I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream At Diggerland!

In the heat of the summer sun, is there anything better than a cold, refreshing ice cream? Of course not! Here at Diggerland, not only do we promise a fantastic family day out in the UK, we can also deliver the goods when it comes to ice cream!

If you’re planning on visiting any of our 4 UK parks in the next few months then be sure to check out our top tips, plus our top picks of icy treats below.


Now we’ve got your mouth drooling for a delicious sweet treat, let’s talk fan favourites. Are you more partial to an ice lolly, or a classic ‘99’ ice cream?

We’ve asked a large number of our visitors as well as some of our marshals, and the verdict is in… 

99 Ice Cream

Top of our list, yes you guessed it, the 99 Ice cream. Perfect for those that just can’t decide, and those that know exactly what they like when it comes to ice cream. With today’s inflation, it’s definitely more than the standard 99p from back in the day, but you can’t beat a fresh ice cream. Then it comes to toppings, would you add extras, or even sauces, or stick with a simple Flake? The choice is yours!

‘Fab’ Ice cream

The fab first hit the market back in 1967. All those years of pure deliciousness! Coming in at a close second, who can resist the three scrumptious layers of chocolate and sugar strands, strawberry and cream? We know we can’t!


We’re going down a completely 90’s vibe with this one, who remembers screwballs as a child? Most of the time we secretly just wanted the gum ball at the bottom, and eating the ice cream was a chore. However now the ice cream is a tasty bonus!


Even parents can indulge in a tasty treat, and the Magnum certainly hits the spot. The question is, are you more of a white chocolate, nutty, fruity or just a plain simple classic type of person?


If you’re looking for something more substantial to fill your rumbling tummies during the day, then we also have you covered. 

Dig Inn

Choose from a wide variety of freshly prepared meals and snacks, which will cater to most dietary requirements. Our skilled catering staff aim to provide you with tasty treats to suit everyone. You’ll be able to leave after lunch, fuelled up ready for the afternoon at Diggerland.

The Dig Inn cafes at each park are franchised so the menus will differ slightly, however our guests can check out a sample menu prior to visiting here

Bring your own food!

Alternatively, if you want to stick to just an ice cream as a treat then we allow our guests to bring their own food into Diggerland. Unfortunately, ordering Dominos or McDonalds to be delivered to the park is not allowed, but a simple picnic is perfectly acceptable to take. We have ample picnic benches scattered around the park for you to use as you wish. 


During our peak months, tickets can sell out very quickly. We hate to disappoint our visitors that are looking to visit on a certain day, which is why we have a very beneficial tip for you… Prebook!

Whether it’s a week or even a month in advance, we offer customers the opportunity to book tickets, and guarantee their entry. Plus, it also comes at a saving, and who doesn’t like to save themselves money. Especially in today’s climate.

If you want to prebook make sure you head on over to our website no later than midnight the day before your chosen visit date. If we have ticket availability, then we can also accept visitors wishing to pay on arrival.

View all of our ticket prices today, and book ahead for the ultimate family day out. 


* All information correct as of 11/07/2022.