Everything You Need To Know About Dumper Trucks at Diggerland

Construction equipment enthusiasts and families alike will find something to love at Diggerland. From operating dumper trucks to riding in the bucket of a digger, Diggerland offers a unique and exciting way to experience construction machinery in action. In this blog post, we’ll be focusing on one particular type of equipment found at Diggerland, dumper trucks. These rugged vehicles are used on construction sites to move large quantities of material, and at Diggerland, visitors can take the driver’s seat and experience the power and excitement of operating a dumper truck first hand. Read on to learn more about dumper trucks, and what it’s like to drive one at Diggerland.


Dumper trucks, also known as dump trucks, are vehicles designed to transport loose materials such as gravel, sand, or dirt. They are commonly used in construction, mining, and agricultural industries. Dumper trucks come in different sizes and types, each designed for specific purposes. Let’s take a look at the different types of dumper trucks available.

Articulated Dump Truck

Articulated dump trucks are designed to handle rough terrain and steep slopes. They have a hinge between the cab and the bed that allows for better manoeuvrability. Articulated dump trucks are commonly used in mining and construction sites.

Side Dump Truck

The side dump truck has a hydraulic system that allows it to tilt to the side and dump the material. This makes it easier to unload the materials in tight spaces or areas where a standard dump truck may not be able to manoeuvre.

Off-Road Dump Truck

Off-road dump trucks are designed to handle extreme conditions, such as steep inclines, mud, and rough terrain. They are commonly used in mining and construction sites where heavy loads need to be transported over long distances.

Standard Dump Truck

The standard dump truck is the most common type of dumper truck. It has a large, open bed that tilts forward to dump the materials. Standard dump trucks come in different sizes, from small ones that can carry up to 2,000 pounds to large ones that can transport up to 25 tons of material. 


Here at Diggerland, we have one tonne dumpers from the likes of Terex, Thwaites and Mecalac. Have you operated them yet?

Our Dumper truck attraction is the real deal, you could be leaving our parks boasting to your friends that you operated real life dumper trucks, how exciting is that?! For health and safety reasons we have had to put a speed restriction in place on our dumpers, so they are perfectly safe for your children to climb aboard and have a go!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re over the height of 90cm then get in the queue, climb into the operator’s seat and strap yourself in. Make your way round our purposely built course, and don’t forget to smile and wave as you go. View the ride in action here.

Dumper truck


Diggerland UK is home to 20 different rides and drives that are all based on existing construction equipment. Some of the rides and attractions you can expect to find at Diggerland include:


One of the most popular rides at our park is Spindizzy. It’s one that’s built for the true thrillseekers. Get strapped into our custom made Komatsu PC210 bucket, and prepare for the ride of your life. You’ll be left feeling extremely dizzy after you’ve been lifted up and spun left and right! This ride is suitable for visitors over 100cm tall, so make sure you measure children before queueing!


Get ready to be lifted 50 feet in the air in a telehandler on Skyshuttle, whilst enjoying the surrounding spectacular scenery. There’s so much to see when you’re up in the air! Fear not, the ride looks scarier than what it is, children over the height of 80cm, adults and OAPs can enjoy this tame ride. Some visitors would say it’s a ride that they can just sit back and relax!


The Dig-a-Round attraction is a carousel-style ride that features modified digger buckets as seats. Featured around a JCB 8060 mini digger, this ride will bring a whole new meaning to a carousel ride! Visitors wanting to enjoy this ride will need to be over the height of 80cm. If you reach the minimum height restriction, be ready to be spun not just forwards but also backwards!


This is another prime example of a specially adapted ride that is unique to Diggerland UK. Our sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd, created a bespoke bucket to fit a telehandler. It’s all systems go when visitors get strapped into their seats. Prepare for a bumpy ride as you’ll venture over uneven terrain, and get tossed around in your seats! View the ride in action here.

Dirt Diggers

Do you know of anywhere else that kids can operate real life construction machinery? Unless you own your own machinery, or live on a farm, of course you don’t! Enjoy their little faces light up as they move dirt around and dig to their heart’s content. Komatsu PC26 mini diggers are used on our Dirt Digger attraction. We also have our Giant Diggers to use by all too!


End the day with some light hearted, yet competitive fun. Our Go-Karts are available at all 4 of our UK parks, and can be enjoyed by anyone over the height of 80cm. Even better, if you’re over 100cm tall then you can even drive them yourself! 

Savour every moment of your family day out, and relish in the feeling of victory as you finish ahead of your family members. Make sure you get to the front of the queue though, to have the first pick of the karts!

These are just a few examples of the many rides and attractions available at Diggerland. Be sure to check out our website for a full list of attractions and any height restrictions in place.

Spindizzy at Diggerland
Go Karts


Diggerland UK operates with seasonal opening hours, and is open from February half-term until Sunday 5th November 2023. 

Additionally, Diggerland UK will be open 7 days a week throughout all school holidays and half terms. Make sure you check out our opening hours before making a visit.


Benefit from saving up to £6 per person when you book tickets for your Diggerland adventure in advance. You can book tickets up to midnight the day before you plan to come, allowing you plenty of time to arrange your trip. 

Our ticket prices are as follows: 

  • Anyone over 100cm: £25.95pp
  • Any 65 + : £12.97pp
  • Disabled visitors: £25.95pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 100cm: Free
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All information correct as of: 07/03/2023