Here Come the Girls! Celebrating International Women’s Day at Diggerland Durham


SkyShuttle at Diggerland DurhamIt’s International Women’s Day, and we’re celebrating it here at Diggerland Durham. We know that a day spent driving real diggers and dumper trucks isn’t just for the boys. There are so many reasons that your little girl will love a day out to Diggerland Durham. Check some of them out here…

We’re led by women

We couldn’t talk about International Women’s Day at Diggerland Durham without talking about our Park Manager, Jen. Jen is the only female Park Manager across our four sites and she’s doing a fantastic job, if we do say so ourselves. She’s backed up by our chief marshal, Alix, and together they lead our marshal’s every day the park is open.

Girls love machinery 

Little girls love machinery just as much as boys. According to child psychologists, the main reasons most children love construction machinery is because it’s loud and they love giant sized things. They also love that they can hold a toy version of a machine in their hand that they own. Sometimes, machines like diggers and dumpers can be otherworldly when you’re only small, so a visit to Diggerland would be an amazing treat. 

They can do everything the boys can

Sometimes at school and at home, girls can be told they can’t take part in certain activities because “they’re for boys”. At Diggerland, they can do EVERYTHING the boys can do.

All of our rides are determined by height, not ability. If your little girl is over 110cm tall, she can drive a JCB 3CX. If she’s over 100cm, she can take on Spindizzy. As long as your little one meets the height restrictions, she can do anything she wants to when she’s at Diggerland Durham. 

Improve their fine motor skills

Spending time on a machine and learning the basics of controlling it will be amazing for your girl’s fine motor skills. They will do this by using their hands to manoeuvre the sticks and digging up the mud. Best of all, they will be able to see the huge hole they were able to dig completely independently. Ultimately, this will benefit your girl’s confidence, development and their independence. 

Train at Diggerland Durham Dumpers at Diggerland Durham

Understanding the real world

One of the main reasons children love trucks is because they can see exciting things happening in the adult world. A trip to Diggerland would allow your child the opportunity to participate in an activity that they see as grown-up. They can even pop to the gift shop on the way out, to get their own digger to play with at home. 

Book your trip today

It’s so easy to empower your daughter and take her to Diggerland Durham for a day out. Make sure you pre-book your tickets to get the best price possible! 

Anyone over 100cm: £25.95pp

Under 100cm: FREE

Over 65: £12.97

Disabled Carer: FREE

Please be aware that we are only open on the weekend during March. You can pre-book now for future dates in the 2023 season. 

prebook your diggerland tickets today!

All information correct as of: 02/03/2023