Diggerland Theme Park UK – FAQs!

Are you visiting Diggerland Theme Park UK for the first time? Here’s everything you need to know before you visit!

Diggerland is the UK’s only construction based theme park, where kids and adults alike can have a full day of fun! We have over 20 different attractions for you to enjoy, including operating full sized diggers! Located in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, we are sure to provide a brilliant day out for the whole family.

Booking tickets for Diggerland Theme Park UK

When you book your tickets for Diggerland Theme Park UK, we would recommend you pre-book online at our website. By pre-booking, your entry to one of our parks is guaranteed. Our three parks can get fully booked quickly so it’s best to pre-book before you arrive.

Plus, we offer a discounted rate for all guests who choose to pre-book their tickets prior to their visit. You’ll save £5.20 per ticket, compared to our pay on the day rates! You can view our pricing structure below and book your tickets online, here

Pre-booked tickets cost:

  • £22.80 per person for anyone who is over the height of 90cm
  • £11.40 per person for anyone who is over the age of 65
  • Anyone under 90cm enters free of charge
  • Carers enter for free with anyone registered as disabled

Pay on the day tickets cost:

  • £28 per person for anyone who is over the height of 90cm
  • £14 per person for anyone over the age of 65
  • Anyone under 90cm enters free of charge
  • Carers enter for free with anyone registered as disabled
Diggerland Theme Park UK

Once you’ve booked your tickets, you should receive a confirmation from our Diggerland team confirming your visit! All that’s left to do is turn up and have a dig-tastic day!

What does the general entry admission fee include?

Our admission tickets provide you with a full day out at one of our Diggerland parks. You can arrive any time from when we open, meaning you can spend as long as you like there!

In addition, you’ll have full access to all of our rides and drives, which you can enjoy as many times as you like. We do have some optional coin operated rides, including the Dodgems and Quad-bikes, which guests are more than welcome to enjoy if they would like to.


What age is Diggerland best for?

Our Diggerland parks are best suited for children aged between 4 and 14 however, all of our attractions do have their own ride height limits. This means that all children will need to meet the minimum height requirement in order to ride the attraction, even with an adult.

All children who measure over 90cm can go on the majority of rides at Diggerland Theme Park UK, however we would suggest that all guests measure their children before booking their visit. You can find our ride height chart here.

Diggerland Theme Park UK

Can I attend as a single adult with more than one child?

We welcome single adults at all of our parks. However, we would remind all guests to double check our ride height chart prior to visiting to ensure they are aware of what rides their children can enjoy. 

There are some rides in which children may need to be accompanied and supported by an adult. Therefore, we advise guests that this could result in a child waiting alone.

What do Diggerland Theme Park UK provide for disabled visitors?

All guests who are registered as disabled will need to purchase a standard or OAP ticket as usual. We do allow one free ticket for this individual’s carer. When pre-booking your tickets online, you are able to add a free carers entry to your total tickets. On the day of your visit, please bring along a form of proof of entitlement. You can find more information here.

Above all, our three Diggerland parks are designed with suitable facilities for disabled guests, including disabled parking spaces, disabled toilets and disabled access throughout the park.

Diggerland Theme Park UK

Are all the rides open if it’s raining?

Yes! As we are an outdoors attraction, all of our rides are designed to run as normal even in the rain. Some rides and attractions may be limited or closed if there are high winds, thunderstorms or lightning.

In the event of a rainy visit, we suggest that all guests come prepared to get muddy! Wellies and raincoats all around!

I drive an electric/hybrid car, does Diggerland have chargers?

Our Diggerland parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire all have charge points for electric and hybrid vehicles. These are free to Diggerland guests to use during their visit.

These are provided by our sister company, EVision Electric Vehicles, who are the UKs first and largest all-electric vehicle company. Did you know that all of the electricity in Diggerland is powered by solar power? Yep, that’s right! What’s more is all of EVision’s electric vehicles are charged using only green energy too.

See you can help the planet and have a fun family day out too!

* All information correct as of 25/10/2021.