Do it like The Sidemen

Are you one of the 15.2 million subscribers who follow the adventures of The Sidemen via their YouTube channel? Watching the boys have endless amounts of fun every Sunday is enough to make anyone slightly envious. Well, at Diggerland we know exactly how you can live a day in the life of The Sidemen.

In their recent video KSI, Miniminter and Tobjizzle took a trip to Diggerland, which was completely organised by their very own Wroetoshaw the very adorable and loved by all Harry. Although we can’t allow everyone to ride through the park on our Quad-Bikes, we can promise a day full of fun.


 At Diggerland we make every digger lover’s dreams come true with our JCB Experiences

The Sidemen boys started their day driving and operating a full sized JCB 3CX. You can follow in their footsteps by taking part in either the group JCB Experience or the Individual JCB Experience. All you need is to be over the age of 17!

For £87.99pp you can join a group of two to three other people and operate your own JCB. During the 90 minute experience you will:

  • Use the front bucket
  • Dig with the backhoe
  • Drive the machine 
  • Dig the earth and backfill the ground

We’re sure you’re going to want proof of your new found skill once this experience is over, so we reward each participant with a JCB 3CX certificate. 

However, please be aware that this experience is only available at our Kent and Yorkshire parks. 

If you were hoping for a more personal adventure we also offer an Individual JCB Experience. This is a one-to-one 90 minute experience with an expert instructor. By the end of this experience you would have mastered how to control this insane machinery. 

Both of these experiences include admission for one additional person to enjoy our Diggerland Rides and Drives on the day you participate in your experience. 


Even if you’re not someone who is aware of The Sidemen brand, we’ve all heard of KSI. As a birthday treat Harry organised the Monster Digger Experience for JJ. 

Although this may sound like a piece of (birthday) cake, this activity is not as easy as you may anticipate. During this 90 minute one-to-one experience, you will have an expert instructor on hand at all times. Although your best friend during this experience will be your own instinct and judgement. 

This experience is available at our Kent, Durham and Yorkshire Parks! Plus to make this experience even better, it includes admission to the park for one additional friend/guest. We would recommend booking this experience when we are open, so you and your guest can enjoy a day full of thrills. 

Diggerland - Monster Digger Experience


Anyone who has watched the video would have witnessed the three Sidemen boys getting rather squeamish on the world famous Spindizzy. They got secured into our specially designed digger bucket, hoisted into the air and spun around. So if you can take on the Spindizzy, you’re already braver than KSI. Who knows… you might be the next to hop in the ring with Jake Paul. 

The three also took on Groundshuttle and this one definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. Although this ride may seem tame to start with, you will soon change your mind as you venture round the stomach-churning course. 

If the words thrill-seeker doesn’t describe you, not to worry. The boys also took on Skyshuttle, which is one of our more relaxed rides.You will be slowly lifted 50 feet into the air where you can witness the park from an aerial view. You will also be able to take in the scenic views which surround your chosen park, so make sure you have a camera to hand.


Get ahead, and pre-book your tickets today. You’ll be one step closer to meeting Duggy and Dotty!

We would also highly recommend booking tickets on our website to guarantee your entry. Tickets can be booked in advance anytime up until midnight the day before your visit date. If you’re one to worry about the weather, this will allow you plenty of time to book. Please note however, that we unfortunately cannot accept bookings for the same day at the discounted rate. Additionally, any tickets pre-booked in advance will benefit from a reduced ticket price.

Pre-booked ticket prices are as follows:

  • Anyone over 90cm: £25.95pp
  • Any 65 + : £12.97pp
  • Disabled visitors: £25.95pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 90cm: Free

Visitors will still be able to purchase tickets on arrival, should we have availability. However, tickets will cost £32.00pp upon arrival for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

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*All information and prices correct as of 23/06/2022