Hen Parties in Durham: Construction fun at Diggerland

Are you tired of the same old hen party routine? Swap traditional gatherings for an unforgettable experience in Durham as you and your friends take on a thrilling adventure behind the wheel of real construction machinery. Diggerland offers an exclusive evening experience like no other, promising endless fun and excitement for your hen parties in Durham.

Exclusive Hire of Diggerland

Book your evening Grown Ups Party at Diggerland with a minimum of 15 party-goers, and you’re in for an adrenaline-fueled celebration. Enjoy 2 full hours of non-stop action with UNLIMITED goes on all of Diggerland’s rides and drives. But that’s not all – your group will also have the luxury of UNLIMITED free rides on the Diggerland Dodgems, adding an extra layer of excitement to your evening. For the evening grown-ups party, you must have a minimum of 15 people in your party. The package is £49.95 per person for a 2 hour stay.

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Organised Competitive Activities

Hen parties in Durham are nothing without a little friendly competition! At Diggerland, we’ve got you covered. Engage in organised competitive activities to determine the best digger driver/operator in your group. It’s not just about having fun; it’s about proving who has the skills to operate these mighty machines with finesse and precision.

What’s Not Included

While we provide the perfect space for your celebration, please note that the £40 hire fee does not include the supply of food, drinks, or any additional extras. You have the flexibility to personalise your party with your chosen catering and decorations. The party room price also doesn’t include admission tickets, the party room is an extension to the entry fee. 

No Waiting or Queueing

Forget about waiting in line to experience the thrills. When you book a Grown Ups Party at Diggerland, the entire park is yours! No waiting, no queueing – just pure enjoyment as you and your friends navigate the rides and drives at your own pace. The park becomes your playground for the evening, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

VIP Area and Dedicated Diggerland Marshals

As VIPs for the night, your group will have access to an exclusive VIP area for your use. Enjoy the festivities in a private setting, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Plus, rest easy knowing that your dedicated team of Diggerland Marshals is on hand to look after you and your guests. They’ll ensure everything runs smoothly, guaranteeing that you and your friends have a fantastic time without any worries.

Personalised Commemorative Certificates

To make your hen party at Diggerland even more special, each guest will receive a personalised, commemorative certificate. It’s a unique memento to remind you of the incredible adventure you shared and the skills you showcased behind the wheel of real construction machinery.

Group Dumper Racing

Looking for another option? Take a look at Group Dumper racing! Exclusive to Diggerland’s Kent and Yorkshire parks, this experience offers a Silver Package (2 hours for £59.95 per participant) or a Gold Package (2 1⁄2 hours for £79.95 per participant). These rates include VAT, and you’ll need a minimum of 12 participants and a maximum of 28 people to enjoy the excitement of Group Dumper Racing.

Hen Parties in Durham

Say goodbye to the ordinary and hello to an extraordinary hen party experience at Diggerland Durham. Unleash your inner builder, compete with friends, and create memories that will be talked about for years to come. Book your Grown Ups Party or Group Dumper Racing adventure today and get ready for a celebration like no other!

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