Christmas has arrived at Diggerland UK Theme Park!

Christmas has well and truly arrived at our dig-tastic UK theme park! Whether you’re jumping for joy or trying to run away from the festive spirit, there’s one thing we’re sure of! Everyone is trying to avoid the Christmas rush, and with only 4 weeks till the big day we’re here to help!

With Coronavirus restrictions seeming to allow for a fun-filled, family Christmas, the day will certainly be different from last years! Perhaps the best gift we could give this year is being present! But, of course, we all want to find that perfect gift for our loved ones!

This year, why not ditch the Christmas Eve queues and get your gift delivery to your doorstep, or straight to your inbox!

A day out that even Scrooge would enjoy!

Perfect for all families, our admission gift vouchers give you and your loved ones a day out they’ll never forget at Diggerland UK Theme Park. Whether you’re digger mad, or just fancy a unique day out, there’s something for everyone at Diggerland!

You can purchase gift vouchers for 2,3 or 4 people here. All they need to do is choose a date they’d like to visit within the next year and contact us to get booked in! It’s as simple as that.

With these gift vouchers, families can enjoy all of Diggerland’s 20 different rides and drives for a full day. That’s right, you can enjoy the attractions as many times as you like! This means an unlimited number of rides on the mighty Spindizzy (if you can handle it!). Alternatively, you could enjoy never-ending Diggerland train rides or infinite attempts at driving a Giant Digger!

A day out at Diggerland’s UK theme park is sure to provide a magical family day out with memories that will last a lifetime.

Christmas has arrived at Diggerland UK Theme Park!

Gifts for 17+

If you’re looking for that perfect gift for the big kids, we have some great experiences on offer! After the discussion at COP26, we’re all keen to cut our waste wherever we can! How many of us find ourselves chucking out plastic gifts after six months or so? Yep, us too!

This year we’re saying no to plastic waste! Of course, it’s still fine to purchase gifts made of or packaged in plastic, but we’re definitely cutting down by finding waste-free gifts! One of the easiest ways to cut down on waste this Christmas is to buy experiences instead of physical gifts.

Here at Diggerland UK Theme Park, we run a number of different adult experiences throughout the year. All of these experiences are open to individuals aged 17 and over, so are perfect for those looking for a unique experience to gift!

Dumper Racing

Fancy taking part in one of our most popular, and most competitive events? If that’s a yes, then Dumper Racing is for you! Race around our specialised track in your very own dumper truck.

You’ll be racing against the clock as well as each other! But who will become champion at the end of the day?! You can find out more about our Dumper Racing events and order a gift voucher for this season, here,

JCB Experiences

How does driving around in your own JCB 3CX sound? If that catches your eye, our JCB experiences are perfect for you! Here at Diggerland UK Theme Park, we run both group and individual JCB events.

Both are 90 minute experiences and you’ll learn how to operate and drive a JCB 3CX. Within our group experience, you’ll be teamed with other digger fanatics and one of our experienced instructors. Whereas, our individual experience offers a more personal, one-on-one experience.

We’ll also chuck in a day out at Diggerland for yourself, and a friend, on the day of your experience! That means you’ll be able to enjoy a full day out at Diggerland UK Theme Park and go on to operate a JCB 3CX later in the afternoon. 

Find more information about our JCB experiences here.

Christmas has arrived at Diggerland UK Theme Park!

Monster Digger!

If you want to be the talking topic of Christmas day, why not gift someone one of our Monster Digger experience days? It’s one of the most unique experiences out there, and we guarantee you’ll struggle to find a bigger digger to operate!

It’s a 90 minute experience with one of our instructors which is full of fun and learning. Whoever you gift this to, won’t be too overconfident when they realise how confusing it can be to operate a machine this size!

As confusing as it can be in the beginning, once you get the hang of our Monster Digger it is a world of fun! Fancy taking on the Monster Digger? Don’t be a humbug, order a Christmas gift voucher here!

Buy Diggerland gift vouchers!

Whichever gift voucher you choose, you can include your own personal message to make it that little bit more special. You can also choose whether you’d like to have your gift voucher sent directly to yourself or the recipient. 

We also offer the choice of having a physical paper voucher to gift, or an e-voucher. Either way, you’re giving the gift of wonder memories to your loved ones.

* All information correct as of 24/11/2021.