Fun Things To Do As A Family During The Autumn Months

As we wave goodbye to summer for another year, we say hello to crisp leaves, shorter nights and of course, Halloween. What’s not to like about autumn? If you’re planning fun things to do as a family for the rest of the year or even getting organised for the October half term then we’ve got you covered.

Get planning, and pencil in some of our top fun things to do as a family!

If you’re looking for Halloween themed family days out in your local area, then stay tuned and keep an eye out for a special Halloween themed blog post… Coming soon!


Now we all know that British weather isn’t renowned for being great, especially in some of the colder months. It’s always best to factor in external factors such as the weather, and have rainy day plans in place as a backup.  


A scavenger hunt can be planned as an inside or outside activity, depending on the weather. Normally scavenger hunts are perfect for children, so how do the adults benefit we hear you ask? 

Not only will the adults get enjoyment out of hiding the prizes to begin with, once the hunt commences, the adults will be child free for as long as it takes them to find the hidden objects. It’s a win-win situation!

Ultimately the prize is completely up to you, as you’re the organiser. However we would certainly recommend anything food based such as sweets or small wrapped chocolates, or even a large prize at the end which can be found by a series of clues.


Nothing says ‘rainy day’ more than playing hide and seek. Every home has some fantastic hiding places, you just need to find them! Hide and seek is also an inexpensive game that can include the whole family, and can be played for hours. We strongly advise finding all the participants before calling it a day, otherwise they will be left waiting to be found…

Playing hide and seek is fun, however it also has many learning benefits for children. This particular game will minimise separation anxiety in children, and improve physical development and coordination. 

Plus, if it’s not raining, the hiding area can also be expanded to include outside. Just make sure you set the area boundaries!


Who doesn’t love eating baked goods? It’s even better when it’s homemade!

Get the kids involved and pick out your favourite all time recipes. We would recommend homemade pizzas, cupcakes, biscuits, and if you really want to push the boat out, planning a full three course meal. 

Under the supervision of adults, let the kids do most of the work and keep them busy in the kitchen. To avoid any chocolatey hands touching any valuable items, we advise setting up a child friendly area in the kitchen, and remember to move any hazardous equipment out of reach!

What will be first on your list to make?


As parents we tend to spend a lot of time limiting the amount of screen time for children, but sometimes it would be better to embrace it. After being in multiple lockdowns due to the pandemic we found that it created an imbalance with technology. We’ve learnt that digital devices can be used for entertainment, games and even for educational purposes. 

During school holidays and half terms, parents do need to have some time to get their everyday tasks done as well as work. Allowing children to have a set amount of time on their devices is often very useful. Whether they like to participate in online gaming, watching videos on YouTube or speaking to family members and friends on video calls. As long as the relevant security settings are in place, adults can have moments to themselves, and time to think of the next things to do as a family!


We all love a family day out to a local attraction, but we appreciate that the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last few months. It’s important to enjoy quality family time, but still keep within the budget. We’ve come up with a few outdoor activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

Have you got any other exciting ideas for families to enjoy together? We would love to hear them!


An assault course will not only provide you and your family with additional minutes of well needed exercise, it’s also a great way for a family to bond whilst having fun! 

Making the most of materials and equipment at home will also make it a cost effective activity. You could use any of the following to incorporate it into the course:

  • Cones
  • Skipping ropes
  • Yoga mats
  • Balls of any sort
  • Eggs and spoons

The list is endless…To involve children further you could even leave them in charge of coming up with the course. The power is in their hands!

If you’re unable to use your garden or do not have access to a private garden, then taking a trip to the local park will also work. Making the most of outdoor space is fantastic when it comes to thinking of things to do with the family. 


Are your children digger mad? Do they get excited when they see a dumper truck by the roadside, or on a construction site? Diggerland is the place to go!

With 4 UK parks based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Diggerland is home to 20 different rides and drives. All of our attractions incorporate construction machinery in one way or another, and some of our rides have been specially designed and adapted. Our theme park in the UK is perfect for anyone over the height of 90cm, and yes adults love using the machinery too!

The best thing is, Diggerland is an outdoor attraction, so we can operate the machines in wet and dry weather.

If you’re looking for unique things to do this autumn then we would highly recommend checking out our website, and finding out more about booking below.


There’s only one thing better than a family day out to Diggerland – benefitting from a discount when buying Diggerland tickets in advance! By pre-booking tickets online, you can save over £6 per person, compared to paying on the day. 

At Diggerland, anyone entering the park will need a ticket. Our prices are as follows:

  •     £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  •     £12.97pp for anyone over the age of 65
  •     Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  •     Free entry for carers with any paying visitor who is registered as disabled

We do allow visitors to buy tickets on the day at our admissions area, however these will cost £32 per person. 

Ready to visit? If you’re looking for things to do that the whole family can enjoy make sure you book your visit online here!


*All information and prices correct as of 03/10/2022.