Have You Driven The Dumper Trucks At Diggerland?

Yes, you heard us right. We allow our visitors, children and adults, to ride and drive real life dumper trucks. Sounds cool right? Well you’ll only be able to experience something as unique as this at our Diggerland UK parks.

In this week’s blog post we take a look at the dumper trucks ride, as well as providing you with some interesting facts to tell your friends. Plus find out how you can get your hands on the best Christmas present ever! 


So are you ready to ride the dumper trucks at Diggerland? Here’s what you need to know!

Who can enjoy this ride?

Due to the nature of our attraction we do have various height restrictions in place for the safety of our guests. Our dumpers are no different, as you’ll be able to drive Terex one tonne dumper trucks!

We require visitors to be at least 90cm to enjoy this attraction. If you’re over the minimum height then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the feeling of operating your very own dumper. Children under the height of 140cm will need to be accompanied by a responsible adult, however those over 140cm can drive the dumper on their own!

If you want to know more about our ride height restrictions then make sure you check out our dedicated ride height chart prior to visiting. 

Fun Facts

We’ve got plenty of fun, exciting facts when it comes to dumpers. So much so, you can share them with your friends, and show off that you have operated a real life dumper truck!

Did you know that our Terex one tonne dumper trucks are fitted with a 16kW engine that are capable of holding a maximum capacity of 1000kg. That is the same as one female cow!

As we have children and adults driving real dumper trucks we have had to put in additional safety measures. Normally, these types of dumper trucks can travel up to 7 mph on a standard construction site. However a restrictor and safety bar around the dumpers have been installed, courtesy of our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd


Although all of our parks have the same 20 rides and drives, the layout will vary slightly, so make sure you know where you’re going before you visit. 


Our Dumper Trucks are one of the main rides at the front of the Diggerland Kent park. When walking through the admissions area, it is just a short walk away. Once you head past the Dodgems, the Dumper Truck ride entrance is on the right. View the Diggerland Kent park map here.


As you enter the main park from the admissions area, the dumper trucks are located ahead. Once you walk past the Dirt Diggers, Dumper Trucks can be found opposite the Groundshuttle and Joyrider entrances. The Diggerland Devon park map can be viewed here.


At our Diggerland Durham park, visitors will need to come out of the admissions area, and turn left past Spindizzy. The Dumper Trucks ride entrance will be immediately on the left. View the park map here


If you’re visiting our Diggerland Yorkshire park. The Dumper Trucks can be located slap bang in the middle of our entire park. The easiest way to get there is to head out of the admissions area, and follow the path straight ahead until you see StackAttack. The Dumper trucks will be the next attraction on the right. Save a copy of our Yorkshire park map for your reference.


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All information correct as of: 15/11/2022