Diggerland Theme Park UK – Will you brave Spindizzy?

Do you love feeling the wind hit your face, the thrill of a theme park and construction machinery? Well, you are certainly in for a treat!

Diggerland Theme Park UK is the only construction based adventure park, where children and adults can ride, operate and drive real life construction machinery. 

Interested? We haven’t even mentioned Spindizzy yet!


Whether your child is completely digger mad, or the whole family loves to experience unique family days out, we have something for everyone to enjoy. 

With 3 UK parks based in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, there are 20 main rides and drives. Visitors can dig to their heart’s content in our Dirt or Giant Diggers, stack tyres using a Avant 520L wheel loader, or even racing head to head on our go-kart track. 

As well as the rides mentioned above, most of our visitors come to experience one ride in particular… Spindizzy.


Attention all thrillseekers… Spindizzy is calling you!Diggerland Theme Park UK - Spinizzy

If this is your first time at Diggerland, then we guarantee you an experience like no other. Feel the anticipation building up as you wait in the queue. Climb aboard, take your seat and strap in for the ride of your life!

For anyone who’s not heard of Spindizzy before, it is essentially a large Komatsu digger that has been fitted with a bespoke made bucket. Which is big enough for seating, and our customers!

Once all riders have been strapped in, the trained marshal will begin to lift the arm of the digger up, and proceed in spinning the machine around. Just when you think it couldn’t get worse, the digger will then spin the other way. Visitors won’t know which way is up or down by the time we’re finished with them!

View Spindizzy in action here

So who can enjoy Spindizzy?

Anyone over the height of 100cm will be able to ride Spindizzy. This includes adults, OAPs and children who are brave enough to take on this attraction. 

Due to the nature of this ride, we strongly advise anyone that suffers with cardiac, circulatory and spinal conditions avoids Spindizzy. Additionally, anyone that is pregnant should avoid riding, for their own health and safety.

Our top tip…

Spindizzy is guaranteed to leave your head spinning, and maybe even your stomach. Make sure you plan riding Spindizzy, around meal times. We definitely recommend riding on an empty stomach!

Fun facts

In order to create the ride, a custom made bucket was produced by Diggerland’s sister company, Masterhitch Europe Ltd. Not only did they produce the Spindizzy bucket, they also made an elevated platform for Skyshuttle, a safety bar for all of the dumper trucks, plus a multitude of other digger buckets and attachments. 

Did you know that a Komatsu PC210 is a 22 tonne digger used for this ride, and it has a bucket capacity of 1.68m. 

The Spindizzy digger also has an engine power of 123kW. Very impressive for spinning guests round and round!


Diggerland Theme Park UK is in full swing, and our visitors are most certainly happy to be back!

Are you struggling to keep the kids entertained throughout the February half term? Diggerland could be the perfect opportunity to enjoy new and exciting outdoor activities. With a wide variety of construction machinery to operate, and rides to drive, the day will fly by! 

We are open everyday from 10am till 4pm until 27th February. Check out our full opening dates and times here


Have you picked a visit date yet?

If so, we would highly recommend booking tickets on our website to guarantee your entry. Additionally, any tickets pre-booked in advance will benefit from a reduced ticket price. Ticket prices will be as follows:

  • Anyone over 90cm: £22.80pp
  • Any 65 + : £11.40pp
  • Disabled visitors: £22.80pp
  • Disabled carers: Free
  • Visitors under 90cm: Free

Visitors will still be able to purchase tickets on arrival, should we have availability. However, tickets will cost £28.00pp instead for anyone over the height of 90cm. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to Diggerland in 2022!

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*All information correct as of 16/02/2022