Under 100cm? Here’s Everything You Can Do at Our Durham Park!

Are you looking for a fun family day out in Durham? Look no further, as Diggerland has you covered!

You might have heard that we’ve recently changed our height requirements. Children under 100cm with their shoes on no longer have to pay to come into our parks. You may be wondering how many of our unique rides and drives your child will be able to do during their day out in Durham. We’re here to tell you!

Dig-A-Round ride at Diggerland
Skyshuttle at Diggerland

80cm and over?

If your child is 80cm or over, there are still plenty of rides that they can enjoy during their family day out in Durham with a bit of help from you. They can make the most of our fantastic Diggerland Train, where they will be able to see all of our fantastic construction machines. Your children can also take a ride on the Dig-a-Round and even sit in their own seat. This is perfect for a little one who is finding their sense of independence.

Of course, there are a few of our rides that children standing at 80cm will need some help with. They can go speeding around our Go Kart track, or digging for Buried Treasure. Working together, you and your little one can use our mini-diggers to hook the Dippy Ducks and even knock over the Skittles. You can even accompany them 50ft in the air if you’re ready to brave the Skyshuttle.

There are even some attractions where you don’t need to do any heavy lifting (pun
intended). Head to the Safari and put your feet up while one of our experienced marshall’s takes you to see lots of “wild” animals. You might have to endure a few dad jokes, but we’re sure your children will be laughing their heads off. If you’re feeling brave (and have a steady stomach) you and your little one can even go on the Joyrider.

Diggerland days out

Over 90cm?

Now that your children have hit the 90cm mark, they can get involved in some bigger machines. Most excitingly, your child will be able to ride the JCB 3CX alongside three other people. They will also be able to jump on a Mini-Land Rover and navigate the track with a friend or older sibling.

If your child is between 90cm and 110cm, they can sit alongside an adult on several of our larger construction machines. They can enjoy digging huge holes on our Dirt Diggers and our Giant Diggers. If your child loves to drive, they can take on Robot Driving and take on all of the obstacles in their way. They will even be able to sit on your lap as they drive a real Dumper Truck. There’s so much to do!

Don’t delay, book tickets today

A day out at Diggerland is perfect for young children. As we’ve already mentioned, children under 100cm come into our parks for free. If you want to make sure you get the best deal for the rest of your party, you need to pre-book online.

Adults aged up to 65, children over 100cm and disabled adults can book online for £25.95. Those over 65 can snag their ticket for £12.97 and carers enter the park for free.

And there you go! Get booking a fun family day out in Durham!

Pre-book your Diggerland tickets today!

Speaking of saving money, you’ll also benefit from saving up to £6 per person when you book tickets for your Diggerland adventure in advance. You can book tickets up to midnight the day before you plan to come, allowing you plenty of time to arrange your trip. 

Our rates are as follows: 

  • Anyone over 100cm: £25.95pp
  • Any 65 + : £12.97pp
  • Disabled visitors: £25.95pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 100cm: Free

Make sure you book your tickets today! 

prebook your diggerland tickets today!

All information correct as of: 14/02/2023