Christmas Eve Traditions at Diggerland

The big day is nearly upon us, but until then we have Christmas Eve to look forward to. How do you celebrate as a family? Have you got any annual Christmas Eve traditions? In this week’s blog post we take a look at traditions currently celebrated around the world, as well as some extra special Christmassy things we do at Diggerland!


Christmas Eve may look the same for a lot of people around the UK, however have you ever considered how different countries celebrate the festive day? Let’s check out some of the most popular Christmas Eve traditions around the world. 


Much like Valentine’s Day, the festive period is celebrated very similarly! Couples around Japan will give each other gifts, spend the day together and go out for the evening on Christmas Eve. Decorations and lights are displayed as they typically would be, and they are often admired by couples taking walks in the evening. 

Australia and New Zealand

Whilst families in Europe normally relate anything such as snowmen, sledding, reindeers to Christmas, these two countries are quite the opposite. It is actually summertime in December in the Southern hemisphere. Have you ever considered visiting the beach, and going surfing at Christmas? Well it’s pretty standard here!

Some individuals will hang wreaths on their front doors and even go out singing Christmas carols on Christmas Eve. So, there certainly are a few similarities.


Away from typical Christmas Eve traditions in the UK, and hot, sunny festive activities in Australia, Norway are celebrating a lot differently. It is believed that evil spirits and witches arrive on Christmas Eve. In order to stop witches taking flight when Santa Claus is meant to be delivering gifts, Norwegians have been known to hide all of their brooms before going to bed!  


One of the main Christmas Eve traditions in Canada is to open at least one present in the evening prior to Christmas day. Of course, this tradition will vary from household to household, and it isn’t just Canadians that follow this rule either. Do you know a family in the UK that also does this?


Here at Diggerland, we are closed over the winter. Although we are closed to the public to get the park ready for the new season ahead, it also gives us plenty of time to plan the best Christmas party going for our mascots, Duggy and Dotty. For those that didn’t know, Christmas is actually Dotty’s favourite holiday. So what better way to celebrate than by throwing a party with plenty of food, music and party games on Christmas Eve!

We know that not everyone is ready for a party on Christmas Eve but we would love to find out more about your Christmas Eve traditions. Do you leave a carrot out for Rudolph, or a mince pie and milk out for Santa Claus? Do you have a bedtime routine the night before Christmas? 

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