How to Enjoy a Theme Park When You’re Not a Thrill-seeker

Here at Diggerland, we understand that not everyone who comes to our parks will brave the likes of Spindizzy. After all, not everyone has the thrill-seeker bone in their body. We do still believe that Diggerland is still an amazing family day out in Durham, even if you don’t want to experience G’s. 

Enjoy our how-to guide and ensure you make the most of your time at Diggerland, no matter what!

SuperDigs at Diggerland Durham
Little Tikes area at Diggerland Durham

Soft play

At Diggerland, we have a soft play area inside, for all children to use throughout the day. Access to the soft play is included in the entry price, and can be used as frequently as you wish. Our soft play includes a ball pool, a slide and plenty of space to run around and have fun. We also have an area full of Little Tikes toys that the children can run around with, using their imagination to create games. 

Sensory room

Also included in the price of your entry at Diggerland Durham is access to our sensory room. The sensory room is a safe space with dimmed lighting and fairy lights on the ceiling. It also includes sequins on the walls and bean bags and cushions on the floor. Again, there is no limit on the length of time that you can spend in the sensory room, and we encourage any child who wants to, to come in and take a break. 

Buried Treasure at our theme park in Durham
Safari at Diggerland

Not so scary rides

Alongside the key players around the Diggerland park, like the Spindizzy and the Groundshuttle, we also have some rides that aren’t so scary. For your littlest ones, we have the Train, the Buried Treasure and the Safari Ride. On each of these rides, children can be accompanied by an adult, as they go for a gentle drive on a digger, dumper truck or car. Moreover, these rides are specifically designed with younger children in mind, as anyone standing at 80cm or taller can ride. 

Plenty of outdoor space

We have so much room to run around at Diggerland. Our picnic area is complete with areas of grass to play on and apparatus to climb on. There are loads of fantastic photo opportunities around our picnic area, that you just can’t afford to miss. Above all else, we prioritise families having fun, whether they are thrillseekers or slightly more cautious.

Fun for all of the family

A day out at Diggerland is guaranteed fun for all of the family, no matter how you enjoy your day. Kids of all ages (yes, we’re talking about you parents) come to us to have an amazing time. Whether you spend all day spinning around, or choose to let your imagination run wild in the soft play, Diggerland is the place to do it!

Make sure you get the best price for your visit by pre-booking your tickets online. You can save over £6 per person.

See our prices here:

  • Any person over 100cm: £25.95
  • Under 100cm: Free
  • Over 65: £12.97
  • Carer to disabled visitor: Free

We hope you have an amazing day out at Diggerland and have Buckets of Fun. 

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All information correct as of: 13/04/2023