The kidz will LOVE getting into a spin on these!!! These all-electric Crazy Carts are the latest crazy craziness to come to DIGGERLAND!

Spin around and around in either direction, do “doughnuts”, drive and coast at speeds of up to 20kph.

Don’t worry about holding on to your hat… they have chin straps!!!

Crazy Carts
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The Crazy Carts are suitable for visitors over the height of 140cm, up to the age of 16. Should visitors not reach the stated height, they unfortunately cannot participate in this activity.

Machine Name: Razor Crazy Cart

Cost of Machine: £399.99

Power: 2 x 12V

Weight: 25kg

Capacity: 64kg

  • Helmets must be worn at all times.
  • One person per cart.
  • No bumping – any person caught bumping will be taken off the ride.
  • No loose clothing – clothing must be zipped up (no scarves etc.)