Celebrating World Book Day at Diggerland Durham

Celebrating World Book Day at Diggerland Durham

In the UK, we celebrate World Book Day on the first Thursday in March every year. At Diggerland Durham, we think it’s really important to celebrate children’s literature. 

Learn more about the history of World Book Day and about some of the amazing books we sell in the Diggerland shop!

A bit about World Book Day

World Book Day became an annual event in the UK in 1998. Tony Blair launched the event at the Globe Theatre in London, and millions of schoolchildren were given a £1 World Book Day Book Token. This token could be redeemed against any book in any UK book shop. 

Now, special World Book Day books are released. Each of these are worth £1 and children can swap their token for one of these books. Alternatively, they can use their voucher to get £1 off a full-price book or audiobook. 

Every year, a selection of books is released at a variety of reading levels. These range from beginner to independent readers and cover a range of topics. They include fiction and non-fiction works by a variety of authors. 

Get into reading with Diggerland

Digger Books - World Book DayWe have an amazing selection of books in the Diggerland shop that are perfect for your digger enthusiast. 

Your little one can learn all about the Busy Building Site, with a lift the flap Ladybird Book. Together, you and your child can take a tour of a working site and discover what every machine we have at Diggerland can do. 

Our selection of literature includes the ultimate childhood crossover; Diggers and DINOSAURS!! The Diggersaurs are an extremely busy bunch and they have lots of important jobs on a construction site. Using their mouths, tails, necks and a lot of teamwork, they get the job done. 

Sometimes, the Diggersaurs go on adventures. After they have finished a long day at work, there’s nothing the Diggersaurs love more than to explore. Join them as they go on the hunt for something old and something gold. What do you think they’ll find? 

We even have books that are perfect for bedtime. Say goodnight to every piece of construction machinery (and a few methods of transport) as you get ready for bed. Of course, we have to give the biggest goodnight of all to our friend the digger!

Make a visit to the Goodie Store

After you’ve had Buckets of Fun at our Diggerland Durham park, make sure you head to the Goodie Store on the way out. Make sure you check our shelves for all of the books we have in stock. We have a range of literature to suit a variety of age groups, so you’re guaranteed to find something for you.  

Enjoy a day out at Diggerland

If you’re ready for the ultimate family day out in Durham, it’s time to book your tickets to Diggerland. Benefit from a reduced rate when you book online today: 

Under 100cm: Free
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Over 65s: £12.97pp

You can pre-book your tickets up until the day before your Diggerland adventure. 

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All information correct as of: 02/03/2023