Diggerland UK Attraction – The JCB 3CX Ride

Looking ahead to our 2022 season, we take a look at the ultimate UK attraction, the JCB 3CX ride. Not only can our visitors get up close and personal with the controls, they can also experience the thrill with their friends and family. 

Has it been your dream to drive a JCB? Find out more below!


The JCB 3CX ride is one of many attractions that allows visitors to ride or perhaps drive, alongside their family and friends. The ride is inspired by one of the most iconic types of construction machinery, the backhoe loader!

Experience the thrill of operating a real life type of equipment, round the track, enduring the bumps and humps as you go around. Accompanied by a specially trained marshal, up to four other people can enjoy this UK attraction. 

Anyone over the height of 90cm can enjoy this ride, however anyone between 90cm and 110cm must be accompanied by an adult. Don’t worry adults, you have an excuse to enjoy the ride! For the digger mad visitors that would love to get behind the wheel of a 3CX and get to grips with the controls, you will need to be over 110cm. 

Is your child crazy about construction machinery, or could be the next digger driver? Then the JCB 3CX ride is certainly for them!

Fun facts

Did you know that a JCB 3CX backhoe loader could set you back around £52,000. This is just for a basic model, and JCB offers extra add on features too!

With a hefty 74kW power engine, any projects can be completed with ease by the operator. Although visitors cannot experience the full extent of the backhoe loader, we also have a very special experience day for anyone over the age of 17. 

A JCB 3CX weighs a whopping 8500kg, and has the capacity to lift up to 3500kg!

UK attraction - JCB 3CX ride


As mentioned previously, a JCB 3CX is a backhoe loader. The name has been given to this type of machine as it has a front bucket and a loader at the rear. A versatile machine that can lift materials in the back and the front!

It is a very popular type of machine and this particular model is sold worldwide, and is a market leader in 74 different countries. 

What is a backhoe loader commonly used for?

A backhoe loader can be used for various tasks however the most common jobs include:

  • Digging holes
  • Picking up mud, rocks and even gravel
  • Digging trenches
  • Landscaping

Additionally, due to their huge wheels they are great for driving over rough terrain, and are incredibly easy to handle (once you have the experience of course!)


Are you in the market to buy a JCB 3CX backhoe loader? Then you’re in luck!

We aim to replace all of our machines frequently to ensure our customers are using the latest equipment available. Every 3 – 5 years on average we will buy new machines for all of the UK parks. 

Our older machines, including the JCB 3CX’s are then passed onto our sister company, BuyADigger Ltd. All of our machines have:

  • low hours
  • never been used on a construction site
  • Are ready to be put to work

Check out their stock of used JCB 3CX backhoe loaders today, and get a quote from the sales team. 


If you’ve never enjoyed a family day out to Diggerland, then you’re sure in for a treat! With 3 UK locations based in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, we guarantee you’ll never be far away from one of our parks. 

All of our attractions are inspired by and incorporate the use of real life construction machinery. Of course, we have a variety of diggers that visitors can use to dig to their heart’s content. Plus adults and children alike can hop onto a dumper truck, race against family members on a go-kart plus plenty of other super fun activities. We have 20 different main attractions including the JCB 3CX ride, and some additional extras should you wish to use the facilities on site. 

Our parks are perfect for anyone between the ages of 4 and 14, however anyone is welcome!


Our 2022 dates will be released shortly, however in the meantime be sure to purchase your gift vouchers on our website. By purchasing your vouchers in advance, our visitors can then book onto a specific date for later on in the year. 

Choose between an admission gift voucher for two, three or four people. Anyone over the height of 90cm will need a ticket to enter our park. 

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