Enjoy International Friendship Day at Diggerland

The 30th of July marks International Friendship Day. We’re all over this at Diggerland, as we know friendships are cultivated in many different ways. There are so many ways to celebrate friendship. Here are just a few suggestions that are guaranteed to help you strengthen the bond between you and your besties.

Friends with Duggy and Dotty at Diggerland
International Friendship Day at Diggerland

What is International Friendship Day?

The International Day of Friendship was made official in 2011 by the UN General Assembly. It was hoped that it would encourage friendship between people, countries, cultures and individuals. Many believe that friendship is the key to cultivating peace and lasting stability between many of the world’s largest governments. 

Of course, when we celebrate International Friendship Day, we’re thinking about how you can spend some time with your friends and build bonds that will last a lifetime. 

Spend time together

One of the easiest ways to strengthen a friendship is to simply spend time together. Think back to when you were at school. Those friendships felt like the strongest of your life, because you spent 5 days a week together, learning. You don’t have to be doing an activity (though we certainly recommend a day out at Diggerland if you do), even just sitting together talking can be amazing quality time. 

Friends on the Mini Tractors at Diggerland
Friends on Spindizzy at Diggerland

Make new memories

Everyone loves to sit and reminisce with their pal. Reflecting on memories shared can be a great way to strengthen your bond, but so can creating new memories. Try and make some time to try an activity with your friend that is brand new for both of you. Alternatively, you could try setting up a “friendship ritual”. Every week you can do an activity that you both love, but you make it slightly different. Maybe you could get together to try a different coffee shop in the local area, or watch a different movie? 

Put down your phone

Most friendships can thrive through texting and social media, but nothing can strengthen a bond like meeting irl. Experts actually suggest seeing your friends once a week; more if you can! Of course, we understand that life can get in the way. If your friends have kids, why not try and arrange a playdate for them and for you? The adults can catch up while the children engage in a fun activity. 

Thinking of a play date?

If you’re trying to plan the ultimate day out for all of your friends, why not check out Diggerland? It’s the perfect place to meet for a playdate with the kids. You can all learn a new skill and build memories that will last a lifetime. 

We know everyone is busy, so make sure you plan your visit in advance and book tickets nice and early. You’ll save £6 per person by booking online ahead of time. You can see our prices outlined below.

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  • Carer to disabled customer – FREE

We hope to welcome you to one of our Diggerland parks very soon! 

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