Duggy and Dotty’s Favourite Rides At Diggerland UK

Our mascots, Duggy and Dotty, have a very important role at Diggerland UK. Not only are they here to make your child’s day memorable, they are integral for the development of a child. Mascots can be entertaining, help children relax, and allow children to focus. These are just a few qualities that will massively assist parents when visiting a theme park. 

Are you ready to find out more about our mascots, Duggy and Dotty?


Duggy is heavily involved with anything technical. He absolutely loves shadowing the Plant Fitter and Groundsman at the park. Assisting with ride maintenance, landscaping jobs and getting to grips with tools. Anything to ensure our visitors have a fantastic experience at our Diggerland UK parks, you’ll be guaranteed to see Duggy. 

More importantly, his favourite ride… Can you guess what it is?

In case you haven’t already guessed, Duggy is an absolute fan of our Mini Digger attractions. In particular, Dippy Ducks and Skittles. Two rides that require skills, determination, and a lot of patience!

Skittles at Diggerland UK

Duggy is also incredibly competitive. He loves knowing more than to challenge Dotty to see who can hook the ducks out the quickest. 

If you haven’t already had a go on both of these rides, then you’re in for a treat. Any visitors over the height of 80cm can operate the Komatsu mini diggers with the assistance of an adult. The rides will really test your concentration and focus, as well as improving your hand-eye coordination. Are you ready to give it a go?

For all of our young visitors, please note that no ducks were harmed in the making of our attraction! 


Dotty is the complete opposite to Duggy. She is definitely a thrill seeker, and loves the adrenaline rush. Can you guess which ride you’ll most likely see Dotty on? 

Yes that’s right, of course it’s Spindizzy!

You’ll certainly find her amongst the children and adults looking for a sense of adventure. Spindizzy is guaranteed to give you the ride of your life!

Spindizzy is completely unique to Diggerland UK, and you’ll be right in saying there’s really nothing else like it. Our specially made super-sized digger bucket has been created to allow our visitors to sit in, and be strapped in. Once you’re comfortably seated, our highly trained marshal will proceed in lifting the bucket up and spinning you around. Don’t forget to take in the glorious views before you can’t see straight. 

Just when you think it’s all over, the digger will then spin you the complete opposite way! The exhilarating experience will leave you not knowing which way is up or down.


Duggy and Dotty are often available to meet as you enter the park. Why not grab a quick photo, give them a high five, or even a hug? 

As you’re walking round our Diggerland UK parks, or even queuing for our attractions, you may also catch a glimpse of them. Our mascots love to walk round the park, ensuring our guests have an amazing time. They have even been known to entertain younger children in the queues. Watch out though, they can be very cheeky!

Duggy and Dotty also have to take holidays, so they may not always be there during your visit. Sometimes they have to take days off to recover from a fully loaded, action packed day the day before! 


Get ahead, and pre-book your tickets today. You’ll be one step closer to meeting Duggy and Dotty!

We would also highly recommend booking tickets on our website to guarantee your entry. Tickets can be booked in advance anytime up until midnight the day before your visit date. If you’re one to worry about the weather, this will allow you plenty of time to book. Please note however, that we unfortunately cannot accept bookings for the same day at the discounted rate. Additionally, any tickets pre-booked in advance will benefit from a reduced ticket price. Ticket prices are as follows:

  • Anyone over 90cm: £25.95pp
  • Any 65 + : £12.97pp
  • Disabled visitors: £25.95pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 90cm: Free

Visitors will still be able to purchase tickets on arrival, should we have availability. However, tickets will cost £32.00pp instead for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

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*All information and prices correct as of 21/06/2022