of which are Asian rhino species!

Bulls and cows? That’s right, this is the correct terminology when talking about rhinos. Male rhinos should be referred to as bulls whereas female rhinos should be referred to as cows. However their young whether male or female are called calves, but a group of rhinos are called a crash! I think we could all take a guess at why. 

How do they communicate? I’m glad you asked, rhinos communicate using an array of wonderful noises. During confrontations they tend to growl, scream when they’re scared and when they’re relaxed they ‘mmwonk’. 

If you were hoping to discover more weird and wonderful rhino facts you can do so here


Or if you’re after for some fun snake facts, we’ve got your back! 

At Diggerland we’re big fans of green energy and so are snakes. Snakes are totally solar-powered… kinda. Snakes fully rely on external heat and light sources. Although snakes often get labelled as cold-blooded, this isn’t actually the case, their body temperature is variable as it’s regulated by external sources. Unlike humans and other mammals, they are unable to internally regulate their body temperature, so snakes need a heat source such as the sun to keep warm.

We’re not staring, we’re just sleeping. It turns out that snakes don’t have any eyelids, meaning they’re unable to blink and have no choice but to sleep with their eyes wide open. No wonder it feels like they’re always watching!


Now it’s no safari adventure without a lion! Lions are the only cats that live in groups and there can be as many as 30 in just one group! Interestingly female lions are the main hunters, gathering food for their young mainly whilst the male lions protect the rest of the group. 

Next time you’re looking at a male lion, take a moment to admire their mane. A lion’s mane can grow up to 16cm long and get darker the older they get. Not only are their manes great for attracting mates, they also help to protect their neck and head from injuries when fighting. 


Are you ready for your roar-some safari adventure at Diggerland?

We’ve loaded you with lots of fun safari animal facts! Now you’re ready to go ahead and enjoy a roar-some Safari adventure at Diggerland, so go ahead and pre-book your tickets here at a discounted rate of: 

  • £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  • £12.97pp for anyone over the age of 65
  • Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  • Free entry for carers with anyone who is registered as disabled. 

* All information correct as of 17/06/2022.