Diggerland’s Top Pancake Topping Ideas

Pancake Day this year falls on Tuesday 1st March. A whole day dedicated to eating tasty desserts. Could there be anything better?

Take a look at Diggerland’s favourite pancake topping ideas, and find out more about our on-site catering establishments at our parks. 


Shrove Tuesday, otherwise known as Pancake Day is typically a day that Christian’s celebrate. Nonetheless, it has become a national day for everyone to make and eat pancakes!

Shrove Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday, which is when Lent would begin. Lent is typically known for giving up something, and individuals would often fast throughout this 40 day period.

Pancake Day was also the last opportunity to raid the cupboards and use up all of the eggs and fats before Lent. Pancakes were the perfect choice to use up all of these ingredients. 

Did you know that each ingredient symbolises four significant points? Check them out below!

Eggs – Creation

Flour – The staff of life

Salt – Wholesomeness

Milk – Purity


So, what toppings can you put on your pancakes? Well, the first question is do you prefer them sweet or savoury? 

View our favourite toppings below, and let us know what you would normally choose too!

Lemon and Sugar

Coming in at number one, the top rated combination for Brits, Lemon and Sugar. Are you a fan favourite of the sweet and sour combo?

Chocolate and Strawberries

Whether you choose white, milk or even dark chocolate, it goes very well with cut up strawberries. Even if you don’t like strawberries, simply swap them out for another type of fruit. We’ve heard that a lot of children, and adults, absolutely love bananas and chocolate as well!


Jam, sweet and simple! Dollop on top of hot, freshly made pancakes, and watch it melt. The question is, which flavour jam would you go for? Strawberry, Apricot or even Blueberry?

Egg and Bacon

For those of you that don’t have a sweet tooth, why not try keeping your pancakes savoury, and top with freshly cooked eggs and bacon. We hear it’s incredibly tasty!

Bacon and Maple Syrup

This is certainly a controversial topping for most. First becoming popular in America, the sweet and savoury mix has made its way over to the UK, and it’s going down a storm. Especially when eating with pancakes!


Although our Diggerland parks do not currently serve pancakes on their menu, it could be something that we can try and get added! 

In the meantime, our onsite café, the Dig Inn, has a range of delicious hot and cold food, beverages and refreshments for our visitors to enjoy. All of our parks will differ slightly in relation to the choices on offer, due to using different caters. However, there will always be something for both children and adults to enjoy.

View the different park menus here: https://www.diggerland.com/food-outlets/

Diggerland Cafe - Dig Inn


If you’re organised, and want to bring your own food to Diggerland, we also welcome our guests to do so. Obviously, we wouldn’t accept takeaways being delivered to the park, or food that needs chilling, however a pre-prepared picnic is always a fan favourite. During the summer, our visitors love sitting outside in the glorious weather on our picnic tables. 

Should you wish to leave your lunch in your car, then just speak to a member of staff within the admissions area, and they will allow you entry back in once you’ve collected it.


Ready for the ultimate family day out in the UK? Book your tickets on our website today to benefit from the online booking reduced rate. 

Anyone over the height of 90cm will pay: £22.80pp

Under 90cm: Free of charge

Visitors 65+: £11.40pp

Throughout the entire month of March, we are only open at weekends, until the beginning of April. Make sure you check our opening dates, and book as soon as you can to guarantee your entry. 


*Prices correct as of 01/03/2022