Kids Bucket List for 2023 – Unique Days Out

As they say, new year, new you. No matter your age, we have all made New Year’s resolutions or a bucket list for the year ahead at some stage in our life. Whether that’s to learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, or experience unique days out. What have you got planned for 2023?

Take a look at some of the top bucket list entries for kids, which also include some unique days out!


After a couple of uncertain years and a global pandemic, we urge everyone to seize the day and live life to the fullest. Not only is a bucket list great for creating some fantastic family memories, it will also get kids out and about, making the most of their childhood. All whilst trying something new! 

For children that haven’t managed to get a bucket list together yet, it may be useful to include some of our top ideas to get them started.

Learn to ride a bike

Have you mastered riding a bike with stabilisers, or are you learning to ride for the first time? Then it’s time to take the next step. Move out of your comfort zone, and take the stabilisers off. Head out to your local park or even the garden if you have enough space. 

Our top tip would be to make sure the bike is the correct height for the rider, practice riding on the grass first, and don’t be scared. You’ve got this!

Try new food

Make 2023 be the year that you try something new. Order something different when you go out for dinner, or even try that new vegetable you’ve been refusing to eat. Did you know that you should try food at least 10 – 12 times before our taste buds truly know if we don’t like something? So make sure you’ve tried those brussel sprouts more than once before you say you don’t like them!

Join a football team

If you’re looking for a new hobby this year, then football could be just the sport for you. There’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air, and having a kickabout with your friends. Perhaps you could take it to the next level and look at joining a local football team. Joining a team will also help develop children’s social skills, and work on their interaction with others around them. 

Earn pocket money

Why wait to gain independence as a teenager when you could start earning your very own pocket money now. If you’re looking to get the latest video game or even a new top you’ve seen, then it would be great to say you bought them yourself!.

Make sure you ask your parents for any tasks you can help them with around the house. Whether it’s washing a car or even putting the washing out, we’re sure they would appreciate the help. It will also be a quick way to earn some pocket money! 

Get a strike at the bowling alley

Are you yet to achieve your first strike at the bowling alley? Well 2023 is the year, we can feel it! Book a game with your friends and family and put your skills to the test. There’s nothing more satisfying than the walk back to your seat after bowling the perfect ball. As they say practice makes perfect!

Operate real life construction machinery

You asked for unique days out and this is definitely one for the whole family to enjoy. If you have or haven’t already heard of Diggerland, then make sure you add this particular day out to your bucket list (pardon the pun!).

Experience the ultimate construction related day out, and enjoy making the most of the 20 different rides and drives available. It’s everyone’s dream, young and old, to get behind the controls of a JCB or even a full sized digger. If they tell you it’s not, they are most definitely lying!

Check out all of the attractions we currently have available, and pick which one you want to experience first.


Our 2023 opening times and dates have been kept secret up while we finalised them. We have finally released them this week, and our booking system is now open for our visitors to pre-book their visit to one of our UK parks. Our opening dates can be found on our website

We will be re-opening on Saturday 11th February at 10am, and we can’t wait to welcome you all back!


Unique days out at Diggerland really are fun! So go ahead, and pre-book your tickets here at a discounted rate of: 

  • £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  • £12.97pp for anyone over the age of 65
  • Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  • Free entry for carers with anyone who is registered as disabled

If you prefer living in the moment, and seeing where the day takes you then you can also pay for your tickets on the day. Our pay on the day prices are as follows: 

  • £32.00pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  • £16.00pp for anyone over the age of 65
  • Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  • Free entry for carers with anyone who is registered as disabled

Why not check out our YouTube videos, then you’ll see how fun Diggerland UK really is!

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All information correct as of: 06/01/2023