Educational Family Days Out For Children In The UK

School trips are vital for the progression and growth of children. It allows them to experience different surroundings out of the classroom, and expand their knowledge of the outside world.  What happens when school’s out? Well, learning doesn’t have to stop here. Educational family days out for children can be located all around the UK but it’s knowing where to look!

If you’re thinking of planning fun, but educational family days out for the whole family, then check out our UK guide. We touch on some of the most popular educational days out, as well as the best day out ever… Can you guess where we are thinking?

Educational days out at Diggerland Theme Park

Top of our list is a trip to any of our 4 UK Diggerland parks. Plan the perfect family days out in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire in the upcoming months. Immerse yourself in all things construction, when you make the most of our 20 different rides and drives at the park. Trust us, your kids will love it!

So what’s so educational about a trip to a UK theme park?

Well, not only are children allowed to operate real life construction machinery on their own. Which includes a huge amount of learning, we would like to add! Children and adults can also make the most of our interactive trivia boards scattering around all of our parks. 

Can you guess all of the right answers?

Do you know your Komatsu from your JCB, if you fancy your chances don’t forget to look out for our 20 different trivia boards around the park. Whilst your queuing you could be topping up your construction knowledge. Plus, you can even lift the flaps up to see if you were right!

How about challenging a friend or a family member to see who gets the most correct answers? We guarantee you’ll be leaving our park knowing more than your friends at school!  

Do you want to improve your coordination skills?

Coordination is a skill that is pivotal to children. Whether that relates to their success in school or in their everyday lives. Parents are always looking for activities or sports to improve children’s hand eye coordination. Forget the basics of throwing and catching balls or building a Lego tower, operating a mini digger is perfect when working on coordination!

Choose between knocking down skittles, digging for treasure or hooking a duck from water. All of our mini digger attractions are guaranteed to bring out their inner construction worker, and certainly get them engaged!

Buried Treasure - Diggerland
Skittles - Diggerland
Dippy Ducks - Diggerland UK

Rhondda Heritage Park – South Wales

If you’re local to South Wales, or you’re planning a family holiday, then Rhondda Heritage Park should be added to your list. It will make a fantastic family day out as well as being educational for the children, and possibly even the adults!

Rhondda Heritage Park aims to provide the ultimate mining experience. It is also a must for those history buffs, and anyone interested in the mining of black gold. Visitors can explore the coal mines with the assistance of a tour guide, of course not forgetting safety first, hard hats will need to be worn. Then take a virtual ride on the mining cart, before making the most of the various workshops on offer!

Beamish Museum – Days out in Durham

Carrying on the historic theme, there are plenty of days out in Durham that will most certainly keep the whole family entertained.  For those of you that absolutely love spending the day at a museum, Beamish is an open air museum exploring life in North East England during the 1820s, and all the way up to the 1950s. Explore typical farms, railway stations and towns during these years. 

The Beamish Unlimited Pass also means visitors can come back again and again!

The Eden Project – Cornwall

Gaze in awe at the huge biomes that have been built into the quarry in Cornwall. Housing an incredibly large tropical rainforest, and plenty of interactive learning exhibits for the whole family to appreciate. This is certainly an attraction full of educational learning, as well as encouraging us to learn more about the conservation of our world, and how to protect it in years to come. 

Does the Eden Project sound like one of many great family days out to you? Make sure you book to visit, as it is a very popular day out in Devon for thousands of visitors. 

Learning shouldn’t have to stop outside of school – Book your tickets today!

Get ready for an action packed day of fun, frolics and learning when you visit our Diggerland park. Take in the sights, and learn about different machinery as you operate to your heart’s content!

We would certainly recommend pre-booking Diggerland tickets, now we are getting closer to the summer holidays. We are still running on slightly reduced numbers, and everyone loves family days out at Diggerland, so make sure you book as soon as possible. 

Prices are as follows:

Anyone under 90cm – FREE of charge

Visitors measuring over 90cm (Adults and children) – £25.95pp

Anyone over the age of 65 – £12.97pp

Of course we offer pay on the day tickets to anyone looking to turn up as a last minute day out. 

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*All information correct as of 06/06/22