It’s Time To Go Clean & Green

Do you think of a clean and green theme park, when you think Diggerland? We completely get that you may have said no! We’re putting the word ‘theme park’ in the same sentence as ‘diggers’ of course.

However at Diggerland, you would be surprised at how much our theme parks are greener and cleaner than you might first think.

Biomass Boilers

We have carbon-neutral biomass boiler systems that not only provide heat for the premises but which also generate surplus electricity. 

Solar Panels 

In the last few years, all Diggerland parks have been heavily involved in installing solar PV panels on the roofs of our buildings. This helps to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by producing environmentally friendly energy. 

Electric Run Rides and Drives

We all know that diggers are dirty diesel guzzling machines. This is why at Diggerland, we have introduced rides and drives that run on electric instead. 

Our fully electric rides and drives include our Mini Landrovers, Crazy Carts and Quad Bikes. 


More Electrifying News

Not only can the kids enjoy driving around in electric cars but the grown ups can too! We have electric vehicle charging points installed at each UK Diggerland theme park. The charging ports are type 2 connectors. Patrons of Diggerland can charge up their EVs for free at any Diggerland. If you arrive and the charging ports are occupied, then check out ZapMap to see when the charging ports are available again. You can pop out of the Diggerland theme park but be sure to get your hand stamped so you can return again. 

If you have not yet experienced driving an electric car, then this can all change. All of our Diggerland UK theme park locations have electric vehicle hire satellite points, courtesy of EVision Electric Vehicle Hire. So whilst visiting a Diggerland park, you could enjoy a drive in an electric vehicle, such as the luxury Tesla Model S or fun-size BMW i3.

Electric Diggers

Electric diggers are quite scarce at the moment, however the well-known digger manufacturer JCB are working on that. 

JCB has already introduced an electric JCB 19C-1E digger. The JCB digger which is completely without an internal combustion engine has won the prestigious MacRobert Award. This digger has to date saved 15,100kg in CO2 emissions across 5,616 hours of work. 

We hope to see many more electric diggers on the market and hopefully thereafter at our Diggerland theme parks. Electric diggers are definitely the future for innovation to boost sustainability. Having a green and clean theme park is definitely at the top of our agenda.

What About You?

Are you clean and green? Everything from what we eat to what we use and what we do all impacts the environment. 

Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body is clean and consumes lots of nutrients. Eating natural foods such as fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the amount of plastic produced. Just think of all the crisps and chocolate bar packaging. Eating healthily will aid your body as well as the environment. Try to buy your fruit and veg loose if you can, rather than packaged. 

Does your family recycle? With so much waste being dumped in our landfills and seas, we are ruining our beautiful planet. At least when we recycle our plastic, glass and cardboard these can be reused, therefore reducing the negative impact on our environment.

Help the environment every day by doing one simple thing – brushing your teeth. Do you use a plastic toothbrush when you brush your teeth? If so, you could be contributing to the 50 million pounds of waste that goes to landfill every year. Instead switch to a Bamboo toothbrush and every two to three months, snap off the nylon bristle head and throw the bamboo toothbrush handle in the compost. 

How Can You Help Diggerland Be A Greener Place?

When visiting our Diggerland parks, try to reduce the amount of waste you bring with you. If you fancy a picnic, then why not wrap your food in beeswax wraps? Once your food has been eaten, you can take the beeswax wraps home with you, rinse them under the tap and use them again. 

Do you want to visit our clean and green theme park?

We advise customers to pre-book their tickets before their chosen visit date to guarantee entry to the park. Visitor numbers have been reduced to 500 people so we don’t want guests to be turned away.

Unfortunately Duggy and Dotty will not be around when we re-open as they have to self-isolate for a bit longer. They can’t wait to get back to the parks to give hugs and high-fives. Until then, stay safe, and most importantly, have an exciting family day out to Diggerland!

For further COVID-19 information please refer to our website.