Can Diggerland theme park help with your mental health?

Now we know the last year has been a complete whirlwind for the whole of the UK, and it’s certainly not been easy either. The amount of individuals that have suffered from added stress and anxiety has risen, due to numerous coronavirus lockdowns. In association with Mental Health Awareness week 2021, we discuss how visiting Diggerland theme park can potentially raise your spirits and improve your mental health!


We all need to find proven ways of destressing and finding ways to relax. Here’s some of the best ways to do this:

Be active

Now not all of us took to daily lockdown walks and enjoying the local areas, however it kept a lot of us going. We know that going out for walks with young children isn’t as exciting as a proper day out, but we all have to make sacrifices, especially during a global pandemic. It’s been said that one in six school-aged children have mental health problems, and the number is slowly increasing. 

Perhaps making plans for the future, when we are able to go back to a sense of normality, will give children the hope they need to push through any issues they may have. 

Try something new

Did you develop any new hobbies during lockdown? Maybe you taught yourself to draw, paint or even knit, or you’re now a dab hand in the kitchen, hobbies are great to keep your mind occupied. Even post-covid if you’re feeling a bit low, discovering a new hobby will do wonders for your mental health. 


If you’re feeling stressed or your mood has been affected, strike up a conversation with a loved one. Whether you speak to a friend, family member or even a work colleague. Speaking about how you feel can make you feel instantly better. You can even have a chat with a Diggerland marshal, they love chatting with our visitors!

Keep busy and make plans

Now the restrictions are easing making plans to see friends and family has become a lot easier. Keeping busy is the key to staying positive, and it is proven to help boost your mental health. 1 in 4 people experience a mental health problem of some kind each year in England, according to MIND. This is a staggering number, especially if the problem isn’t known to anyone else. So how can Diggerland help?

Make plans to visit Diggerland Theme Park. Get out and about in the fresh air with your friends or family.


If you’re planning covid friendly days out  then Diggerland should be at the top of your list. Diggerland theme park provides a truly incredible and unique experience for the whole family to enjoy. Our guests will be entertained with 20 fantastic rides and drives, how impressive! 

Where else can you learn how to operate real diggers, and drive dumper trucks? Absolutely nowhere!

If your kids are absolutely digger mad, or you’re perhaps a big kid yourself, then Diggerland theme park is definitely the place for you to visit. Rise 50 feet in the air whilst sitting in a telehandler platform, or enjoy a bumpy off-road ride on the Groundshuttle

Additionally, you can hook a duck using a Komatsu mini digger, or dig to your heart’s content on our giant diggers!

Sound like your type of day out?

Buried Treasure


If you’re ready to experience the ultimate UK family day out, then head on over to our website to get your tickets. We recommend that customers pre-book their tickets online to guarantee their entry. Due to the pandemic, we have reduced our visitor numbers to ensure our guests can socially distance around the park. 

To date (12/05/2021) visitors can choose from the following tickets options if they pre-book:

  • £22.80 for anyone over the height of 90cm
  • £11.40 for visitors over 65
  • Anyone under 90cm will enter free of charge

Visitors also have the option to pay on the day (£28.00pp) however this will be based on ticket availability. As restrictions ease we hope that we will be able to increase our visitor capacity soon!

In the meantime we hope you had a dig-tastic day out at any of our 4 UK Diggerland theme parks. 

* All information correct as of 12/05/2021.