Outdoor activities at Diggerland

Looking for fun outdoor activities to do with the whole family? Come down to Diggerland! With four UK parks based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, you don’t have to travel far for an amazing day out. 

While the sun is still shining in the UK, why not take advantage of this rare British weather and spend as much time outdoors as possible. 


Here at Diggerland we have fun outdoor activities for everyone. Are you a thrill seeker who  wishes to take on the Spindizzy? Maybe you’re going to give us your best twirl on the Dig-A-Round? No matter what Diggerland has got you covered!

We are the only construction based theme park in the UK that allow children and adults to operate real life machinery.  But make sure you measure your children before turning up…with their shoes on! No worries if they are on the small side, the whole family can still enjoy their day there, because the best part? Children under 90cm get in for free!


The majority of Diggerland is outdoors (see below for our section on what is inside). Diggerland mostly offers outdoor activities because we use real life sized diggers and plant machinery, so putting it indoors would be a little bit difficult. 

Diggerland has an array of rides, drives and outdoor activities such as the Diggerland train, where you can ride up front with your family or follow in your own personal carriage. Maybe you want to see the sights? Diggerland Skyshuttle will raise you 50 feet up in the air to give you a view of the surrounding rural countryside. Remember to bring your camera!

Outdoor activities at Diggerland


Diggerland is mostly an outdoor attraction filled with lots of outdoor activities but that’s not to say there isn’t anything indoors…after all we are based across England! 

Of course our entrance and gift shops are all covered, we don’t want any of those teddies getting wet! Our Dig Inn cafes are all safely inside as well so no need to worry about a soggy sandwich. For children, the indoor soft play is a great place to spend the day, whether it’s sliding down the slide or jumping on the bouncy castle, we’ve got it all covered. Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zones are a new edition to all Diggerland UK Theme Parks. Children 5 and under are able to enjoy a range of Little Tikes toys. 

The cab of a JCB 3CX would be a great place to hide from the rain…or even sun! While one of you drives the rest of the group can sit behind and watch them operate this full size loader on their own. Behind the wheel of the AVANT 20 Series loader, also known as the Stack Attack challenge, would also offer refuge from any weather condition. How about staying dry and trying to knock down 12 pins while using the controls of a proper, full-size Komatsu PC14? Well you could give it a try on the Skittles.


Diggerland really is the best place for outdoor activities! So get ahead, and pre-book your tickets here at a discounted rate of:

  • £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  • £12.97pp for anyone over the age of 65
  • Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  • Free entry for carers with anyone who is registered as disabled. 

Still not sure? Why not check our YouTube videos, then you’ll see how fun Diggerland’s activities really are!


*All information and prices correct as of 12/09/2022.