No Cornish Holiday is Complete Without a Trip to Diggerland

If you are heading South West with your little ones and looking for something special to do, why not stop off at Diggerland for fun and educational days out in Devon? With 250 parking spaces, 15 coach parking spaces, 10 disabled parking spaces and a helicopter landing pad, the park can accommodate everyone. It is also easy to get to. Even at rush hour, it can be reached from Cornwall in less than two hours.

You could even save time by stopping off at Diggerland on the way to your Cornish destination, to get the most out of all the great attractions. And if you need any more incentive, just think, a day out in the fresh air having fun with the family will be a huge boost to your well-being too.


There are rides for everyone at Diggerland. For under-fives, there are Little Tikes Wheelz play zones, where the little ones can play with their favourite digger toys in the sandpits. Older children can ride on the Skyshuttle or experience the thrill of the Dig-a-Round. The Groundshuttle will show your digger loving kids the true power of these machines, scooping them up into the air and taking them for a ride.

Spindizzy - Days Out in Devon


Unlike other theme parks, Diggerland has more than just passive rides. It is well-established that children learn through experience and exploration. While there is plenty to explore in the Cornish countryside, taking a diversion to Diggerland allows kids to get hands on experience of driving in a safe environment.

From JCBs and dumper trucks, to police SUVs, tractors and trains, there are all manner of vehicles for your little ones. Diggerland provides you with the opportunity to fully switch off on holiday while giving your kids the chance to let off steam by joyriding in the 4x4s. The dirt tracks offer adrenaline filled fun in a safe environment.

How to Get Here

The South West is home to one of the greatest road trips in the UK. From the gorgeous coastline to the Exmoor national park, you’re never short of wonderful sites and incredible days out in Devon. Getting to Diggerland, then, is not only easy, but enjoyable. From Bristol and Exeter, Diggerland is easily reachable via the M5, taking junction 27 or 28. Alternatively, get the train to Tiverton Parkway, where it is only a five mile taxi ride to the park.

Cornwall has many attractions, but the nearby Diggerland should not be missed. There are activities for everyone from tiny children to their grandparents. For thrill seeking older children, take the rare opportunity to drive a car or digger at speed. Diggerland is accessible and exciting for everybody.

As you would expect, the Devon park has all the same rides & drives as our other three UK parks, including: Spindizzy, Mini-Tractors, Groundshuttle and Dig-a-Round, as well as Go-Karts and Dodgems. We also run school trips in Devon if you are a school and looking for fantastic days out in Devon.

With thanks to our contributing writer, Jane Sandwood
Diggerland visit The Bluewater Giving Tree

Walking through the crowds of people at Bluewater, Diggerland mascot Duggy was on a mission. A mission to give disadvantaged children presents this Christmas and to give a chance for amazing family days out.

Outside the M&S store in Bluewater, Duggy visited the Heart Giving Tree and chose two tags to match children with fantastic items such as Diggerland toys, clothing, a backpack and funky stationary.

37 charities across Kent and Sussex are being supported this year with Action Point and Firmin acting as Santa to wrap and deliver the presents.

Diggerland representative, Sherene Garvin-Mack said, “It is so important for us to stop, think and give something back.

Giving Tree - Family Days Out

Whilst we go about our busy lives scurrying around for last minute presents this Christmas, we must remember that there are disadvantaged children, who won’t be receiving anything. It doesn’t take much money or time to visit the Heart Giving Tree and donate a gift.”

Diggerland staff have also donated gifts to the Heart Giving Tree and encourage others to do the same.

The Giving Tree is open until Friday 22nd December, so what better way to kick Christmas off than to offer disadvantaged children magical and spectacular family days out for them to enjoy!

Diggerland understand and appreciate all the hard work that organisations and charities provide in order to care for others. This is why we provide donations to local charities/schools for their fundraising raffles in order to raise as much money as possible to such worthy causes.

Diggerland School Trips in Kent

Diggerland School Trips in Kent are always a popular choice to local schools because we provide educational benefits as well as a unique experience at a Theme Park like no other!

Not only do pupils AND teachers have a fantastic time, but Diggerland Adventure Park can be just as educational as we allow students and club & group members to get practical experience of what it is like being 180 & 360 excavators operators and dumper and backhoe-loader drivers.

Additionally, they will also gain an idea of some of the dangers and hazards of working on a construction site with or near large heavy-plant, allowing teachers to explain the importance of knowing and following Health & Safety procedures in a workplace and other practices.

Diggerland school trips are available at all four UK parks located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire meaning that schools all over the UK can enjoy the thrills of Diggerland whilst learning important subjects too.

School Trips in Kent
Diggerland sponsor The Kent Teacher of the Year Awards!

Do you know a teaching member of staff that deserves all the recognition possible for their hard work and dedication? The Kent Teacher of the Year Awards understands the importance of praising our teachers of today and all that they do for the community, which is why Diggerland are so proud to be sponsors.


This year, fifty finalists attended the prestigious event and celebrated its 14th year with a delightful awards dinner run by the KM Charity Team, so we’re in no doubt that 2018’s event will be even bigger and better!


To name just a few, the categories include primary, secondary, newly qualified teacher, non teaching member of staff i.e. dinner ladies and caretakers as well as a volunteer award which is dedicated to members of the PTA and school governors.

UK Marketing Manager, Sherene Garvin-Mack said “All of us at Diggerland are absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards. The staff within our Kent schools all work exceptionally hard to make the lives of young people better and we at Diggerland feel it is extremely important to recognise that hard work. Diggerland is a great way for schools to learn and have fun at the same time which is why we run School Trips in Kent”.


Entries for nominations open January 2018 and end on the 8th March 2018, so if you know someone extremely deserving of an award, please do put them forward for the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards!


Christmas Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of a lifetime for your friends and family and see what Diggerland has to offer!

Admission Christmas Gift Vouchers

Our Theme Park Christmas Gift Vouchers can be purchased for 2, 3 or 4 people to allow entry into the Diggerland adventure park with access to ALL rides & drives for the whole day!

With over 100 machines and 20 different rides and drives, there really is something for everyone at Diggerland, so go on…give your digger fanatics a day out they won’t forget with our admission gift vouchers.

Dumper Racing Experience - Christmas Gift VouchersDumper Racing

 If you think you have the speed and the skill to take on your friends and family then Dumper Racing is definitely for you.

With at least 2 heats, not only are you racing against one another, but also against the clock! Pick up one of the fastest times and race your way to the Grand Final where the winner will receive a certificate to commemorate their victory. Bragging is also allowed!

 Group JCB Experience

If perhaps you prefer something more hands-on, then the Group JCB Experience would do the trick.

Each participant will have their own JCB 3CX whereby they get the chance to use the front bucket, backhoe, drive the machine, dig holes and level the ground and most importantly, become a construction pro!

Not only that, with this experience also includes 2 spectators free of charge to watch the participant and enter the Diggerland Theme Park to enjoy all of the rides and drives.


Formula JCB Racing

 This experience is one for those who love an adrenaline rush. It’s a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX and race to beat the best time!

It really is an experience not to be missed, with a variety of action-packed, fast-paced challenges on our specially designed course as well as a day out in the Diggerland Theme Park.


Individual JCB Experience

 Now, if you really want to push the boat out and give what might possibly be the best gift for a digger fanatic there is, the Individual JCB Experience is perfect!

The participant will get to grips with a JCB 3CX for 90 minutes with an expert instructor. No races, no competitions, just you and the many spectacular features of the machine for you to enjoy.

Individual Experiences can be booked on a day of your choice, with the advantage of 2 additional people to enjoy the thrills of Diggerland on the day of your Experience.


Monster Digger Experience

 Available across all four of the Diggerland parks (Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire), the Monster Digger Experience is like no other. This is our biggest and most exhilarating experience yet and is bound to beat all the other presents in your loved one’s stocking!

For digger fans that have always dreamt of driving real-life construction machinery, this is truly an unforgettable gift and day out.

JCB Gift Ideas

So, let’s talk about other stocking filler ideas that your digger obsessed loved one would really appreciate; such as, the JCB Kids Pyjama’s which are perfect for the current wintery season, especially after a fun-packed busy day out at Diggerland.


Or perhaps when the day is done at Diggerland, and your little one would like something to remember the day by, the range of stationery available on our Diggerland Goodie Store would bring back happy memories for them to share when they return back to school!

Diggerland Pens - Christmas Gift Vouchers
Just because we have now closed for the winter season, doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop there. Diggerland Christmas Gift Vouchers are a great gift for friends and family and certainly something to look forward to in the New Year!

Bring Diggerland Home with These Fun Family Hobbies and Activities

From the go-karts to the rides and drives, Diggerland is a bucket of fun for the entire family. But what happens when the day is over and you return back to your homes? How do you take a piece of Diggerland with you and create fun family hobbies? Check out these activities that can keep the spirit of construction alive in your home.

Geocaching Is the New Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking to find new family hobbies to enjoy, look no further than geocaching. As a virtual treasure hunt, geocaching gets your children outside and playing in the dirt with an educational twist. You simply download the app on your phone and select a hidden cache that is close to your location. Then, you use GPS coordinates and clues to help you find a hidden treasure. You and your kids will love the thrill of finding these prizes through caves, waterfalls, and even your local grocery store. With geocaching, the entire world becomes your gameboard.

Days out at Diggerland - Fun Family Hobbies

Building Blocks

Your child probably plays with Lego, but how about you enhance their experience and make their building blocks even larger. You can buy giant, life-sized blocks online or make your own, and encourage children to build their own creations. Sit down and start to design a blueprint before heading straight into construction and see how close you can get to your original design. Then at the end, be sure to knock the blocks down. It’s definitely the most fun part of building and will also allow you to start the fun all over again.

Train Collecting

If your child loved the train section of Diggerland, why not encourage them to start their own model train collection. Take your kid to the store and help him or her pick out a train that speaks to them. Then, pick out tracks and other items such as mountains, trees, and stores that can bring your town to life. You and your family can spend hours building these sets and when you’re bored with it, simply add on to your town or start a new one.

Build a Go-Kart

One of the best bonding experiences between a parent and their child is to build a go-kart together. You can find a design plan online, or start from scratch and use your own imagination. Your child will learn about the mechanics of the vehicle and the two of you will enjoy valuable family time. Take the project day by day, and work on it a little every day after school. This will make the project more worthwhile. However, when it’s complete, invite everyone out to test your vehicle and watch your kid’s face light up.

Just because you left Diggerland doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop. It’s so easy to find new and fun family hobbies; you can create similar construction and outdoor activities to keep the family entertained between visits to the park.

With thanks to our guest blogger, Jane Sandwood

Want to Beat the Winter Blues? Plan Family Days Out

It’s that time of year again when the cold weather makes us want to stay cooped up at home near a warm and toasty fire. But even though the thought of playing outdoors makes us shiver, it is still important for families to make time for each other and have fun family days out together, despite the cold. While attractions like Diggerland are a perfect idea for family outings, parents may need to brainstorm some new ideas during the winter months when these options are closed for the season.

Fortunately, there are many fun options for family activities that can be enjoyed in the winter. As long as your little ones are dressed properly, your family can brave the winter, explore new places, and embrace the chill. If you are hoping to lift your family’s spirits, here are 3 ideas for a family day out that is certain to get rid of the winter blues:

Beating the blues with a family days out at Diggerland.

  1. Take a Ride on the Polar Express

Your family will have endless amounts of fun—while staying warm in your pyjamas!—aboard the Polar Express, which departs from Seaton Terminus in Devon. Based on the best-selling book, this journey features a sing-along for children, a meeting with Santa and his elves, and winter treats for the whole family like hot chocolate and cookies. Your little ones will love this adventure, and each will even receive a special gift from Santa.

  1. Visit Your Local Library or Museum

While your children may not initially jump at the idea for a family day out at the library or a museum, these are two places that oftentimes feature many fun events for the whole family. Many libraries put on performances during the winter of puppet shows for children, and it could also be fun to spend an afternoon at the library picking out new books or a great film to watch as a family in the evening. Similarly, many museums offer family-friendly tours, activities, and other options that will keep everybody entertained and perfect for family days out.

  1. Go Skating—Inside or Outside

A third option for families looking for a way to have fun despite the cold is to go roller skating at the leisure center or find an ice skating rink outdoors. This activity is not only a good way for the family to exercise, but it will certainly make for a day of laughs. Skating is always a comical way to test each family member’s athleticism and balance, and your children will most definitely have a good time rushing ‘round and ‘round the rink.

Just because it is the winter doesn’t mean that your family can’t find ways to enjoy one another and spend a day together embracing the cold. By taking your family for a fun tram ride, a visit to the library, or an afternoon of skating, you can create memories together that are sure to outlast the frigid temperatures.

With thanks to our guest blogger, Jane Sandwood

Unique Corporate Events - Diggerland's Spindizzy

Choosing your unique corporate events?

Finding unique corporate events can be a difficult affair and now imagine you’re sitting in a meeting and the boss is discussing just that.

One member of the office suggests dinner, another a hotel, then the boss’s steely gaze focuses on you.

Your mind then clouds over.


If this all sounds too familiar?

Then read on!

Never fear, your wait is over, Diggerland can do it!


Here’s a rundown for our unique corporate events you can book!

We do Dumper Racing!

What’s that I hear you ask?

Picture this, so you arrive at Diggerland and before you stands mighty JCB ROBOT skidsteer loaders.

These awesome machines are yours for the day.

Whether you skid, dart or slide your way through our specially designed course is down to you.

Yet beware, there are time penalties, so get competitive but please remember do not attempt any Mad Max stunts, we do not have a Thunderdome!

So you want more racing? Yes, we have more of that.

The Digger Race!

These are the kings of the construction world, they’re the backbone of any building site, they are the incredible 8.5 tonne JCB-3CX and yes, you’re about to race them!

The line is set, your boss  is in the JCB to the left and your assistant is in the one on the right, the engines rev and off you go. Tearing down our uniquely designed course, you now realise one thing, these things aren’t for the faint of heart at top speed. Yet, you smirk as your boss and assistant are just distant specks in your mirror.

What about hiring the whole park for your unique corporate events, I hear you ask? Yes, yes, yes! You can!

Your unique corporate events

One of our specialties is holding unique corporate events.

The park can be opened for your pleasure. This takes place either on weekdays during school term time or during the evenings after closing time to the general public.

Enjoy the entire park at your leisure, be spiraled on the Spindizzy, be risen up on the Skyshuttle or be shaken not stirred on our Groundshuttle. The park is yours, take it!

We can set up challenges for you and your team.

Take on our Bronze, Silver or Gold Team Building Challenges!

Let’s look at our Gold Team Building Challenge!

Our packages can deliver up to 5 unique challenges with the gold package delivering all 5, the silver 4 and bronze 3.

The challenges create unparalleled team bonding experiences. Whether that’s taking on the Dippy Ducks, tackling the Digging Challenge or the unique 4×4 Blindfold Challenge.

The blindfold challenge is without doubt one testing experience. It will keep your team on the edge, their skills sharp and advance their team abilities to the limit.

Gold Challenge at Diggerland
Silver Challenge at Diggerland
Bronze Challenge
We have conference facilities for unique corporate events!

Yes, we have more traditional conference facilities, it’s a room with a view!

Please note, these are just based at our Kent and Yorkshire sites.

Looking at Kent in particular, the conference room can hold up to 100 delegates within a cinema style seating plan or 60 individuals around tables. It also boasts a projector and large screen for your needs. In addition, we can also provide you with use of our fantastic catering team to provide additional requirements if needed.

Yorkshire park have various options available, so check out the link below to see exactly what we have on offer.

unique corporate events - Digger racing!

Whatever the weather!

Come rain or shine, we will continue to operate. Unless the weather is so severe that no man nor beast would venture out in it.

We do however recommend bringing certain items for you and your team!

Wellington boots/work boots – We don’t want you to be under any false pretenses, it can get a little muddy, so would advise that comfortable and durable footwear is a must!

Comfortable & suitable clothing – This is very important to remember, we do not want you to have huge dry-cleaning bills for all that sharp business attire.

Waterproofs – You’ll be in an environment where you’ll be having lots of fun outdoors. As we all know, Diggerland is based in the UK, so it’s possible that at some point rain will be forecast!

Thinking of staying overnight? That means you’ll need to eat. Here’s a little breakdown of local catering outlets and hotels to complement any unique corporate events.

Kent- Medway Valley Leisure Park, Roman Way, Strood, Rochester, Kent ME2 2NU

Premier Inn Rochester

Medway Valley Leisure Park, Chariot Way, Strood, Kent, ME2 2SS

Based just 0.4 miles from our Diggerland Kent park, which is only a 9 minute walk or 2 minute drive!

Fancy something to eat? In the same grounds as Premier Inn and Diggerland, there are a multitude of restaurants including:

Frankie & Benny’s


& many others (inc McDonalds)

There’s also a Cineworld cinema and a Hollywood Bowl bowling alley within the complex.


Fancy some history along with your corporate event?

Enjoy the picturesque, cathedral City of Rochester, which boasts various upmarket restaurants, eateries and coffee shops, all with stunning views of Rochester Castle and famous Dickensian buildings.

Durham – Riverside Industrial Estate, Langley Park, Durham DH7 9TT


Station Lane, Gilesgate, Durham, Co. Durham, DH1 1LJ

5.8 miles to Diggerland Durham/Approx 14 minute drive

West Wood Yurts, Cut Thorn Farm, Gibside, Burnopfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 6AA

Based 11.8 miles from Diggerland Durham is approx 27 minute drive.

For your dietary needs:

The town of Langley is just a few minutes from Diggerland.

You can savour the local cuisines of:

Village Spice – Indian

Cross Keys Inn – Pub food

La Spada Ristorante – Italian/Mediterranean

Broom House Farm Coffee Shop – Cafe/British

Yorkshire – Willowbridge Lane, Castleford WF10 5NW

Premier Inn

Pioneer Way, Castleford, West Yorkshire, WF10 5TG

Restaurants in the local area:

The New Wheatsheaf – Pub food

China City – Asian

Giraffe – Burgers

TGI Fridays – American Cuisine

Ask Italian – Italian

Devon- Verbeer Manor, Willand, Cullompton EX15 2PE

Weir Mill Farm, Jaycroft, Willand, Nr Cullompton, Devon EX15 2RE

1.3 miles to Diggerland Devon/Approx 25 minute walk or 5 minute drive.

How about getting back to nature, why not visit our campsite at Devon.

Here are some restaurants in the local area:

The Golden Lion – Chinese, Asian

The Bakehouse – Italian, Spanish, British

The Weary Traveller – Pub, British


Have you thought about getting to and from the Diggerland parks?

Well we recommend the fantastic eVision car hire company.

eVision is has offices in Kent, London and Yorkshire and serves the whole of England. Take advantage of their current packages.

They hold a fleet of amazing Tesla electric cars, that are quite literally among the most stylish, advanced and fastest cars on the roads!

They also offer a chauffeur service, which adds a nice splash of glamour.

unique corporate events - eVision Tesla

That’s a brief guide into our unique corporate events and parks local amenities guide. If you need more information, please call or email us, you can find all of the information on our Diggerland website.

Watch our latest Promotional Video below!

Little Tikes Performance Day at Diggerland!

Little Tikes Performance day - Duggy and Dotty playing with the little tikes toys


If you speak to anyone of about 30 years old or younger, ask them about a particular red & yellow plastic car. Some may tell the tale of them appearing on birthdays, others may say Christmas. Yet, the story you may notice will always be, “Oh yes, I remember those, I had one and I loved it”. The Little Tikes red & yellow cozy coupe was surely an iconic toy of many a childhood. The company Little Tikes, who created those wonderful toys, continues to keep creating new memories for a new generation.

The fantastic partnership between Diggerland and Little Tikes began in April 2017. Unique play zones opened up first at the Diggerland parks in Kent and Devon, with Durham and Yorkshire following shortly after in July.

Little Tikes areas have been affectionately named as `Wheelz Play Zones`. As such all 4 zones have been set up for little ones under the age of 5 to enjoy.

From the popular sand and water tables through to playable versions of dumper trucks and diggers. Children will get to discover first hand much more about the world around them, in an interactive and fun-fueled play environment.


What’s the big news all about?

On Saturday 21st October, Diggerland and Little Tikes will present the ‘Little Tikes Performance Day’!

This is a day for you (the parents) to come and relax! Let the Little Tikes reps introduce your little ones to the very same nostalgic toys you once enjoyed, during your childhood years.  The reps will also bring along some wonderful new toys for your children to enjoy, from their exciting new ranges. These include the fantastic RC Tyre Twister and the fabulous My First Flyer.


Children can take on the RC Tyre Twister…


Little Tikes Tyre Twister

Alternatively, you can start your little ones flying career with their first remote controlled helicopter, it actually does fly!


Little Tikes Performance day


The event is included in your general admission ticket. So why not come along and see what Little Tikes are doing!


We can’t wait to see you all at the Little Tikes Performance Day.


UK Theme Park Diggerland up for Kent Tourism Awards 2017 Logo


UK Theme Park Diggerland Makes The Final of Kent’s Most Prestigious Awards!

Keep Diggerland great! Vote for us in the Kent Tourism Awards.

22 of Kent’s best tourism businesses have been finalised in the hunt to find Kent’s greatest, most legendary tourist attractions.

The newly formalised Kent Tourism Awards was created by ‘Go To Places’ in August of this year.

97 businesses entered and judges whittled it down to just 22, which of course, includes us… Diggerland!

The awards represent the best of Kent’s most outstanding tourist locations, family fun days out and accommodation providers.

The Kent Tourism Awards congratulate exceptional customer service and outstanding visitor experiences from within the tourism industry in Kent.

And we give it back to you, the people!

Now is your chance to vote for Kent’s greatest tourist attraction (it’s Diggerland), wait, there’s more, you too can also win a special prize.

Voting is now live! Click here to give us a vote!

We are part of the Happy Family Award! Sponsored by Quinn Estates.

Voting closes on Friday 20th October! Please vote!

The competition winner will be announced on the 23rd October, so be on the lookout, you might win!

For one lucky voter, you could win…

As a special incentive for you to vote for Diggerland, you have the opportunity to win six sensational days out at Kent attractions to enjoy during 2018!

Why not enjoy a UK Theme Park.

We are sure that you’ve enjoyed a great family day out with us at Diggerland, so please be sure to give us a vote.

What happens for us?

It would be an absolute honour to win this prestigious award. Most importantly though it is a huge thank you from you, our loyal customers, to our amazing staff members.

From our customer service representatives who meet and greet you at Diggerland admissions, to the fantastic Park Marshals, who ensure you have a safe and enjoyable family day out.

It is recognition for them and this is why it matters so much to us!

Please therefore click on the button below and vote for Diggerland!


Family Days out at National Treasures: How well Do You Know the UK?

The school holidays might be over for now, but half term will be around all too soon. If you’re fresh out of ideas of how to entertain your family, why not check out some of these ideas for great family days out? The British Isles are home to much weird and wonderful history, and there are many modern marvels too, paying tribute to icons of British engineering, invention and design. What do you think are the national treasures of the UK, and how much do you know about them? Have you visited any of these before – or will they be next on your list for adventure?

In ancient times

Take a trip back to the prehistory to see some of Britain’s oldest national treasures. These ancient monuments have stood for thousands of years, leaving traces of a past which will enchant and enthrall the whole family.

Did you know?

  • Stonehenge is a great family day out – nearly one million people each year certainly think so! Quite special for a circle of giant rocks, but then it is over 5,000 years old and lines up with the sun on solstices.
  • One of the biggest Roman legacies in the UK is Hadrian’s Wall. It is 73 miles long and runs across Northumberland and Cumbria as a defence against the north. It’s hard to believe it was built without the modern machinery we use today – which you can check out on family days out at Diggerland Durham, only an hour away.

Knights and shining armour

The medieval period was a busy one for Britain. Wars, plagues, trade, triumphs and catastrophes have left their mark on the UK in the form of castles, churches, and many more exciting attractions all round the country – making a great day out for all the family.

Did you know?

  • Windsor Castle – home of the the Queen – is the oldest and largest castle in the world still inhabited. It was started in 1070, and took 16 years to build – although there have been a few alterations since then.
  • York Minster is one of the world’s largest cathedrals and took over 250 years to build. How long do you think it would take today? The machines at Diggerland Yorkshire might help you to find out.

Moving with the times

Beautiful buildings and innovative icons from the modern era can also be found in every corner of the UK. Exploring your hometown can be as exciting as travelling further afield, especially when you find out something you didn’t know.

Did you know?

  • Big Ben is not the name of the clock tower next to the Houses of Parliament – the name refers to one of the bells inside, which weighs 13.5 tonnes and first rung in 1859.
  • The Angel of the North graces the skyline near the A1 at Newcastle. It is 20 metres tall and has a wingspan of 54 metres.

The natural choice

The UK’s natural landscape is also a real treasure for the nation. From rolling fields and quiet rivers in the south to wild moorland and soaring peaks in the north, there’s plenty for your family to explore wherever you are.

Did you know?

  • Loch Ness is one of the longest and deepest lochs and a great favourite with outdoor enthusiasts – but is perhaps best known for being the home of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster, of whom there has been over 3000 sightings since 1933. Take some binoculars and have a go at spotting her yourself!
  • Of the 16 main lakes in the Lake District, only one is officially a “lake” – Bassenthwaite Lake – whereas the others are all ‘waters’ or ‘meres’, like Windermere, the longest lake in England at 10.5 miles.

How many of these facts did you know? Where do you want to go next on your family days out? Keep exploring and discovering these places – and many more – for yourself.

Family Days Out - National Treasures: How well Do You Know the UK?