Denny’s Day at the Diggerland Theme Park With Duggy and Dotty

One day, whilst cleaning the diggers, Duggy got a phone call from his friend Denny. Duggy hadn’t seen Denny for a very long time and was excited to hear from him.

“Hello Denny. What a lovely surprise to hear from you!”, said Duggy.

“Hi Duggy, I just wanted to call you to let you know I’m coming to see you at the Diggerland theme park. I’ve never been before, so I am very excited”, responded Denny.

“Wow! That would be lovely. Dotty and I will show you a great day here at Diggerland. It’s the best theme park in the world. You’ll have buckets of fun!” Duggy replied.

After a few more minutes, Duggy went to find Dotty and tell her the news. Duggy found Dotty checking the safety equipment on the Spindizzy ride.”

“Dotty, you won’t believe it. Denny just called me and said that he is coming to visit us at Diggerland. How wonderful is that?” exclaimed Duggy.

Dotty looked a little worried. After a few seconds she said, “you do know that Denny can be quite naughty, don’t you?”

Duggy smiled and said “don’t worry! Denny will be fine. We will look after him and make sure he behaves himself”.

Duggy and Dotty Meet Denny at Diggerland

The day had finally arrived when Denny would be visiting Duggy and Dotty. Everyone was very excited. While they were waiting, Duggy and Dotty did final checks around the park and made sure everything was clean and tidy.

Suddenly a voice came over their radio. It was marshal Sherene sounding distressed. “Duggy! Dotty! I need you out the front as soon as possible!”

“Oh dear!” thought Duggy. Whatever could be causing such a fuss before the theme park had even opened?

It didn’t take long before Duggy and Dotty found out what the problem was… Denny!

“Hi Duggy, Hi Dotty” said marshal Sherene. “This young man says he knows you. I just managed to stop him running all around the car park. I didn’t want him to hurt himself”.

Dotty sighed and said, “thank you marshal Sherene. This is our friend Denny.” 

Duggy looked at Denny and said “oh, Denny! You can’t run around the car park. We have a lot of visitors coming in cars to visit us. It’s very dangerous”.

Denny looked a little embarrassed and mumbled “sorry” to Duggy, Dotty and marshal Sherene. However, all was soon forgotten as they entered the theme park.

Denny Sees Diggerland!

When Denny entered the theme park and saw the rides, his eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. “Wow!” he said. “This place is even better than you described it”.

The first ride Denny wanted to go on was Spindizzy. A lot of people were queueing up already as it was such a popular ride. Denny, however, didn’t want to wait to have a go. Before they could do anything, Duggy and Dotty saw Denny running to the front of the queue. Marshal Dan stopped him before he could go any further.

When they caught up with him, Duggy and Dotty took Denny’s hands and led him to the back of the queue. “You can’t push in front of everyone, Denny,” said Dotty. “A lot of people have come a long way to go on the rides. We will wait our turn”.

Denny then waited patiently to have a go on Spindizzy. The queue went down very quickly and Denny got to have his turn. “Wow!” Denny said again. “That was the funnest ride I have ever been on!”.

They all went onto the next ride. Denny even queued patiently.

Denny Goes on the Ground Shuttle

Denny is having the time of his life. After a few rides, they decide to go on the Groundshuttle. Duggy and Dotty sit with Denny at the front and are strapped into position by marshal Joe.

Soon the ride was about to begin. Duggy looked over at Denny and saw that he was trying to undo the secure safety harness which couldn’t come undone. “No, Denny!” said Duggy. “You have to do what the marshals tell you to do. It keeps you safe. Marshal Joe put the harness on to stop you falling out and hurting yourself”.

“Sorry, Duggy”, said Denny. He then left the safety harness alone and really enjoyed the ride.

Duggy and Dotty hoped that would be the last naughty thing Danny did that day.

Diggerland Theme Park UK - Groundshuttle

Denny Has an Accident

After they came off the Groundshuttle, Dotty suggested they go to the Dig Inn for some lunch. Denny got a little excited and shouted “I know where that is! See you there!”. Denny then started running in and out of people as he headed to the Dig Inn. He wasn’t being very careful and he fell over.

“Owwwww” screamed Denny. “My knee hurts!”.

When Duggy and Dotty went over to him, they could see that Denny had grazed his knee. “I know who can help,” said Dotty. They got Denny to his feet and they took him to see marshal Lauren.

Marshal Lauren was really kind to Denny and made sure he was OK. She washed his knee and gave him a plaster. “There you go,” said marshal Lauren. “Please be careful when you move around the theme park. I want you to have buckets of fun and not get hurt,” marshal Lauren added.

Digging in at the Dig Inn

Denny, Duggy and Dotty all walked carefully to the Dig Inn. They sat Denny at a table and asked him what he wanted to eat. Denny looked at the menu and said “there is so much to choose from, and it all looks scrummy!”. A few seconds later Denny says “I will have the fish fingers, chips and beans please”.

A couple of minutes later, Duggy returned with all of their meals. “There you go, Denny. Chef Dave has just made the food fresh. It should be delicious”.

And so it was! Denny finished every bit on his plate and said, “thank you. That was the best fish fingers, chips and beans I’ve had in ages!”. Duggy and Dotty smiled.

End of a Lovely Day at Diggerland

After finishing their lunch, all three of them went on a few more rides. Denny even drove a JCB 3CX which he thought was so much fun!. Denny then went on Spindizzy twice more! That was his favourite ride.

Soon, Denny became tired and was ready to go home. “Thank you so much for showing me around your Diggerland theme park. It’s been the best day ever!”

“You’re welcome,” said Duggy and Dotty at the same time. “Did you learn anything while you had fun today, Denny?” asked Dotty.

“Yes” said Denny. “I learned that you shouldn’t play in the car park because it is dangerous. I learned that you shouldn’t push in the queues because everyone has been waiting. You should also be careful moving around a theme park when there are lots of people around too,” Denny added thoughtfully.

“Well done,” said Duggy.

“I learned something else as well,” said Denny.

“What’s that?” asked Dotty.

Denny started to smile and said, “I learned that you can have buckets of fun at Diggerland!”

They all laughed and said their goodbyes. Denny returned home and Duggy and Dotty returned to the theme park. It had been a long day for everyone.

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