Get your Christmas Gift Vouchers early!
Mum & Son at Diggerland Theme Park
The winter season is slowly creeping up on us, and with that in mind, that also means that Christmas is just around the corner. There we go, we said it!

Whether you consider yourself to be Santa or the Grinch, there’s no denying that the big day is looming upon us, and we’re here to help you with a range of Gift Vouchers which include an array of unique experience days.

Diggerland are able to provide Admission & Experience Day vouchers all year round, which is perfect for both the early birds who start their shopping in August, as well as the last minute shoppers who are rocking the Christmas Eve shop!

So how much more do we spend at Christmas?

According to an article written on the Bank of England website, it is said that the typical household spends over £500 extra in December, on top of the UK average household spend of £2,000 per month.

It is said that we spend an extra 16% on food, 43% on clothing and a whopping 68% on computers and electronics. The way consumers buy items has drastically changed over time, to which the value of online shopping has nearly doubled in the past three years.

With new events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to consider, November is also a particularly pricey month too.

Why purchase a Gift Voucher from Diggerland?

We offer a wide range of Gift Vouchers throughout the entire year, offering spectacular days out and unique experience days such as the Monster Digger Experience and Dumper Racing Experience

Be ahead of the game this year and browse our selection of truly awesome and exhilarating Gift Vouchers, starting from just £42.95. They’re the perfect gift for families looking for a fun-fueled day out, but they are also an excellent present for the big kids too.

General Admission

Our Diggerland General Admission vouchers can be purchased for families of 2, 3 & 4. These Gift Vouchers will allow admission into any UK Diggerland park located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. But that’s not all! Along with admission into the park, the voucher will also allow you unlimited access to all 20 attractions within the theme park (height restrictions apply). The only activities that are not included within our Admission Gift Vouchers is the Dodgems and coin operated machines. 

  • General admission for a family of 2 – £42.95
  • General admission for a family of 3 – £63.95
  • General admission for a family of 4 – £81.95

Dumper Racing

Talking about providing excellent gifts for the big kids, the Dumper Racing is one of the most unique experience days you will ever endure. It’s one of our most loved experiences by our customers, and extremely popular for friends and family members.

Participants can find themselves racing both against the clock and other participants. Dumper Racing tends to last up to 2 hours, but this is dependent on the amount of individuals competing on that particular day.

You can expect to race in at least 2 heats and for the best drivers, the chance to race in the final to be the reigning champion!

Dumper Racing is available at Yorkshire, Devon and Kent.

Group JCB Experience

Treat your family to a group experience, driving around their very own JCB 3CX. 

Who honestly hasn’t dreamt of using the front bucket, digging and filling in holes in a huge digger?

Included in the gift voucher price, you will also receive admission for 2 members of the party to enjoy the thrills of the main Diggerland Adventure Park.

Formula JCB Racing

Formula JCB Racing is for the inner competitive and digger fanatics. This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX! Take this monster machine to its speed limit on our specially designed course.

The British designed and built, JCB 3CX Backhoe-Loader is famed the world over as being a stalwart of the construction and civil-engineering industries.

Formula JCB Racing

Individual JCB Experience

The Individual JCB Experience is exactly what it says on the tin! Have a more intense, and individual experience with your very own JCB 3CX. The participant will receive a safety briefing, and one-to-one training on operating the machine, then you will be left to your own devices, to maneuver, dig, and create huge dirt piles.

Monster Digger Experience

When it comes to unique experience days, the Monster Digger Experience is sure to be an absolute winner. It will most definitely be the talk of the house on Christmas day. Participants will jump inside a whopping 22 Ton Komatsu PC210 Monster Digger, which is bound to impress those who hear!

Booking one of our spectacular and unique experience days has never been easier. To purchase any of the above activities as a Gift Voucher, you can do so either via the Diggerland website, or on the phone, where one of our Bookings Team will happily post out your Gift Voucher in a Diggerland branded envelope.

Diggerland Theme Park is great for younger guests too!
Mum & Son at Diggerland Theme Park
Last year, the total number of visitors to England’s theme parks and similar attractions grew by 2% compared to 2017.

However, child admission declined by 1%, according to Visit England. One reason for this is that parents with multiple children worry that theme parks won’t have much to amuse their youngest children.

But there’s no need to be concerned about this at Diggerland Theme Park as there is plenty to do for guests of all ages.

Preparation is key!

For safety reasons, a number of rides at Diggerland have a minimum height restriction of 90 cm in place. This means that the average 2 and a half-year-old will be able to go on the majority of the park’s rides, based on On Average’s figures, but children under this age won’t. There’s no need to avoid taking a trip to Diggerland if you have a child under this height though as they can still enjoy the rides with the assistance of you and their older sibling.

When asked about how Diggerland caters for younger guests, Fatima of Blogs by FA stated that “keeping the fact that children under 0.9 m enter the park free of charge, it’s impressive that the management has still ensured to include some activities to keep the little ones busy and entertained too.” Diggerland lists all the height restrictions for their rides on their website, so it’s recommended that you review these before your trip. This will allow you to steer your smaller child’s attention to the height-suitable rides and attractions as soon as you enter the park and avoid an explosive toddler tantrum.

Diggerland Mini Landrovers

Mini Fun

Rides play a big part in the enjoyment you’ll experience at Diggerland. While some of the site’s youngest guests aren’t able to take a spin on Spindizzy or have a laugh bumping up and down on Groundshuttle with their older brother or sister, they can have their own fun on the coin-operated rides which are dotted around all of Diggerland’s parks. For just £1 a go, smaller children can hop on board miniature electric-powered diggers and cars, which is a great way to ensure they don’t miss out on the fun. 

You’ll also find indoor and outdoor play areas, including soft play which cater to young toddlers in need of burning off some energy. Alternatively, the Little Tikes’ section is the ideal hang out for toddlers wanting to get in a vehicle and drive themselves around. When asked about activities for toddlers at Diggerland, Fatima advised that “the most favourite activity for this age group, according to my observation was the indoor play area where they could jump, bounce and enjoy slides. Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zones also seemed popular where children under 5 can enjoy playing with Little Tikes toys such as dump trucks and diggers and even ride on Cozy Coupe.”

Full Tummies

After spending several hours having fun on the diggers, you and your children are sure to want to fill your tummies with good food. Many parents worry about eating out with their offspring as 22% of children are fussy eaters. But at Diggerland, all tastes are catered for as you can bring your own food on site or purchase food from the park’s food outlet. At Diggerland Kent and Diggerland Devon you have the option of warming up baby food and baby bottles using the park’s equipment. If you’re planning a trip to Diggerland Durham or Yorkshire you’ll need to take your own heating equipment to warm up your child’s milk; but this is easily achieved with a portable bottle warmer or plug-in car bottle warmer.

Dumper Trucks diggerland fun things to do in Yorkshire

Make your own fun!

One of the best things about Diggerland is that it offers a great opportunity to spend some family time together. Research from Highland Spring Group reveals that the average British family spends just 34 minutes together per day. Yet, 86% want to take part in activities that they can do together. Diggerland is all about spending time together as a family, which is why there are rides and activities suitable for all ages and abilities. However, families should also consider ways that they can make their day at Diggerland more enjoyable and memorable. Small children who aren’t able to go on the bigger rides with their siblings will enjoy having their own disposable camera to take photos of their favourite diggers in the park. This will then increase your family time as once you get the photos developed you can make a scrapbook together with them. Other joyful and simple games to play while you wait for older siblings to finish on the bigger rides include ‘who can spot the biggest digger?’ and ‘how many diggers can you see?’.

Family Time

When visiting a theme park with two or more children of different ages, it’s common for one parent to stay with the older ones while the other parent takes the younger sibling or siblings off to do age-appropriate activities. At Diggerland there are plenty of opportunities to come back together as a family as the Diggerland train invites family members of all ages to ride together. There’s the option for young guests to ride up front or they can sit in one of the back wagons and have fun steering and honking the horn. When asked about Diggerland as a family attraction, John Adams of award-winning blog said: “The beauty of Diggerland is that many of the rides are open to little people. My kids love the place and won’t turn down the chance to visit. It’s also surprisingly diverse with theme-park style rides as well as driving challenges. For those who aren’t tall enough, the safari ride is a great attraction because kids can sit in the back of the vehicle while someone else drives.” 

Diggerland Train at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggerland is designed so that children of all ages have a whale of a time. You can even enhance their experience by diverting young children to height-appropriate rides and activities by planning ahead. No matter what, one thing is for certain and that is that your children will want to come back and experience something new as they grow.

This article was wonderfully written by Amy Fletcher
Charity of the Week - CLIC Sargent

This week, we have decided to dedicate our ‘Charity of the Week’ slot to CLIC Sargent. A wonderful charity in the heart of Devon and Cornwall, who aim to bring awareness to the unheard struggles that face children with cancer.

So keep reading, and find out how you can help with CLIC Sargent’s Challenge 60!

What do they do?

When cancer strikes young lives, CLIC Sargent helps limit the damage cancer causes beyond their health. Cancer affects every part of life, for the young person and their families – relationships, confidence, money, education, and work.

CLIC Sargent provides specialist support, tailored to help and guide each young cancer patient and their family, the way they need it. CLIC Sargent is on hand to help families with free accommodation, getting benefits, and help with treatment closer to home.

On top of this, CLIC Sargent helps in the day to day, aiding with educational, financial and mental health support.

CLIC Sargent support anyone under the age of 25 who is diagnosed with cancer. Your support will help CLIC Sargent continue to fight for young lives against cancer so they can thrive, and not just survive.

And why do they give their time so selflessly to do it?

Cancer is shocking, overwhelming, isolating and completely unfair – especially when you’re young. It takes over your life. That is why everyone 25 and under with cancer, and their families, are entitled to CLIC Sargent support.

Childhood cancer doesn’t discriminate. Today, 12 more children and young people will hear the devastating news that they have cancer. Families facing childhood cancer are immediately thrown into a terrifying world of surgeries, chemotherapy, needles and appointments.

CLIC Sargent fights tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can’t. CLIC Sargent do this individually, locally and nationally, so that they can focus on the important things, like getting well.

CLIC Sargent charity of the week at Diggerland
diggerland charity of the week


Looking for your next challenge? Look no further, CLIC Sargent has the answer. It’s a 60 mile round trip on average for families travelling for cancer treatment when their child has been diagnosed with cancer. This isn’t by choice.

Take on the 60 mile challenge, your way this September and show your support for young lives against cancer.

CLIC Sargent are asking you to take on Challenge60 this September. It’s a 60 mile round trip on average for families travelling for cancer treatment when their child has been diagnosed with cancer. This isn’t by choice.

They are asking you to take on a challenge based around 60 with a suggested fundraising target of £180 (the average monthly cost of getting to and from hospital for our families when treatment is at its most intense).

Your Challenge, your way. Please visit the CLIC Sargent website to find out more about how you can support young cancer patients.

If you would like to be considered for Diggerland’s Charity of the Week, please send over some information to

Tell us a bit about your Charity and why you fund-raise and a member of the team will get back to you.


Unique Stag Do Ideas

You’ve been given the major task of being ‘Best Man’! Your groom and fellow comrades want you to find unique stag do ideas for the stag party of the century! 

Do not fret my friend, as we at Diggerland have got you covered! 

We know that men love getting dirty, love having ample fun and love diggers! So a day at Diggerland should be right up your stag party’s street. 

We have ample unique stag do ideas at the ready, from exclusive adult parties, to various racing events and experiences. Your party will be challenged and exhilarated! 


Adult Parties 

A day time party for Grown Ups provides: 

  • Unlimited goes on the Diggerland rides and drives
  • 3 free rides each on the dodgems
  • Ample excitement – trust us! 

You’ll have your very own host or hostess to look after the whole stag party! We’ll ensure everything runs smoothly and that each and every member of the stag party has a great experience. 

You can have your stag do experience at Diggerland, either:

  • During the day when Diggerland is open to the general public
  • On a day when Diggerland is closed to the general public

So if you wish, you can have complete exclusive use of the park in the evening… ‘Diggers in the Dark’ has a nice ring to it! 

Food and beverages aren’t included within the experience. You can however upon booking ask for the Dig Inn cafe to provide meals for your party. If you’re attending the Diggerland park in Kent, you’ll all be able to enjoy plenty of beer. Although note you’ll have to drink alcohol after operating the heavy construction machinery – sorry guys!

If you do well at all your challenges, at the end of your session you’ll each receive a commemorative certificate to remember your day at Diggerland. 

You’ll need a minimum of 10 people in your party to enjoy the basic package and prices start from just £21.95 per person. 

For more information about adult parties at Diggerland, click here


Exclusive Dumper Racing Events 

Exclusive Dumper Racing Events at Diggerland will definitely get your stag party’s pulses going. As this truly is a unique experience that will surely not disappoint… well not for the winner anyway!

The stag and his friends, family and colleagues will get super competitive as they race against not only each other but also the clock in order to become the champion! 

This experience lasts for either 2 hours or 2.5 hours depending on whether you choose the Silver package or the Gold package. 

Want to see what all the fun is about? Check out this cool video!

  • You’ll need a minimum of 12 people to book this event.
  • Available at three out of four of our Diggerland parks, these being Kent, Yorkshire and Devon.
  • All participants need to be aged 17 or over to partake. 


Exclusive Formula JCB Racing Events

If you’re looking for more hard core stag do ideas, then JCB Racing should be right up your street. 


Feel like Formula 1 stars, as you race and complete various wacky challenges all from the comfort of a monster JCB 3CX cab! The whole stag group will laugh their socks off, as they as they experience sheer thrill and excitement in an 8.5 tonne machine. Much skill is required here as participants must pick up traffic cones or tyres using their front bucket and race them to the finish line, all whilst trying to beat other racers and not dropping anything!  


  • This experience can be booked for either of the Diggerland Kent, Devon or Yorkshire parks.
  • A minimum of 15 racers is required for this activity and prices start from £129.95 per person.
  • Participants must be aged 17 or over to take part. 


See what fun is in store by checking out this video. 


Looking for camping in Devon?

Camping in Devon can be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. Toasting marshmallows by the fire, enjoying long walks in the wondrous Devonshire woodlands, breathing in the fresh countryside air. Can you really think of anything better than being at one with nature? 


Camping in Cullompton

Cullompton is a charming little town in Devon. Home to the Romans and Saxons, the little town of Cullompton has plenty of history to keep the whole family engaged. During civil wars, Cullompton was visited several times by troops passing through. And latterly, Cullompton was a town well-known for its cloth and wool manufacturing. You can still this day, visit the Cold Harbour Mill, now a museum, where the past really is brought to life as visitors can see craftsmen and women making traditional textiles, as well as knit beautiful yarn and hand woven rugs. 

Just off the M5 at junction 31 or 32, Cullompton is perfectly located for those travelling down the country towards Plymouth, or up the country towards Bristol. It therefore makes perfect sense to enjoy a pit stop along the way of a long journey, or indeed just simply enjoy a holiday taking in the stunning surrounds that Cullompton has to offer. 

The campsite adjacent to the Diggerland Devon Theme Park, is perfectly situated upon acres of fields and woodlands. The River Culm flows nearby and within walking distance you will shortly arrive at the river and be able to revel in its natural beauty. 

When looking for locations that offer camping in Devon, Cullompton should really be top of your list. 

Diggerland Devon Campsite

Camping in Devon does not have to be expensive, simply pack your tent in your car or get everything sorted in your caravan or motorhome, and be on your way. 

You can simply turn up at any time when camping at the Diggerland Devon campsite, without pre-booking. However, we do recommend booking in advance as you will receive a very attractive 50% discount. 

Pay on the day prices start from £14.00 per night for a one to two man tent. However, this is reduced to just £7.00 per night, if you book in advance via the Diggerland website. 

Guests can pitch their tent or park their caravan or motorhome, with the option of having electric hook up if they so wish. There are shower and toilet facilities all provided on site. 

If sitting around the fire, cooking dinner together or enjoying chatting and telling stories is your thing, you are more than welcome to do this on the Diggerland Devon campsite.  

Just a short five minute walk away, there is a nearby filling station. On the same site as the filling station is also the Bluebell Restaurant, which has a four star TripAdvisor rating, and serves vegetarian and vegan friendly options. 

Diggerland - Diggerland Campsite in Devon

Diggerland Devon Adventure Theme Park

The Diggerland Adventure Theme Park is a stone’s throw from the Diggerland campsite in Devon. Kids and even bigger kids (the grown ups), can enjoy operating real diggers and dumpers, as well as experiencing the thrills of the world famous Spindizzy ride, Skyshuttle or Dig-a-Round carousel. 

Let the kids loose in a playground full of pure bliss, as they turn into construction workers for the day, digging up dirt, filling in holes and driving JCBs! 

Admission into Diggerland is just £19.95 per person if booked in advance online via the Diggerland website. Alternatively, pay on the day prices are charged at £23.95 per person. 

Anyone under 90cm in height is admitted into Diggerland free of charge and there are also concessions for OAPs. 

Fishing in Devon 

If you love fishing, then Digger Lakes is just a short walk from the campsite in Devon, located next door to Diggerland. Quality carp fishing, angling and pleasure fishing can be enjoyed at the Digger Lakes, whereby the owner Ben and his team will take very good care of you. 

Trust us, within a few hours you will be totally ‘hooked’ – get it? 

EVision Electric Car Hire

Car Hire in Devon 

You’ve travelled down to Devon for a relaxing family getaway in your caravan or camper van, but you don’t quite fancy leaving your pitch and taking such a mighty vehicle off to explore the local area and beyond?

Not to worry, as EVision Electric Car Hire have a collection and drop off point based at the Diggerland Devon Theme Park. Simply call EVision to book your hire and the friendly team will ensure you have either a BMW i3 or a Tesla fully cleaned and fully charged, ready for the whole family to venture off. 


Ready to make a booking?

To book the Diggerland campsite in Devon, click here 

If you want to book the Diggerland Adventure Theme Park for a day out, click here

Book fishing at Digger Lakes, click here 

To book an electric vehicle rental, click here

Healthy Snacks for Summer Days Out
picnic at diggerland
Packing to go for a family day out this summer needn’t be stressful especially when it comes to snacks, picnics and packed lunches.

The Great British Summer is upon us and that means long family days out exploring and enjoying the great outdoors! Family days out mean one thing – picnics! But what do you pack to make it exciting for the kids whilst staying healthy? We’ve got you covered! 

Days out at Diggerland are packed full of fun for the little ones (and adults!) so keeping the food exciting is important too!

Packing snacks for a family day out needn’t be a chore. It’s time to think past shop-bought sausage rolls and cakes and try making them yourself at home. These healthy ideas don’t take long and are a much healthier snack or light lunch for long days out – and cheaper too!

Make it a fun occasion and get the kids involved in the food prep ahead of time, that way they will be more excited when it comes to eating it.

We’re all guilty of buying crisps and chocolate when we are out as soon as hunger strikes. However, these quick creations and forward planning will not only be healthier but will prevent temptation and save you money too!

Lunchtime creations for the whole Family!

Think light lunches that can be easily carried around with you or stored in the car in a cool box. These delicious quick creations are easy to make and will be enjoyed by even the fussiest of eaters.

Stuffed mini pitta breads

Make some delicious falafels at home using chickpeas, coriander and morrocan spices – they are quick are easy to make and are super healthy too. (If you want to save time you can buy ready-made falafels from most places.)

To create simply stuff falafels in wholemeal pittas along with spinach, hummus and cucumber for a super tasty lunch that can be enjoyed on the go.

child having a picnic

Rice salad

Cook up some wholesome brown rice and leave to cool. Dice up some peppers, salad leaves, spring onion, cucumber and radish and mix into the rice. Squeeze lemon juice over the rice salad and mix together – easy and healthy!

Penne vegetable pasta salad

Pasta takes hardly any time at all to cook and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Whilst a pan of pasta is cooking, saute courgettes, onions, mushrooms and red pepper. Once cooked add a can of chopped tomatoes and tomato puree to create a thick tomato sauce. Once the pasta is cooked, drain, add to the sauce and stir well to combine.

Spanish tortilla

Tortilla contains an abundance of healthy ingredients – eggs, vegetables and potatoes. Make ahead of time and enjoy sliced and cold – great finger food and the kids will love it!

healthy packed lunch for diggerland theme park

Healthy snacks on Family Adventures

Snacks are made to be carried around with you to prevent the need for buying food on the go. These light and yummy snack ideas will keep it exciting and healthy.

Hummus and crudites

If your little ones struggle to eat vegetables, try packing them little individual pots of raw vegetables such as carrots, cucumber and pepper along with some tasty hummus and say that they can’t have anything sweet until the pots are empty – works every time! Hummus is easy to make and can be adapted to create flavours that the family will love. All you need is chickpeas, tahini, lemon, garlic, a touch of olive oil and a pinch of salt – add all of the ingredients to a blender and whizz up until thick and smooth.

Courgette muffins

Muffins are super easy to make and is an easy way of disguising vegetables (or fruits). Make these ahead of time for a delicious and satisfying snack on the go.

Cheese and apple skewers

Super easy to do – simply cut cheese and apples into cubes and thread them onto cocktail sticks alternating as you do. 

For that sweet tooth…

We all get a sweet tooth in the afternoon so it is a great idea to have an abundance of sweet treats at hand for the family. Think fresh fruits, dried fruits and snack bars to satisfy those cravings.

Fruit kebabs

Skewer chopped strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and mango (or any of your favourite fruits) and lightly drizzle with melted dark chocolate.

Healthy picnic

Apple with almond butter dip

Prepare individual pots of sliced apples and almond butter for a healthy snack that is high in protein. Tip: squeeze lemon juice over the apple to prevent it from browning.

Dried fruits, nuts and seeds

Create your own trail mix with a selection of your favourite dried fruits, seeds, nuts and a few dark chocolate drops. A combination that works well is dried cranberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

Homemade granola bars

An easy way to combine a bunch of healthy ingredients – oats, honey, dried fruits, seeds and nuts. You can find an abundance of recipes online from no-bake creations to crunchy oven-bake versions!

child with healthy watermelon

Drinks – Easy refreshers for Family Days Out!

Don’t forget to pack plenty of water in reusable bottles for long days out. If your little ones struggle to drink water why not try these alternatives:

  • Infuse water with slices of lemon for a natural flavour.
  • Make your own sugar-free cordial with added ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and prepare some premixed bottles of water. 
  • Whizz up some homemade smoothies that taste like milkshake! Pop strawberries, yoghurt and milk into a blender and mix until a thick consistency is formed. Pour into bottles for an on the go healthy breakfast to kick start the day.

There are so many ways you can make your family summer days out healthier – you just need a little time and forward planning. Kids love to get involved in the making of delicious food so why not make a day of it before your fun day out?

The ideas above are not only healthy but are super colourful making them exciting and nutritious to eat. Be sure to make family time enjoyable this summer and bask in long days outside with loved ones.

Be prepared with tasty, colourful food, fun activities and exciting adventures to keep the little ones entertained and make this summer one to remember!

Whole Foods Summer Sales 20 off code SUN19
Summer Offer
Stock up this summer with some fantastic offers on delicious wholefoods including our most popular and organic varieties. Shop this week for your family picnics and summer days out and receive 10% off everything at Buy Whole Foods Online and up to 20% off selected products when you enter the code SUN19.

This article was written by Donna Essex from Buy Whole Foods Online – your one stop shop for all things healthy. From dried fruit, nuts and seeds, to pasta, rice, herbs & spices. A family-run company in the heart of Kent with a passion for providing healthy, organic and wholesome foods at affordable prices.

Diggerland UK Theme Park visit the Big Cat Sanctuary!

Diggerland UK Theme Park Outside Events

Last Thursday, Diggerland UK Theme Park attended the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, and the weather was beautiful and sunny, reaching up to record high temperatures of 36 degrees. It was a very busy day, and the kids and adults loved it! 

At the event, we had Dippy Ducks and the Skittles attractions set up. We gave the public the chance to hook their ducks and knock down the skittles using the digger attachments. Both rides requires you to have concentration and great hand-eye coordination, but most importantly patience. The Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent look after 16 different breeds of wild cats providing a sanctuary that is peaceful and calm for the breeding of endangered cats both large and small – such as Jaguars, Lions, Cheetahs, and many more.

The sanctuary also provide great experiences for people to come up close and meet the big cats, as well as other fun and exclusive events for its members to attend too. Finally, we would like to give a special thanks and hats off to our lovely marshals from Diggerland Kent, for running the machinery. We would also like to give special thanks to all the volunteers at the Big Cat Sanctuary for working with us to make the day successful, and wonderful for the visitors.

If you want us to exhibit our machines at an event you are planning next year or even the remainder of this year contact us today to discuss further!

Brands Hatch

Throughout the remaining months this year, Diggerland will be attending various outside events for the public to enjoy using our construction machinery. We have various events planned at Brands Hatch in Fawkham. We will be attending the British GT Championship on 4th August, as well as the Festival Italia 2019 on 18th August.

Brands Hatch, is a Grand Prix motor racing circuit, and also a popular event location for all things cars and other vehicles. Brands Hatch provide behind the wheel driving experiences to individuals young as 11, to ride around their tracks and loops. We have recently attended and displayed our machinery at the Mini Festival 2019, on 21st July 2019. We saw Mini fanatics gather from locations near and far to celebrate the 60th year anniversary of Minis. With some exciting races and vintage Minis for sale, it was a brilliant day out!

Diggerland will also be attending The Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair, York Racecourse Family Day and many more events. To keep updated with our future outside events and dates make sure you visit the website. They will be great family days out for everyone!

Dippy Ducks in Big Cat Sanctuary
Dippy Ducks in Big Cat Sanctuary
JCB Racing Durham

Diggerland Corporate Events

If going to an event isn’t for you, we can also offer exclusive visits for companies to host their corporate events at. We can provide various different fun rides and events for your staff and customers to partake in, such as Formula JCB Racing and Dumper Racing, as well as having full access to the Diggerland park and the 20 different arrives and drives. We also provide team building challenges, which encourage teamwork to complete the task in hand, which is great fun for everyone. Regardless of whether you are partaking in team building challenges or hiring Diggerland for exclusive use, your staff and customers are sure to have a great time when they visit us. Diggerland is definitely not just for kids! If you are looking to book your corporate event with us then ring our head office on: 01634 711711

Fun Things to do in Devon

Things to do in Devon

It’s home to Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, Michael Morpurgo’s War Horse and Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles. It’s home to the Legio II Augusta, Shakespeare’s Second Folio and JK Rowling’s English Degree.
Overflowing in history, culture and literature, we’ve complied a list of the best things to do in Devon.
We’ve got your weekend planned out, whether you’re a fan of city livin’ or strive to be at one with nature. From famous film sets to historical phenomena like the Exon Domesday, Devon has a little something for everyone to do.
dartmoor national park things to do in devon


The Devon countryside was at the heart of Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse, and he claimed he’s never seen such natural beauty.

Dartmoor has always drawn a huge attraction from far and wide, it’s atmospheric beauty has stunned us for generations. It’s said to have inspired J. R. R. Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings, but more importantly, it’s the set of Hound of the Baskervilles

If you’re a Sherlock fan, this one’s for you! Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock had an entire episode set in the backdrop of Dartmoor…surrounded by genetically engineered wolves. Arthur Conan Doyle based his story on an old Devon legend, and 117 years later it’s still in pop culture today.


We’re right in the heart of rural Cullompton, next to Diggerlakes and our own Diggerland campsite. The ultimate Digger Theme Park in Devon is so easy to get to, and we’ve made it even easier by giving you the opportunity to camp right next to us! 

The only place where adults and children can ride and operate real diggers, and get a small glimpse into the world of construction. Operate a JCB 8065 and see if you can get to grips with it like a professional! Let the little one’s steer the wheel and beep the horn in their own little cart, on the Diggerland Train. The JCB Robots are an absolute blast to race around the course – throw in some healthy competition and you’ve got yourself hours of fun!

For more things to do in Devon, keep reading and see what’s going on at our campsite!

diggerland things to do in kent
exeter cathedral historical things to do in devon

Historical sights to see in Devon

Exeter Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral has seen over 900 years of history! It’s original Saxon build was replaced by Norman architecture in 1107, and it took its final Gothic form in 1258. The West Screen is still as iconic today as it was in Medieval England. The screen is filled with stone carvings of Apostles, Kings, Prophets and a very out of place King Richard II!

Inside the Cathedral Library is a pretty impressive collection of Medieval, Anglo-Saxon and Renaissance literature. It’s a treasure trove for all history buffs.

Exon Domesday

20 years after William the Conqueror invaded Britain, he commissioned the beginning of the Domesday Book. An extensive record of everything he now owned in Britain after the invasion, including land, tax, livestock and materials. 

Exon Domesday is the South-West’s own version from 1086. Somehow, this precious piece of history has been preserved and survived for over 900 years. It’s there for you to see in the heart of it’s homeland, to experience a slice of William the Conqueror’s terrifying Norman Reign!

Shakespeare’s Second Folio

Almost everyone has read one of Billy Shakespeare’s plays – but did you know you could buy the whole collection in 1632? The rights to Shakespeare’s plays belonged to different publishers all throughout London, but they decided to collaborate. Twice – for the first edition in 1623, and the Second in 1632. 

The famous Second Folio in Exeter Cathedral is an original published by Robert Allot – he owned sixteen of the rights! From The Battle of Actium in Antony and Cleopatra to the Scottish Kings of Macbeth, the Folio has everything.

With 36 plays in total, the manuscript is a landmark for Renaissance Literature – it’s an absolute must see!

The Exeter Book

Another literary rarity is held at the Cathedral too – The Exeter Book. Written in 970, most probably by a Monk, it’s amazingly scripted entirely in Anglo-Saxon. It’s a rare Old English creative work, full of poems such as the famous Wulf and Eadwacer, prose and riddles. 

This makes it one of only four of its kind in the world, and the oldest surviving work of Old English verse in the world! A rare piece of Medieval literature that you cannot pass up on!

Places to stay when you’re not ready to leave Devon

Devon has something for everyone to do. Something for those who can’t stand mud and dirt and those who want to pitch a tent on the stuff. 

Diggerland Campsite

At Diggerland Devon we have our very own campsite, and it’s only a 2 minute walk away. 

Take your tent, motorhome or campervan and stay in the stunning grounds of Verbeer Manor, and surround yourself with the picturesque Devon countryside.

Time away from technology is scarce nowadays, so get out there and find your rural side! Build a fire with the kids, roast some sausages and get the marshmallows toasting.

diggerland devon campsite

There’s even a special treat for avid anglers – Diggerlakes! If Carp fishing is your thing, come and see what’s swimming down in the Culm Valley. Catch a big one and you may even end up on Ben’s Catch of the Day Facebook page! 

If you’ve decided to camp at Diggerland, there’s so many old cosy pubs nearby, with real ales and ciders. Visit The Pony and Trap or The Weary Traveller for a real pub lunch and a pint!

Mercure Exeter Southgate Hotel

If you can’t think of anything worse than sleeping among the bugs and beetles – don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

The Mercure Southgate Hotel is perfect for those who love to be in the middle of all the excitement. Right in the heart of Exeter and just a half hour drive to Diggerland Devon, everything is on your doorstep. 

The perfect chance to tick some things off of our Historical To-Do List!

Being in the City centre, your classic Nandos and Wagamama are easy to find, but we’re all about supporting your local community! Try Circa 1924, an independant speakeasy style restaurant, only serving locally sourced ingredients. 

Bovey Castle hotel Devon

Bovey Castle

Now this is luxury! Bovey Castle is a beautiful Grade II Listed building in the valleys of Dartmoor National Park – and it’s all yours to stay in. 

With a Spa, 18-Hole golf course and a Boutique Shopping experience, it’s perfect for some down time away from the kids. As much we know you want to – please don’t leave them unsupervised, we’re not sure the staff would appreciate it.

If your Diggerland Devon visit is over and you still have one more sleep, Bovey Castle offers loads of family activities. Feed the deer of Dartmoor, collects chicken eggs or watch the Falcon display!

So there you have it! The perfect guide to Devon, we do hope you visit soon! 

Fun Things to do in Yorkshire

If you’ve been searching for a checklist of exciting things to do in Yorkshire, or simply ideas on how to fill up a weekend in your hometown of Castleford – we’ve done the job for you. 

For parents’ peace of mind, we’ve gathered up the best places to stay, the best historical journeys and the best attractions to visit, perfect for all the family!

Family on the Dodgems fun things to do in Yorkshire

Historical Attractions to see in Yorkshire, Castleford

York is one of the few cities in the world to have witnessed such a rich timeline of British history first hand, throughout almost 2,000 years!

It’s fame began as the Roman Town of Eboracum, later the Viking Capital of Jórvík and finally being at the forefront of the famous War of the Roses.

York is even rumoured to have inspired Charles Dickens’ novel, Nicholas Nickleby, based on the terrible conditions of Victorian boy’s boarding schools.

There’s plenty to see in Historical York! 

historical things to do in Yorkshire

Castleford Museum

The Roman Town of Eboracum was founded in AD 71 by the Ninth Legion. It was the perfect position to keep watch over the famous Iron Age Brigantes tribe and start their real invasion of The North!

The Ninth Legion built Ermine Street, the road from London to Lincoln to York, and in AD 197 Septimius Severus turned York into the capital of The North. 

The Castleford Museum is 8 minutes from Diggerland and the perfect opportunity to learn about the rich classical history York has to offer! They even have a real Iron Age Chariot on display to see for yourself! 

Jórvík Viking Centre

If you’re obsessed with the History Channel series Vikings and keeping track of Alex Høgh Andersen’s ever changing hairstyle through the series, you’ll love this next one!

After the decline of the Roman Empire in AD 400, the Anglo-Saxon kingship was thriving until the Vikings invaded. When Ivar the Boneless arrived in Britain with his Great Heathen Army in AD 865, he took York on Saints Day. 

Only 40 minutes from Diggerland, at the Jórvík centre you can experience the Viking era firsthand! See the artefacts and relics, take a ride through the Viking Village and immerse yourself into the world of Ragnar and Ivar the Boneless!

Alex Hogh Andersen historical things to do in Yorkshire
Pontefract Castle things to do in Yorkshire

Pontefract Castle

If classical history isn’t your thing, Pontefract castle is rich in over 500 years of true medieval past. The castle has seen power struggles from William the Conqueror, Richard I and the Plantagenets and Oliver Cromell.

Pontefract’s walls have housed many famous faces, including Catherine Howard and Mary, Queen of Scots!

Only a 13 minute drive from Diggerland, the castle is a brilliant place to get to grips with York’s medieval past.

The Best Things to do in Yorkshire


It’s no Diggerland Blog without talking about a Digger or two! What’s a family day out without some healthy competition between Mum, Dad and the kids at Diggerland Yorkshire? Our UK Theme Park is the perfect day out for the whole family. The only place where kids through to adults can get inside and operate real JCB and Komatsu diggers.

Think you know how your family works under pressure? Think again! Test them on Stack Attack, where you’ll race against the clock trying to stack tyres with a digger arm. If that sounds too challenging, try the Dirt Diggers and see if you could make it as a construction worker. Or perhaps take a ride on the Dumper Trucks, and find out if dad really is better at driving than mum?

Dumper Trucks diggerland fun things to do in Yorkshire
Castleford Tigers player sport things to do in Yorkshire

The Castleford Tigers

If history isn’t your jam, The Castleford Tigers just might be! The North is famous for it’s fantastic Rugby talent, from Yorkshire to Lancashire to..well..Rugby. With 13 matches left in the 2019 Season, why not catch a match after your Diggerland Yorkshire visit?

If your family day out at Diggerland has tired you out, not to worry, catch The Tigers on Sky Sports instead.

For updates on the Castleford Tigers, interviews with the players and more, sign up here to their monthly magazine ‘ROAR’.

The Best Places to Stay for A Long Weekend in Castleford

Hotel Castleford by Accor

A 15 minute walk from Diggerland Yorkshire, we’ve teamed up with Hotel Castleford by Accor, the perfect choice for short family stays. A five minute walk away is an array of cosy independent restaurants, from Italian to Indian and simple pubs. We assure you – they’ll please even the fussiest of eaters! 

By the power invested in both ourselves and Accor Castleford, we’re offering you these amazing package deals!

  • One Night Family Package for two adults & up to two children under 12 @ £69.00 (Bed & Continental Breakfast) and £99.00 (Dinner, Bed & Continental Breakfast).   
  • Two Nights Family Package for two adults & up to two children under 12 @ £115.00 (Bed & Continental Breakfast) and £169.00 (Dinner, Bed & Continental Breakfast).   
  • To be able to get these special rates, Diggerland visitors can call the hotel directly @ 01977-558574.’

Oulton Hall

If you’re seeking a little more luxury or want to make a long weekend of it, Oulton Hall is just a 12 minute drive from Diggerland Yorkshire. Vamp up your stay by booking a King or Castle suite, playing the 27-hole golf course or relaxing at the spa. With four in-house restaurants and an indoor pool, the phrase ‘mum, I’m bored’ will be long gone! 

Oulton Hall Leeds

For family days out in Yorkshire and things to do in Yorkshire, we’ve got you covered. Couple up your visit with a local stay, there’s more than enough to entertain the whole family!

Things to do in Kent

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Kent or exciting family days out in Kent, then you’ve come to the right place!

Families always struggle with planning the perfect getaway or day out, however, this time it’s our turn to plan it for you. From the best accommodation, the best places to eat and of course the greatest attractions to visit; we’ve got you covered.

Family having fun at Diggerland Kent with staff member
Rochester Castle view beside the river - historical activity Kent

Historical Things to Do in Kent

If you want historical things to do in Kent, then we recommend visiting Medway. The towns of Rochester, Gillingham and Chatham are rich in history and culture.

Let’s rewind to the 12th century, when Rochester Castle was built around the time of 1127 by William of Corbeil, the Archbishop of Canterbury, with the help of Henry I. This historical masterpiece has undergone siege after siege over the last few centuries, even enduring an onslaught from King John in the 1200s, then falling into ruin in the 17th century.

Now undergoing a restoration project, the castle is open to visitors and once you’ve climbed the stairs of the tallest keep in Europe, you’ll experience stunning views of the landscape across the River Medway. What’s more is that you’ll even be able to see the diggers at Diggerland!

Just across the stone cobbled pathway from Rochester Castle, you’ll find Rochester Cathedral, a building full of beautiful architecture. The Cathedral has been a place of Christian worship since AD604 and is the second oldest district under a Bishop’s control in England. The newly renovated crypt is home to the Textus Roffensis, the only record in the world of King Æthelberht’s laws from 600 AD!

The Medway towns for many years served a great purpose for protecting the country against enemy lines, with the Chatham Naval Dockyard and the military presence and barracks located in Gillingham. Keep reading to find out more!

Interior of Rochester Cathedral - Fun historical thing to do inKent
Diggerland Spindizzy - fun things to do in Kent

The Greatest Attractions to Visit in Kent

Diggerland Kent Construction Theme Park

We couldn’t write a blog post without including Diggerland, could we! Family days out in Kent just wouldn’t be complete without visiting the only UK Theme Park for kids and adults alike to ride, drive and operate real JCB and Komatsu diggers.

There are thrills, spills and so much more fun to be had at Diggerland in Kent. Test your coordination and concentration skills whilst using a mini wrecking ball on the end of a digger arm to knock down Skittles. If that sounds too easy, then have a go at operating a digger to hook a duck, or perhaps see what you can find with the Buried Treasure attraction.

Be sure to sign up to the Diggerland newsletter for the latest news, special offers, competitions and much more by clicking here.

Historic Dockyard Chatham

Just a 20 minute drive or so from the Diggerland Kent Theme Park, you will find the Historic Dockyard Chatham. If you’ve experienced all of the diggers that you possibly can with a day at Diggerland, then turn your attention to ships and submarines, and see what’s on offer when you climb aboard!

HMS Ganet - Things to do in Kent History
Royal Engineers Museum - historical things in Kent

Royal Engineers Museum

Once you’ve experienced diggers and ships, it’s time to move on to tanks! There are plenty of them to see at the Royal Engineers Museum, based in Gillingham.

The museum tells a wonderful story, focusing on the Royal Engineers and how they’ve helped the British Army survive for over 300 years.

The Best Places to Eat after your Diggerland Day Out in Kent

When visiting Diggerland, there’s the Dig Inn cafe with a vast selection of meals and snacks from which to choose. A 5* food hygiene rating and reasonably priced food and drink, the franchised café at Diggerland Kent Theme Park is loved by all who visit.

Rochester high street has a fantastic array of independent coffee shops, tea rooms and restaurants, including Tiny Tim’s, Crepe & Co., Cathedral Pie House (traditional pie & mash, anyone?), The Cheeseroom and Brettington’s Lobster & Steakhouse.

The Best Places to Stay when You’re Not Quite Ready to Leave

Just a 5 minute walk from the Diggerland Kent Theme Park, located within the Medway Valley Leisure Park, you have a Premier Inn, which is perfect for family stays. Better yet, the Leisure Park boasts some great chain restaurants including Frankie & Benny’s, as well as a cinema and even a bowling alley!

If you’re wanting more luxury, focus your attention to the Bridgewood Manor. On the outskirts of Chatham, just a stone’s throw from the beautiful BlueBell Hill Village (surrounded by nature trails and a breathtaking viewpoint), this hotel meets all of the families needs. A luxury spa, a gym and a bar will keep Mum and Dad happy, while the indoor pool awaits the kids who haven’t quite burned all that energy off at Diggerland.

For family days out in Kent and things to do in Kent, we’ve got you covered. A day at Diggerland can be coupled with a local stay, that has more than plenty to keep the whole family entertained!