Diggerland UK – Top Tips For Family Road Trips For The Easter Holidays!

Are you ready to set off or planning to go away over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend? Diggerland UK has the perfect tips for the dreaded road trips with kids. Plus make sure you schedule a much needed trip to any of our UK parks. Trust us, kids and adults will love it!


Drivers are facing the most expensive Easter holiday weekend in history according to Fleet News. Even 6% of drivers are refusing to make any journeys because of the high prices of petrol and diesel! 

However, if you’re one of thousands of Brits looking to plan an exciting short getaway with the whole family then you’ll be thanking us for our road trip top tips below!


We’ve all been in the position where we’re on the way to or from somewhere, and the motorway comes to a complete standstill. Kids are asking if they’re close to getting there, or they’re hungry… What a nightmare!

We understand every parent’s frustrations. Check out our top tips below for a smooth road trip. Even during standstill traffic.

Don’t forget the snacks

The subject of food and drink definitely had to come in at number one. Children and adults will always subconsciously be thinking about the next time they will eat. So it’s best to be prepared!

Before any car journey, it’s also important to pack a variety of snacks, drinks and treats for passengers to enjoy. Not only will it keep children quiet, it will keep them from getting hungry, plus you never know when you could get stuck in traffic, or even break down. 

Listen to the radio

Having the radio on, is guaranteed to pass the time on any road trip. Whether you want to tune into your favourite radio station for the best music, or even listening out for traffic announcements. It’s always good to be prepared, and be in the know!

If you could choose only one, which radio station would you listen to on a road trip?

Prepare some games for the journey

Now we aren’t talking about Monopoly or even the preferred electrical hand held games, such as a Playstation. We mean good old fashioned car journey games! 

Why not play a game of I Spy. Get the kids to be more inventive instead of the standard answers, tree, car, road, sign… What else can they think of instead?

If there’s enough space then we would also recommend a game of snap with a pack of cards. With thousands of card games available, get the children’s brains going, it will also guarantee a bit of peace on the journey!

Plan your route around local stops

If you’re travelling with younger children, then toilet breaks and regular stops will already be added into the journey. However making regular stops will also help to break up a long car trip, and allow everyone to stretch their legs frequently. When driving long distances, a break every 2 hours is highly recommended to prevent tiredness, get some fresh air and the kids can also let off some steam!

If you’re stuck in traffic as well, having a break at a local service station can be better than looking at the same scenery. Treat yourself to a bite to eat too, children will definitely appreciate it. 

Bring pillows and blankets

For those moments when you want to just pull your hair out with frustration, always have plenty of pillows and blankets on hand. Kids will always act up or create fuss when they’re tired so let them enjoy a nap in comfort, with their favourite pillows and cuddly toys. Failing that, why not try and play sleeping lions, in the hope that the children will fall asleep anyway!

Parents will do anything for a moment’s peace, and we completely get that!


If you’re looking to avoid the hefty fuel prices at the moment, we have the perfect option for you. Enjoy hiring transport, whilst doing your bit for the environment!

Our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, is the UK’s first and largest pure electric vehicle hire company. With 4 collection points based at Diggerland UK parks in Kent, Durham, Devon and Yorkshire, you could be one step closer to picking up your very own electric vehicle, perfect for the family road trip. Alternatively, their experienced team of handover specialists can deliver the vehicle to your preferred destination.

Once you’ve decided whether you want to pick your electric car up, the next step is to decide which vehicle you actually want to hire. If you want to splash the car and go extravagant, then we would highly recommend a Tesla Model X, or even a Jaguar I-Pace. Or, for those trips that you just need that extra bit of space, the all new 7 seater Mercedes EQV will go down a treat. It will even be perfect for snack times, with a pull up table in the back. 

Hires can be made and booked directly on their website, or by giving the team a call on: 01634 914063.

Arrive in style wherever you go, and enjoy the experience of driving electric!

Tesla Model X
Mercedes EQV
Mercedes EQV interior


If you’re including a trip to one of our Diggerland UK theme parks over the Easter holidays then we would advise pre booking tickets in advance to guarantee your entry. 

Diggerland UK Attraction

If you pre book in advance, our customers benefit from only paying:

  • £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm (adults and children)
  • £12.97pp for visitors over 65 years of age
  • Carers for disabled visitors will enter free of charge
  • Free of charge for anyone under 90cm

And don’t forget to leave plenty of time for the journey if you’re travelling to us. We would hate for you to miss out on fun family days out because of the traffic!


*All information correct as of 13/04/2022