Diggerland’s chosen Charity of the Year – SERV Kent

Diggerland are delighted to announce that SERV Kent, also known as Bloodrunners is our Charity of the Year.

SERV Kent, “Service by Emergency Response Volunteers” is a charity that provides emergency courier services transporting blood products, samples and other patient essential items for the major hospitals and hospices in Kent, outside of normal working hours.

The National Health Service night time, weekend and bank holiday transport service may only have one or two drivers on shift, and within this time these drivers are to visit around 26 hospitals in the local area.

SERV Kent play a very important role in saving the lives of patients as they reduce the need for the NHS to seek assistance from the police, ambulance or to pay for a taxi.

Diggerland's Charity of the Year

Using their own motorbikes and cars, the charity’s volunteers provide this service quickly, reliably and free of charge, therefore providing much-needed funds for patient care and facilities within hospitals. SERV Kent helps to save the NHS thousands of pounds each year.


Speaking of the sponsorship, a spokesman from Diggerland said:

“All of us at Diggerland decided to choose SERV Kent as our Charity of the Year to sponsor and support, as the hard work the volunteers carry out in their spare time is extremely vital, valuable and important.”

“These volunteers act as superheroes travelling around the county delivering blood and other medical supplies to patients in urgent times of need. They travel mostly at night and therefore their presence is rarely noticed. This charity deserves support and recognition for all they do.”

Diggerland actively supports charities, community projects and schools across the county, acting as sponsors of the KM Teacher of the Year Awards, Kent Charity Awards and the KM Charity Team’s “Buster’s Book Club”. Diggerland also provide thousands of complimentary tickets every year to schools and charitable organisations to assist with fundraising events.

Devon Campsite opens for the 2018 season

It can be quite difficult trying to keep the kids entertained during the holidays, especially if all they want to do is scroll through their social media or play the latest game on their consoles. We have got you covered with our spectacular campsite in Devon!

Nothing screams quality family time like pitching up your own tent together or kicking a football around on the camping grounds. Not only that, but the campsite in Devon is on the same complex as Diggerland Theme Park, so you’re not far from the adventure at all.

We welcome tents, motorhomes and caravans which you can place on our large, sheltered pitches and have access to electric hookup (if booked in advance).

Experience the thrills and adventure that Diggerland Devon offers with our wide variety of rides and drives. We pride ourselves on having something fun for all ages – and with 20 different rides and drives with over 100 machines; there really is something for everyone in the family.

Campsite in Devon

Spin around fast in a Giant Digger bucket on the Spindizzy ride, operate a Giant JCB 806 Digger, race around in a Go-Kart, get lifted 50ft in the air by the Skyshuttle or whirl around on the Dig-a-round carousel and we can assure you that the kids will never forget their day at Diggerland.

Once the day is done at the Adventure Theme Park, how about taking an evening stroll into the beautiful and picturesque Devonshire countryside where you can find ample local restaurants and pubs to reminisce on the wonderful memories made.

For the carp fishing fanatics in the family, Diggerland’s campsite in Devon is also very close to the “Diggerlakes”, which is yet another great way to get family and friends together.


Our campsite in Devon is available this season until the 28th October 2018, so remember to book your pitches in advance and prepare for your family stay!

The Big Easter Quiz Comes To Diggerland

Family Days Out this Easter Weekend: 31st March – 1st April


As this cheerful season stumbles upon us, what better way to spend it than at Diggerland Theme Park? With such a wide range of activities for all, it really is the perfect attraction for family days out.

It’s time to get your brains ticking as each family will be given a series of Diggerland related questions, in a bid to receive an Easter prize.

For our dedicated digger fans, there may be some questions that you already know, but you may need to explore the park even more to figure out the rest.

Diggerland really is the perfect location for special and magical family days out, and with Easter just around the corner we have a lovely surprise for you all!


Please kindly be advised that Quiz Sheets are for children only.

Top Tips
  • Prebook tickets online and save up to 15% off pay on the day admission rates.
  • Upon arrival at Diggerland admissions, ask for your Easter Quiz Sheet.
  • Have a super awesome time answering all the questions within our Quiz Sheet.
  • Visit the Diggerland Goodie Store to hand in your completed Quiz Sheet and…
  • Claim your fabulous Easter prize!
Family Days Out - Dippy Ducks

Whilst you wait until Easter weekend, we’ve got some colouring in for you to keep the kids occupied.

Design and colour your own Easter eggs and bunnies any way you like. Click on the images below to enlarge and print off and get stuck in!

Diggerland is presented with a KM Partnership Award

When it comes to company Corporate Social Responsibility, children’s construction-based UK Theme Park, Diggerland take things very seriously.

From the sponsoring of blood bikes, to donating thousands of tickets per year to schools and charitable organisations, we love to give back to the community.

Diggerland UK Theme Park were presented with the KM Partnership Award at a glitzy event held at the Ashford International Hotel, on Wednesday 7th March 2018.

The awards ceremony is designed to thank organisations for their sheer dedication and support to making Kent a better place to live, be educated and work.

More than fifty organisations team together and are critical partners of the KM Charity Team in delivering charity fundraising, educational events and services right across the Kent county.

Diggerland UK Theme Park - Partnership Award

Diggerland UK Theme Park work with the KM Charity Team to sponsor the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards, a prestigious event to recognise the hard-work and commitment advocated by teachers across the county. In addition, Diggerland support the KM Treasure Chest by supplying raffle and auction prizes to the PTAs, charities and voluntary groups.

Being presented with the KM Partnership Award meant a lot to us, Marketing Manager, Sherene Garvin-Mack who commented “It’s such a wonderful achievement to have been presented with a KM Partnership Award. We love to give back at Diggerland and are constantly helping with fundraising and sponsorships, as it’s so important to benefit society as a whole. We weren’t expecting an award at all, but this means a lot to the team overall, who all work so hard to benefit the community.

If you work with a charitable organisation or a school that might need some help with a fundraising event, be sure to get in touch with Diggerland UK Theme Park.

Diggerland opens for another fantastic season!

Diggerland Theme Park are delighted to tell you that we will be re-opening on Saturday 10th February 2018 and we can’t WAIT to share another diggertastic season with you all!


As always, it is a pleasure to welcome you back to the only Theme Park where children and adults can ride, drive and operate real full-sized construction machinery. With parks located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, Diggerland is never too far away!


Why not put your driving skills up to the test on the dumper trucks? Or if you fancy an adrenaline rush then fasten your seatbelts for an epic ride on Spindizzy. Want some real JCB experience? Try your excavating skills on a 6 tonne digger or even drive an incredible JCB 3CX!


With over 100 Diggers & Dumpers, there really is something for everyone at Diggerland Theme Park.

Diggerland Birthday Party
5 Top Tips
  • We all know the weather in the UK can be a little unpredictable, so tip number 1 is to wrap up warm with some waterproofs and wellies! Diggerland have exactly what you need to stay dry whilst having an awesome time driving a Dumper Truck with our very own anoraks and wellies.


  • Remember the camera! It’s all well and good to say that you’ve visited Diggerland, but be sure to capture your special memories so that you can boast to all your friends and look back on the fun had at Diggerland Theme Park.
  • Say “Hi” to Duggy and Dotty! Make sure you make a stop to visit Duggy and Dotty who are often floating around the park. Take a picture, give them a High Five and a massive hug, it will make your little one’s day!
  • Bring a picnic! Diggerland proudly present The Dig Inn which serves a variety of hot and cold food, however for those who wish to bring their own lunch, there are also many outdoor picnic benches dotted around the park for when you need to take 5 from all of the fun and refuel for the rest of the day.
  • Save up your £1 coins! As well as the 20 rides and drives that Diggerland offer, we also have a selection of coin-operated machines for all the family to enjoy, including the dodgems! Not only that, at each location there is an incredible Goodie Store which sells clothing, JCB toys and stationery. What a great way for the children to spend their pocket money?
No Cornish Holiday is Complete Without a Trip to Diggerland

If you are heading South West with your little ones and looking for something special to do, why not stop off at Diggerland for fun and educational days out in Devon? With 250 parking spaces, 15 coach parking spaces, 10 disabled parking spaces and a helicopter landing pad, the park can accommodate everyone. It is also easy to get to. Even at rush hour, it can be reached from Cornwall in less than two hours.

You could even save time by stopping off at Diggerland on the way to your Cornish destination, to get the most out of all the great attractions. And if you need any more incentive, just think, a day out in the fresh air having fun with the family will be a huge boost to your well-being too.


There are rides for everyone at Diggerland. For under-fives, there are Little Tikes Wheelz play zones, where the little ones can play with their favourite digger toys in the sandpits. Older children can ride on the Skyshuttle or experience the thrill of the Dig-a-Round. The Groundshuttle will show your digger loving kids the true power of these machines, scooping them up into the air and taking them for a ride.

Spindizzy - Days Out in Devon


Unlike other theme parks, Diggerland has more than just passive rides. It is well-established that children learn through experience and exploration. While there is plenty to explore in the Cornish countryside, taking a diversion to Diggerland allows kids to get hands on experience of driving in a safe environment.

From JCBs and dumper trucks, to police SUVs, tractors and trains, there are all manner of vehicles for your little ones. Diggerland provides you with the opportunity to fully switch off on holiday while giving your kids the chance to let off steam by joyriding in the 4x4s. The dirt tracks offer adrenaline filled fun in a safe environment.

How to Get Here

The South West is home to one of the greatest road trips in the UK. From the gorgeous coastline to the Exmoor national park, you’re never short of wonderful sites and incredible days out in Devon. Getting to Diggerland, then, is not only easy, but enjoyable. From Bristol and Exeter, Diggerland is easily reachable via the M5, taking junction 27 or 28. Alternatively, get the train to Tiverton Parkway, where it is only a five mile taxi ride to the park.

Cornwall has many attractions, but the nearby Diggerland should not be missed. There are activities for everyone from tiny children to their grandparents. For thrill seeking older children, take the rare opportunity to drive a car or digger at speed. Diggerland is accessible and exciting for everybody.

As you would expect, the Devon park has all the same rides & drives as our other three UK parks, including: Spindizzy, Mini-Tractors, Groundshuttle and Dig-a-Round, as well as Go-Karts and Dodgems. We also run school trips in Devon if you are a school and looking for fantastic days out in Devon.

With thanks to our contributing writer, Jane Sandwood
Diggerland visit The Bluewater Giving Tree

Walking through the crowds of people at Bluewater, Diggerland mascot Duggy was on a mission. A mission to give disadvantaged children presents this Christmas and to give a chance for amazing family days out.

Outside the M&S store in Bluewater, Duggy visited the Heart Giving Tree and chose two tags to match children with fantastic items such as Diggerland toys, clothing, a backpack and funky stationary.

37 charities across Kent and Sussex are being supported this year with Action Point and Firmin acting as Santa to wrap and deliver the presents.

Diggerland representative, Sherene Garvin-Mack said, “It is so important for us to stop, think and give something back.

Giving Tree - Family Days Out

Whilst we go about our busy lives scurrying around for last minute presents this Christmas, we must remember that there are disadvantaged children, who won’t be receiving anything. It doesn’t take much money or time to visit the Heart Giving Tree and donate a gift.”

Diggerland staff have also donated gifts to the Heart Giving Tree and encourage others to do the same.

The Giving Tree is open until Friday 22nd December, so what better way to kick Christmas off than to offer disadvantaged children magical and spectacular family days out for them to enjoy!

Diggerland understand and appreciate all the hard work that organisations and charities provide in order to care for others. This is why we provide donations to local charities/schools for their fundraising raffles in order to raise as much money as possible to such worthy causes.

Diggerland School Trips in Kent

Diggerland School Trips in Kent are always a popular choice to local schools because we provide educational benefits as well as a unique experience at a Theme Park like no other!

Not only do pupils AND teachers have a fantastic time, but Diggerland Adventure Park can be just as educational as we allow students and club & group members to get practical experience of what it is like being 180 & 360 excavators operators and dumper and backhoe-loader drivers.

Additionally, they will also gain an idea of some of the dangers and hazards of working on a construction site with or near large heavy-plant, allowing teachers to explain the importance of knowing and following Health & Safety procedures in a workplace and other practices.

Diggerland school trips are available at all four UK parks located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire meaning that schools all over the UK can enjoy the thrills of Diggerland whilst learning important subjects too.

School Trips in Kent
Diggerland sponsor The Kent Teacher of the Year Awards!

Do you know a teaching member of staff that deserves all the recognition possible for their hard work and dedication? The Kent Teacher of the Year Awards understands the importance of praising our teachers of today and all that they do for the community, which is why Diggerland are so proud to be sponsors.


This year, fifty finalists attended the prestigious event and celebrated its 14th year with a delightful awards dinner run by the KM Charity Team, so we’re in no doubt that 2018’s event will be even bigger and better!


To name just a few, the categories include primary, secondary, newly qualified teacher, non teaching member of staff i.e. dinner ladies and caretakers as well as a volunteer award which is dedicated to members of the PTA and school governors.

UK Marketing Manager, Sherene Garvin-Mack said “All of us at Diggerland are absolutely thrilled to be sponsoring the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards. The staff within our Kent schools all work exceptionally hard to make the lives of young people better and we at Diggerland feel it is extremely important to recognise that hard work. Diggerland is a great way for schools to learn and have fun at the same time which is why we run School Trips in Kent”.


Entries for nominations open January 2018 and end on the 8th March 2018, so if you know someone extremely deserving of an award, please do put them forward for the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards!


Christmas Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of a lifetime for your friends and family and see what Diggerland has to offer!

Admission Christmas Gift Vouchers

Our Theme Park Christmas Gift Vouchers can be purchased for 2, 3 or 4 people to allow entry into the Diggerland adventure park with access to ALL rides & drives for the whole day!

With over 100 machines and 20 different rides and drives, there really is something for everyone at Diggerland, so go on…give your digger fanatics a day out they won’t forget with our admission gift vouchers.

Dumper Racing Experience - Christmas Gift VouchersDumper Racing

 If you think you have the speed and the skill to take on your friends and family then Dumper Racing is definitely for you.

With at least 2 heats, not only are you racing against one another, but also against the clock! Pick up one of the fastest times and race your way to the Grand Final where the winner will receive a certificate to commemorate their victory. Bragging is also allowed!

 Group JCB Experience

If perhaps you prefer something more hands-on, then the Group JCB Experience would do the trick.

Each participant will have their own JCB 3CX whereby they get the chance to use the front bucket, backhoe, drive the machine, dig holes and level the ground and most importantly, become a construction pro!

Not only that, with this experience also includes 2 spectators free of charge to watch the participant and enter the Diggerland Theme Park to enjoy all of the rides and drives.


Formula JCB Racing

 This experience is one for those who love an adrenaline rush. It’s a great opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX and race to beat the best time!

It really is an experience not to be missed, with a variety of action-packed, fast-paced challenges on our specially designed course as well as a day out in the Diggerland Theme Park.


Individual JCB Experience

 Now, if you really want to push the boat out and give what might possibly be the best gift for a digger fanatic there is, the Individual JCB Experience is perfect!

The participant will get to grips with a JCB 3CX for 90 minutes with an expert instructor. No races, no competitions, just you and the many spectacular features of the machine for you to enjoy.

Individual Experiences can be booked on a day of your choice, with the advantage of 2 additional people to enjoy the thrills of Diggerland on the day of your Experience.


Monster Digger Experience

 Available across all four of the Diggerland parks (Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire), the Monster Digger Experience is like no other. This is our biggest and most exhilarating experience yet and is bound to beat all the other presents in your loved one’s stocking!

For digger fans that have always dreamt of driving real-life construction machinery, this is truly an unforgettable gift and day out.

JCB Gift Ideas

So, let’s talk about other stocking filler ideas that your digger obsessed loved one would really appreciate; such as, the JCB Kids Pyjama’s which are perfect for the current wintery season, especially after a fun-packed busy day out at Diggerland.


Or perhaps when the day is done at Diggerland, and your little one would like something to remember the day by, the range of stationery available on our Diggerland Goodie Store would bring back happy memories for them to share when they return back to school!

Diggerland Pens - Christmas Gift Vouchers
Just because we have now closed for the winter season, doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop there. Diggerland Christmas Gift Vouchers are a great gift for friends and family and certainly something to look forward to in the New Year!

Bring Diggerland Home with These Fun Family Hobbies and Activities

From the go-karts to the rides and drives, Diggerland is a bucket of fun for the entire family. But what happens when the day is over and you return back to your homes? How do you take a piece of Diggerland with you and create fun family hobbies? Check out these activities that can keep the spirit of construction alive in your home.

Geocaching Is the New Treasure Hunt

If you’re looking to find new family hobbies to enjoy, look no further than geocaching. As a virtual treasure hunt, geocaching gets your children outside and playing in the dirt with an educational twist. You simply download the app on your phone and select a hidden cache that is close to your location. Then, you use GPS coordinates and clues to help you find a hidden treasure. You and your kids will love the thrill of finding these prizes through caves, waterfalls, and even your local grocery store. With geocaching, the entire world becomes your gameboard.

Days out at Diggerland - Fun Family Hobbies

Building Blocks

Your child probably plays with Lego, but how about you enhance their experience and make their building blocks even larger. You can buy giant, life-sized blocks online or make your own, and encourage children to build their own creations. Sit down and start to design a blueprint before heading straight into construction and see how close you can get to your original design. Then at the end, be sure to knock the blocks down. It’s definitely the most fun part of building and will also allow you to start the fun all over again.

Train Collecting

If your child loved the train section of Diggerland, why not encourage them to start their own model train collection. Take your kid to the store and help him or her pick out a train that speaks to them. Then, pick out tracks and other items such as mountains, trees, and stores that can bring your town to life. You and your family can spend hours building these sets and when you’re bored with it, simply add on to your town or start a new one.

Build a Go-Kart

One of the best bonding experiences between a parent and their child is to build a go-kart together. You can find a design plan online, or start from scratch and use your own imagination. Your child will learn about the mechanics of the vehicle and the two of you will enjoy valuable family time. Take the project day by day, and work on it a little every day after school. This will make the project more worthwhile. However, when it’s complete, invite everyone out to test your vehicle and watch your kid’s face light up.

Just because you left Diggerland doesn’t mean all the fun has to stop. It’s so easy to find new and fun family hobbies; you can create similar construction and outdoor activities to keep the family entertained between visits to the park.

With thanks to our guest blogger, Jane Sandwood