Customer’s top 5 rides to enjoy at Diggerland UK

As we look forward to the new 2022 season ahead, we asked our visitors to rank their all time favourite outdoor attractions. For anyone that hasn’t already visited our Diggerland UK theme parks, our list will leave you knowing exactly which rides to head to first! As they say, New year, new theme park, that’s the saying right? Well it is now!


If you haven’t visited Diggerland before then you’re in for a real treat, and no, we don’t just mean the kids! Diggerland is a fun, fantastic day out for the whole family to enjoy. With 20 main outdoor attractions, and some exciting extras such as dodgems and coin operated rides, there really is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Diggerland has 3 UK parks based in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire, all of which have the same attractions. So, which rides were rated highly by our customers? Check out the list below!


We did have a large majority of our visitors say that they couldn’t rank the rides as they love them all. However, we’ve managed to compile a list of the top 5 outdoor attractions at Diggerland, perfect for anyone planning to visit in 2022 and the following years to come!


Coming in at number 5 is go karts. Take a break from operating real life construction machinery, and race head-to-head with friends and family on our track. Select your kart, hit the accelerator then off you zoom!  

Visitors over the height of 80cm can enjoy this specific attraction, but drivers will need to be over 100cm to drive solo. 



The dumper truck attraction has been rated as number 4, and we can certainly see why! Where else can children and adults with no construction experience be able to drive a dumper. Children and adults over the height of 90cm can experience the thrill of operating a Thwaites one ton dumper.

We love seeing children leave this attraction with a beaming smile on their face, when they have successfully navigated their way round the track!


3) JCB 3CX

For any children aspiring to become a construction worker when they grow up, the JCB 3CX is the first stop to get behind the controls of a real life JCB!

Our backhoe loader attraction takes excitement to a whole new level, and we are putting it purely down to the type of machine. Our guests, along with a specially trained marshal, can navigate their way round the track, getting to grips with all the important controls in the cab. Visitors over the height of 90cm can enjoy the attraction, however anyone over 110cm can drive the JCB 3CX. 

For our older guests, our individual and group JCB experiences are also one of our most popular experience days. It must be down to the type of construction machinery, surely? Or is it the fact that adults can let their inner child loose!



Combine a fabulous family day out with a game of bowling, that’s exactly what you’ll get when you have a go on our mini diggers. Our skittles attraction is made up of pins and a bespoke digger attachment that has been made to knock the pins down. 

Both adults and children enjoy the challenge of knocking down all of the pins in the time limit provided. The majority of our guests voted for Skittles as the number two spot, purely as they tend to come back for more, wanting to try and beat their record. What’s the maximum number you’ve managed?



Finally at number one, the ultimate UK attraction, Spindizzy!


Beware, this ride is not for the faint-hearted, and it’s certainly made for all thrill seekers. The unique attraction incorporates a Komatsu PC210, and turned it into a digger with additional seats in the bucket. Crazy, we know, but it works!

Prepare for the ride of your life, as you get strapped into your seat. Hold on tight, and enjoy the local sights around as the digger lifts you up off the floor. That’s if you can still see straight afterwards…

If you’re visiting Diggerland to experience Spindizzy, then we would recommend saving this attraction for first thing in the morning or just before you leave. Especially avoiding the lunch time period!


Diggerland UK Theme Park can be found in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. The fun-filled theme park is fantastic for family days out, and is specifically aimed at children aged 4 – 14.  Alongside Skyshuttle, the parks boast 19 other attractions, and coin operated rides, perfect for the whole family. Whether you want to get to grips on the dirt diggers, or you’re a thrill seeker desperately wanting to experience the famous UK attraction, Spindizzy, there’s plenty to do!


We will be announcing our 2022 season opening times and dates shortly, please bear with us until then!

Tickets will be available to purchase on our website from Monday 17th January, so please bear with us until then. In the meantime, our Diggerland gift vouchers are still available to buy, and customers can check our website for further updates.

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*All information correct as of 12/01/2022