What is there for young children to do at Diggerland?

Looking for somewhere to take the kids during the school holidays? Diggerland UK isn’t just for big kids! In fact, we’d even go as far as to name ourselves the most fun, child friendly UK attraction as we really do have something for the whole family. 

Forget worrying about what the toddlers are going to do while the bigger kids are off on exciting rides. We have over 20 different rides and drives suited to a range of age groups which makes Diggerland perfect for a summer day out. 

While most of our rides don’t have any age limits on them, they do all have height restrictions. To be able to enjoy a ride, a guest must reach the minimum height for safety purposes. Remember – all of our rides are actual construction machines, so they could be dangerous! Let’s take a look at some of the attractions available for younger children!


For our smallest guests, we have some brilliant rides and drives on offer! While all children under the height of 90cm will enter for free, they’ll still have a few activities they can enjoy either on their own or with an adult. 

All aboard! The first ride on offer is the Diggerland Train. This specially made train is made up of a string of carriages which are pulled along by a one tonne dumper. You’ll get to sit back and enjoy the views of our Diggerland park, and the surrounding area. Your little ones can ride up front in the main carriage or follow behind in their own personal cart. They’ll even have a steering wheel and horn, but don’t worry, they won’t actually be controlling the train! 

Child friendly UK attraction

Once you’ve taken your trip around the Diggerland park, why not make use of our indoor soft play area? This is particularly handy on those colder summer afternoons or when the parents want to have a coffee break. Our parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire all have two storey soft play areas for all children to climb about in. Meanwhile, our Devon park has a ball pit for younger children!

We also have some fun outdoor activities available for younger children, including a Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zone. All children under the age of five can enjoy riding around on a Little Tikes digger or dumper! There are a couple of optional activities, which are £1 per go, for children aged two and older, including coin operated cars and quad bikes. If you’re visiting Diggerland Yorkshire, you can even have a ride on the Go-Karts for £2 a go. 

As part of our missions to be a child friendly UK attraction, we’ve tried to offer as many rides for younger guests as possible. We know it can be challenging to find something for everyone when planning a family day out. Don’t forget, children under 80cm will enter Diggerland for free and be able to enjoy all of these rides.


At Diggerland, children who are between 80cm and 90cm in height will still enter for free, but there is a bit more for them to do. While we try to be a child friendly UK attraction , we do need to keep guests safe on the construction machines. Children who measure between 80cm and 90cm will be able to enjoy all of our coin operated machines as well as nine out of the 20 free attractions available. 

What’s more is, they’ll be able to enjoy a lot of them on their own, not with an adult. They’ll be able to go on Dig-A-Round, Go-Karts, Joyrider, Safari, Skyshuttle and the Diggerland Train on their own without their parents!

However, they will need an adult to ride on Dippy Ducks, Skittles and Buried Treasure as these rides require guests to operate a full-sized digger!

That’s right. Your little one can take control of their very own Komatsu PC14 machine to try their luck at our challenging mini games. Dippy Ducks is a Diggerland-inspired take on a traditional Hook A Duck game. You just have to hook the duck with a digger… 

Meanwhile, you have to be super focused to win on the Skittles! Knocking over all 10 skittles might seem easy during a casual game of bowling, but it’s not so easy in a mini digger. How many do you think you could know over? Do you think your little one could get a strike?  

Child friendly UK attraction

Last, but certainly not least, we have Buried Treasure. This is the perfect ride for any mini Pirates in the making, or those who just love digging! Your child will be able to operate a lifesize digger claw to dig for treasure in this game, but what will they find? 


We’d recommend all guests pre-book their tickets, if they’re able to! Not only will this save you money off of our on the day prices, but it also guarantees your entry to the park. The last thing you need this summer is a sold out Diggerland and disappointed kids!

When you pre-book online, tickets are £25.95 per person for anyone over the height of 90cm. Guests over the age of 65 will receive a further discount as tickets are only £12.97 per person! Of course, anyone under 90cm will enter for free.

Plus – we’re now open everyday! That’s right. Our parks in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire are all open every day until Sunday 4th September, so there’s plenty of time for a trip to the most fun child friendly UK attraction. You can find all our opening dates and more details here!


*All information and prices correct as of 08/07/2022