Happy National Children’s Day! Join Us at Diggerland to Celebrate

Today is National Children’s Day and, of course, we’re recognising it at Diggerland! Our Diggerland Parks are an amazing environment for children to thrive, and we want to spend some time reflecting on some of the ways we encourage the people who come through our door to do so. 

Family on Dirt Diggers at Diggerland
Child on the Go Karts at Diggerland

What is National Children’s Day? 

National Children’s Day is all about the importance of children and young people. Most importantly, it’s designed to highlight the need for a healthy, happy childhood, celebrate the amazing work that goes on in aid of children and families, and champion young people. 

It’s important to do the above, in order to ensure that our world’s children grow into healthy, happy adults. At Diggerland, we firmly believe in encouraging a happy, healthy childhood for all children. We champion this in a variety of ways, which we’ll highlight for all of you here. 

Encouraging independence 

We champion childhood development by encouraging every child that comes to a Diggerland Park to take part in all of the rides and drives that they are tall enough for. We especially encourage children who are tall enough to operate machines by themselves to do so. This is to encourage children to be independent in a safe space

Our marshals also get a great feeling of pride when they see young people thriving in our construction environment. The best moment of all, however, is when we get to send children back to their parents having accomplished something they wouldn’t do anywhere else. 

Children on Mini Landrovers at Diggerland
Girl on Crazy Karts at Diggerland

A motivating experience

At Diggerland, we offer children an opportunity to operate real diggers and dumper trucks. We believe they should be allowed to realise their dreams of becoming a junior digger driver. As soon as the young people who enter our park set their mind to driving the machinery, they do a fantastic job. Their parents are overwhelmed with pride for what they have accomplished. After achieving something that before they arrived at Diggerland, most children would think impossible, their achievements at our park are carried forward and give them a sense of confidence in their daily lives. 

Having fun

Our motto at Diggerland is “Have Buckets of Fun”. When children visit our park, our priority is making sure that they have an action packed experience. We aim to help children create amazing memories that they will reflect on when they grow up, and will positively impact their future. As they reflect on their time at Diggerland as an adult, we want them to remember what a good time they had, and how they can shape their own children’s future by bringing them for a day out. 

Make your own memories 

This National Children’s Day, why not make your own memories at one of our Diggerland Parks? We are located across the country at Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. Make sure you book your tickets online, in advance, to get the best deal possible! 

Tickets cost:

  • £25.95 for anyone over 100cm
  • £12.97 for over 65s
  • Under 100cm FREE
  • Carer to disabled person FREE

Make sure you book yours today, to avoid disappointment.

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All information correct as of: 13/04/2023