Fun Days Out at Diggerland During The Easter Holidays!

2 weeks of fun for the kids. 2 weeks of planning fun days out for adults in the attempt to occupy the kids! Have you reached the point where your children are already bored, or they’re asking what they’re doing today? Well now you can give them the ultimate family day out, that will leave them wanting to come back time and time again!


If you haven’t already heard of Diggerland, we are the UK’s only construction based theme park around. With 3 different locations in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, you could be local to one of the best days out in our opinion. 

Luckily for parents, Diggerland will not only keep the children occupied for a whole day. Visiting us will most probably wear them out, and leave you with exhausted children by the time you get home. Well only for evening, tomorrow is a whole new day, sorry! 

So what can I do at Diggerland, we hear you ask?

Enjoy 20 different rides and drives for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you choose to get down and dirty driving around diggers, dumper trucks, skid steers and other construction machinery. Alternatively, you may like to experience being spun around on Spindizzy or lifted 50 feet in the air on Skyshuttle. The choice is yours!

Check out our full list of rides and drives, and the height restrictions in place here


Due to being a seasonal attraction, we are normally open every weekend from February to October. However, when it comes to school holidays we will be open 7 days a week. Yes you heard us right, 7 days of pure fun!

As we have multiple UK locations we have catered to all of the school holidays. Meaning that we are open for 3 weeks to cover school holidays in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. Check out our opening dates on our website, and pick your visit date.

If you’re unsure when the kids go back to school, we have helped you out with the dates. 

Kent –,5

Durham –

Yorkshire –

Parents can also plan visit dates for later on in the year. Don’t forget the dreaded summer holidays are only round the corner!

Easter Fun Days Out


Alongside fun days out at Diggerland, it’s better to have plenty of plans and ideas to keep the kids entertained. Here’s our top things to do:

Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, at least one of our ideas had to be Easter themed. Planning an Easter egg hunt at home will get your kids up and about. If you’ve got more than one child, make sure you hide plenty of eggs around the house or the garden. We don’t want any arguments! 

If you would like to venture out further and make a day of it, there are plenty of local attractions offering Easter Egg hunts for kids. Lucky for you, we have listed local places in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire:

Trip to the Park with a Picnic

This idea will purely depend on the weather, so it’s good to save it for a sunny day. Visiting your local park with the kids can do everyone the world of good. It is also one of many easy to plan fun days out. Get out and about, enjoy the fresh air, and let off some steam in the play area. 

Planning a picnic to eat at the park will also give kids something to look forward to. Perhaps asking them to think of their favourite food, and get them involved in preparing the snacks. They won’t be able to wait to sit down and eat!

Go Bowling

There’s something so satisfying about swapping over your shoes, and heading on down to your designated bowling lane. Bowling can also be a treat that the whole family can enjoy!

Make it competitive, and see who can get a spare or a strike first. Will it be you?


Baking at home can be super fun, especially when the children get involved. There’s also plenty of tasty Easter themed treats that are available in supermarkets!

If you’re going down the Easter route, we would highly recommend trying some of the following:

  • Chocolate Cornflake Nests topped with Mini Eggs
  • Rice Krispie decorated Eggs
  • Easter Bunny Cookies
  • Mini Egg Cheesecake – perfect for finishing off lunch on Easter Sunday!

Kids can help weigh out and mix the ingredients together (cue the mess), and enjoy watching them bake!


Have you picked a visit date yet?

If so, we would highly recommend booking tickets on our website to guarantee your entry. Additionally, any tickets pre-booked in advance will benefit from a reduced ticket price. Ticket prices will be as follows:

  • Anyone over 90cm: £25.95pp
  • Any 65 + : £12.97pp
  • Disabled visitors: £25.95pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 90cm: Free

Visitors will still be able to purchase tickets on arrival, should we have availability. However, tickets will cost £32.00pp instead for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

We are filling up for selected dates very quickly, so make sure you guarantee your entry before we sell out. Book fun days out at Diggerland today!

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*All information correct as of 11/04/2022