How To: Encourage Your Teen to Enjoy a Day at Diggerland

Trying to find the perfect day out for all of the family can be hard work, especially when you have children with a big age gap. The right activity for your 7 year old isn’t guaranteed to suit your 13 year old. We know that everyone who comes to Diggerland has an amazing day. We also know that it can be hard work to encourage your teen to join in on the fun. Keep reading to see our top tips to encourage your teen to enjoy a day out at Diggerland.

Dodgems at Diggerland
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Have their first driving lesson

At Diggerland, we offer children under 17 (and over 1.4 metres) the opportunity to drive a Mitsubishi Pajero when they try the Joyrider. Your teen would be able to sit behind the wheel of a car, accompanied by one of our marshals, and take on our 400m course. Once they get a taste for driving, we’re sure they’ll be begging you to let them take over for a leg of the journey home. 

Give them some autonomy 

Teens need to be given a sense of independence. Try giving the option of some alone time, to do whatever they would like during their day at Diggerland. You could spend the morning together, then offer them free time in the afternoon. Alternatively, allow them to roam around the park for the day, then set a time to meet for lunch. By doing this, you allow your teen some freedom to enjoy Diggerland, without feeling any pressure from the younger children in your group.

Joyrider at Diggerland
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Go wild on the Crazy Carts

Your teens will absolutely love taking a spin (literally) on the Crazy Carts. Watch as they drift, spin and speed around the track. They will absolutely love the adrenaline rush they get as they press their foot to the pedal and take off. We can guarantee they will want to come back and ride again and again and again.   

Get involved yourself

When dealing with a teenager, it’s best to lead by example. If your teens see you just watching your younger children and not interacting with our rides and drives, they will be reluctant to do so themselves. Why not give some a go yourself – you’ll find you have just as much fun as the kids. 

Make sure they get a say

While we know you want your teen to join in on a day of fun at Diggerland, make sure you’re listening to their requests. If they don’t want to go on a ride, don’t force it. Let them make their own decisions and allow your teens to keep their autonomy. We’re sure they’ll be dying to get on the Spindizzy once they see you, or their younger sibling having a go. 

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All information correct as of: 12/06/2023