Are you planning a trip to one of our famous Diggerland theme parks? If the answer is yes then be sure to be on the lookout for our new high-quality bin stickers! If it’s a no why not check out what Diggerland has to offer,

We’ve worked with an amazing company called Fast Labels to promote recycling to Diggerland visitors. You will find our new printed stickers and labels dotted around Diggerland parks reminding visitors to recycle their waste. This is important because looking after our planet is a number one priority and now the proof is in the sticker. We know that investing in these vinyl stickers will help raise awareness to kids of all ages and remind them to think before they bin. With a promise of lasting up to 5 years, these stickers are the perfect complement to our eco-park!



These stickers are just one of a handful of innovative ideas to be showcased throughout Diggerland Parks. Upon arrival, you will see a forest of greenery planted during an annual staff initiative that the whole company participates in. Over 200 employees show off their green fingers by enjoying a day of planting trees and shrubs.

Keeping our customers and staff warm and toasty is made possible with thanks to the biomass boiler systems. This economical system also generates its own source of electricity! 

We have been committed to protecting our planet from the moment our gates opened. Throughout the last 5 years, we have decked out all of our parks with revolutionary PV (photovoltaic) Panels. PV Panels are a great eco-friendly substitute for keeping our parks bright and save us money (which is spent to make the Diggerland parks even better)!



Do you drive an electric vehicle? Well, you’re in luck because all  Diggerland Theme Parks have charging points and they are free for all Diggerland customers. We’re obsessed with Electric vehicles at Diggerland so some of our rides are powered by electric! On your visit make sure to check out some of the electric rides such as:

Mini Tractors

Crazy Carts



Our sister company EVision Electric Vehicle Hire definitely knows about being eco-friendly! They offer a plethora of stylish EV vehicles including a variety Tesla’s, the Audi e-tron and the Kia e-Niro, for short-term and long-term hire. EVision offers the dream opportunity of driving the latest electric vehicles without the commitment of breaking the bank.


Have a safe trip!

COVID-19 has completely taken over all forms of media informing the public of the ongoing detriment caused by the virus. The latest Coronavirus initially started in China but has now spread to over 40 countries globally.  The virus has infected over 80,000 people and as it stands there have been 15 confirmed cases in the UK alone. Currently, there is no vaccine available for this flu-like virus so how can your family stay safe this season? Here are our virus-free tips for visiting Diggerland and any other theme parks in the UK this Easter.

Tip 1- Be aware but don’t be scared!

Due to the media coverage, you may be feeling worried but by making simple precautions there is nothing to worry about. In the UK the virus has not spread as much as other countries in comparison and those who have, unfortunately, caught it while travelling from infected areas. It is recommended to not travel to countries such as China, South Korea and Italy so many have cancelled travel plans to spend Easter at home. Theme Parks in the UK are all open and will have safety precautions in place.

Tip 2- Wash your hands! 

COVID-19 is known to spread person-to-person so having precautions against contracting the virus from coughing and sneezing is essential. Simply washing your hands with soap and water is the number one way of avoiding the virus. When visiting Diggerland or other theme parks in the UK, make sure your little ones are washing their hands as much as possible. Some of our famous rides may come in contact with lots of sticky fingers throughout the fun day so staying aware is essential. 


Tip 3- Wrap up! 

Another way to stay protected on your trip is to come prepared with some antibacterial hand sanitizer. On Amazon, you can purchase some interesting smelling ones to keep the kids enticed! If your child is unwell it is recommended to stay home but if they still want to have a fun day at Diggerland you may want to purchase a face mask. The virus tends to infect those who are not feeling 100%, so extra efforts must be made to stay safe. This will also avoid spreading flu symptoms to fellow visitors which is a plus. 

Tip 4- Be careful when you eat!

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had advised that it may be possible to contract the virus by touching an infected surface. We offer a range of amazing food to munch on at all of our Diggerland parks. If you’d prefer to prepare your own lunch for the exciting trip why not pack a picnic? We have comfortable outdoor seating areas throughout all of our parks with relaxing picnic areas and play areas. Our Dig Inn eateries are all taking special measures and precautions to ensure customers are kept as safe as possible. 

Celebrate with Diggerland!

We want your family to have the safest most amazing memories this Easter! To help make this possible we are fully disinfecting all of our parks on a daily basis. These tips are important to keep in mind when visiting theme parks in the UK especially for events such as our 20th Birthday Gala. With the summer months quickly approaching it is predicted that CORVID-19 will diminish. We wish you a summer full of an abundance of health and happiness! 

Our 20th Anniversary Birthday Gala is the perfect event for family fun in the sun. Taking place on one special day at each of our parks, we look forward to welcoming you to take part in the celebrations! You can purchase heavily discounted Earlybird tickets at the price of £25.00 per person which will include the following: 

Welcome Drink

Buffet Food

Fire Performers

Jumping Stilt Acrobats

Live Music

Firework Display

Ride & Drive Real Diggers

Book your tickets now –

Fun Facts with Diggerland Theme Park

Amazing And Surprising Facts About Diggers

At Diggerland Theme Park, we just absolutely dig learning!

Did you know that around £5m worth of diggers are buried beneath countless swimming pools and basement conversions in the West of London?

This phenomenon occurred in the early 1990s, when property developers decided that ‘burying a digger in its own hole’ was a great way to momentarily (or permanently) put these machines to rest after a million-pound project was completed. This is just one of many anecdotes about diggers and the big role they play in British life and industry.

Read on to discover more fascinating facts about these classic machines and feel more inspired than ever to drive one all on your own at Diggerland Theme Park.

Dig-a-Round at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggers And Railways

Did you know that the origins of diggers can be traced back to the late 18th century? The original excavator was the steam shovel, created by William Otis. This visionary used chains, pulleys and gears to provide the power required to dig through the earth.

This machine was developed to deal with demands posed by the railway industry, which was thriving at this time. In 1951, the French took the lead, creating excavators made with newer hydraulic technology – which was far more efficient and easy to maintain.

Diggers Are Ultra-Powerful

If you ever wondered to what extent diggers can speed construction work up, it is estimated that they can work as fast as 20 manual labourers put together. In fact, newer, more powerful models can work even faster.

A recent project in Bedford showed that one excavator was able to complete an entire project in around two and a half hours; three manual labourers took two days to complete only a fifth of the work.

Mini Tractors at Diggerland Theme Park
Dumper Trucks at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggers Have Caught Up With The Autonomous Craze

Drivers who are into vehicle maintenance and developments know that one of the biggest crazes to hit the industry, is that of autonomous vehicles. A plethora of companies – including Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan, are working on making car ownership easier and safer than in the past, thanks to self-driving features.

New diggers are boasting similar technology to those found in these cars. Built Robotics has developed a kit that fits existing construction equipment with GPS, WiFi and lidar to enable diggers to autonomously map and navigate their surroundings. The new tech will enable drivers to oversee various fleets at once, thus making it possible to meet deadlines quicker.

Diggers Can Be Huge

You might be surprised to know how heavy diggers can be. One of the heaviest in the world is the Bucyrus RH400/Terex RH 400, which weighs an impressive 980 tonnes! This is followed by the Hitachi EX8000-6, weighing in at 837 tonnes, and the Liebherr R9800, whose weight stands at 810 tonnes. Mini diggers, meanwhile, can weigh a little over 615 kg.

If you want to know what it feels like to drive a digger, there could be no better place to start than at Diggerland Theme Park. The power of even the smallest diggers makes it easy to experience what working in construction could feel like. Feel their power by trying one out, whether you are a child or an adult who is fascinated by the history and technology behind the world’s most popular and useful diggers.

Written by our guest blogger Jane Sandwood

Love is in the mud!


Love is in the air at Diggerland this February and we want you to be a part of the festivities! The first special holiday of the year is quickly approaching which means Diggerland’s parks will soon be full of happy couples. We cannot wait to stuff our mouths with yummy treats and spend precious time with our loved ones. This year is all about trying out new unique experiences and creating long-lasting memories. But trying to find unique Valentine date ideas can feel overwhelming so we have planned the perfect weekend of love that you can enjoy at any of our parks.

Diggerland’s gates will open wide on the 15th of February! We are so excited to see smiling couples wandering hand in hand around our beloved parks. We have planned out our dream unique Valentine trips and are confident you will be amazed by the exhilarating events available to book! 

Love in Kent

Road trip to kent? Or are you a local? Well, either way, a night away from home with your partner is always a relaxing, fun adventure. We would recommend starting your loved up weekend with an overnight stay at the beautiful North Downs Barn. This spacious barn conversation is the perfect spot for cuddling in front of the fireplace. This highly reviewed B&B offers a range of facilities such as:

  • Free off-road parking
  • Free wi-fi
  • And even a free breakfast!

 Once you’ve enjoyed a scrumptious breakfast you are just a short 7-minute drive away from celebrating your unique valentines at Diggerland Kent. Our famous Rochester park has been the backdrop for many lovely events and we have even hosted a wedding reception! Because of this, we know our park is the perfect spot to enjoy a unique valentine! Spend the day snapping picks together whilst enjoying our varied range of rides & drives. With a mixture of competing and working as a team, it’s the perfect place to create memories and grow closer. 

After you’re both worn out from the exhilarating day we would recommend taking a short drive to the delightful Rochester Highstreet. The Dickens high street is populated with a selection of unique restaurants and quaint boutiques.

A special day…

Perfect for a romantic getaway, after the full-on day of messing around, we would recommend having a romantic meal at Simply Italian. This popular restaurant slogan is famously “Simple food, served with a smile” and the amazing reviews really showcase this! 

To make your weekend-long unique valentines even more memorable we suggest taking a relaxing drive around the twisty country roads. There are plentiful of luscious farms to enjoy a relaxing walk together. Our favourite unique valentines date idea in Kent is spending time at Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats. 

Take turns feeding and stroking the 100’s of goats throughout this amazing charity based sanctuary. Entry fees are made by a small donation to help provide support to the sanctuary but we believe it is well worth it! Being surrounded by these cute creatures whilst enjoying aromatic coffee is most definitely a memorable valentine! 

bird of prey

Love in Devon

Valentine is all about spending time with your beloved and enjoying each others company but if you’re on a budget it can be tricky to celebrate lavishly. You don’t need to splash out for a romantic getaway, take a trip to Ashculme House and you will find out that cheaper is sometimes better! 

Dewy grass surrounds this cosy B&B perfect for some unwinding time with your partner with added companions made up of the farm animals that live on the grounds. For just a meager £35.00 this beautiful building has so much to offer and is perfect for putting your feet up.

To add to this unique valentine idea we recommend spending the evening at a locals favourite, The Bakehouse Cullompton. A TripAdvisor favourite, this affordable restaurant offers a mind-blowing range of dishes, their valentine meal is only £60.00 per couple which includes:

  • A glass of prosecco with a selection of yummy starters 
  • A main course such as Lamb Rump, Ribeye and Risotto.
  • A varies selection of dessert treats and even a delicious cheese board!

For only £30.00 each this deal is sure to be absolutely mouth-watering without breaking the bank. The following day why not loosen up with a lovely picnic at our Diggerland Devon Park, we offer benches for couples to enjoy some sweet treats together. Make the most of the day by riding all of our 20 different rides and drives together. 

If you have time after your fun-filled day we recommend visiting the Yarak Bird of Prey to make the most of the occasion. Get close and personal with these majestic birds well-taking pictures to document your memories, this unique valentines idea is all about spending quality time together. 

Love in Durham

Previously the home of a group of Monks in AD 995 Durham is well known for being the home of an a range of castles and cathedrals. To enjoy every second of your unique valentine in Durham, we suggest spending the weekend as a royal couple! Every King and Queen needs a castle so spend your evening of romance at the stunning Lumley Castle

This four-star castle screams luxury and is the perfect way of showing your love to your loved one(s) but if you’re unable to book, there is a large range of castles in the area to decide on. From £249.00 per couple, this is definitely a treat worth paying for and you can expect to receive:

  • A large bottle of Prosecco to share 
  • A collection of 12 red roses complimented with a box of chocolate treats 
  • An overnight stay in a four-poster king-sized bed 
  • A luxurious breakfast when you wake up with the added bonus of a late check-out

To make the most of the weekend we would suggest staying in and enjoying candlelight dinner at the Castle. Lumley claims to offer the full valentine package of choice, quality and elegance which is why we believe it is the perfect place to spend your unique valentines. 


To keep in theme with the vintage aesthetic of the castle we recommend visiting The living museum of the north, Beamish. This award-winning experience offers visitors the opportunity to experience what life was like in North England during the 1820s and early 1900s. It is so realistic that scenes of Downtown Abbey were actually filmed on the grounds. 

Now that you’ve shared a romantic weekend travelling back in time together why not snap back to 2020 with a visit to Diggerland Durham! Just a short 19-minute drive away from your castle you can expect an abundance of exhilarating moments at Diggerland. While continuing your weekend of luxurious memories why not book two tickets for an adult experience day such as: 

Having a go at any of the above experiences is sure to be perfect for any unique valentine plan, we recommend booking tickets to avoid missing out on your dream valentine. 


Yorkshire is the home to a range of our favourite chocolates such as:

  • KitKat 
  • Chocolate Orange 
  • Yorkie Bar 

Enjoy a sweet valentine with your favourite person in Yorkshire. Start your love-filled weekend with some TLC (tender loving care) at Oulton Hall Yorkshire and let go of all the weeks stresses while enjoying some bubbles. Once you feel zen spoil your taste pallet with a cocoa filled surprise by taking a trip to Yorks Chocolate Story

This delightful spot offers a valentines tour for under £40 a couple, this unique tour includes:

  • Chocolate smothered strawberries with a glass of bubbles
  • A romantic tour treating you to insight on Yorks Chocolate history 
  • A platter of unique hand-crafted chocolates for you to nibble and share 
  • You’re even given a chance to decorate a handful of your own special chocolate creations.

After a nice relaxing day of chilling and chocolate eating why not spice things up with some adrenalin? Just 11 minutes away stands our amazing Yorkshire Diggerland Park!  Get your hearts pumping in unison while you both enjoy a day trip in a Theme Park like no other. In our list of unique Valentines ideas, a visit to Diggerland ranks right at the top because the facilities provide a bundle of laughs and unforgettable moments! 

We hope reading this has been insightful for planning for your special date weekend and for any future unique date nights you plan in the future! 



If you’re going on a romantic road trip this February and want to surprise the other half with a top of the range electric vehicle we suggest having a browse at EVision. Spend your weekend with your beloved driving in style between the above destinations, economical and sleek! You could be in control (or activate the self-drive function) of:

  • A range of Tesla models
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Kia e-Niro
  • Audi e-Tron
  • BMW i3
  • Or a Renault Zoe


See you later, Excavator

Browsing the web for fun hen party ideas? Searching for a unique attraction for you and your closest friends to let your hair down? Diggerland has everything you need to have a hair raising time with your closest girlfriends before your special wedding day!  

Why not make one of the most memorable events in your life even more memorable? Diggerland is a world-famous theme park with a plethora of exciting rides and drives. You may think that our beloved theme park is just for youngsters but we have kitted our parks out for groups of all ages! 

Fun is in the air!

Now imagine, your group is dressed to impress with comfy jeans and matching pink high vis jackets. Determination is flowing through your veins and you know the day ahead is going to be filled with giggles. A special VIP area will be reserved with an amazing Diggerland representative to make sure you all have the most amazing time.

Now that you’re ready the time for letting loose has begun. The overwhelming range of rides provide hours full of digging fun which is perfect for erasing that pre-wedding stress! 

Hen party spirit!

Friendly competition always brings out the best in friendships. We recommend testing your limits on:

  • Dippy Ducks– Don’t be fooled by the cute name as this ride will test your skills to the limit. The mission is to hook a small duck out of a pool of water using a Komatsu PC14. 
  • Stack Attack– This ride is eye-watering tough, try to compete against your girlfriends to see who has the most patience. The aim of the game is all about balancing tyres using a special digging attachment that was built for purpose. Basically, Jenga with tyres! 
  • Formula JCB Driving– Any friends with a need for speed? This event would need to be booked separately but it is well worth including in your hen party. Race around in one of our JCBs to test who is the best behind the wheel! 

For the Team Players!

Theme parks are a fantastic way of getting closer to your besties thanks to the bountiful memories it provides. Enjoying rides together as a team results in an avalanche of fun whilst you scream and laugh hand in hand! For example:

  • Spindizzy– Digger please! This monster ride is sure to have a few friends jumping out of their boots. Once you’re all safely buckled in let the fun begin and get ready to be shaken and stirred by a massive Komatsu PC210LC. This ride is definitely not for the faint hearted! 
  • Skyshuttle– Fear of heights? Experience a birds eye point of view on this 50 feet ride. You will see the world from a new perspective. We believe this is the perfect ride for your hen party selfies! 
  • Groundshuttle– The name is self explanatory as this ride is the polar opposite of the famous Skyshuttle. It is perfect for some ground time so be ready for some rock and rolling. We guarantee this ride will get everyone’s heart racing so far what an exhilarating hen party!

Still unsure?

As you can see, the proof is in the pudding. We know it’s not your typical hen party but that’s why we think it’s amazing. Priceless memories and giggles with your favorite people, isn’t that a dream?  Diggerland provides all of the above. If you’re uncertain we would recommend checking our website to see what else you can expect on your special day. As a bonus you could book a helicopter ride to any of our Diggerland parks, who needs Uber? 

Visiting the park with your partner or family would help you picture what you can expect for a hen party. You’re in luck because we have a once in a lifetime event in the running. Drum roll ready, 3, 2 ,1… Diggerlands 20th Anniversary Gala! 


You’re Invited…

That’s right, our astounding park has been providing happy memories for 20 years! Thanks to our loyal customers who have helped us gain fame across the nation. Were inviting everyone to a spectacular event to celebrate this achievement together. Celebrations will take place in June with each park hosting its own special party so to avoid missing out we would recommend booking Early Bird tickets. Early Bird tickets will only cost £25.00 per person. These tickets include access to all rides and drives, a buffet, entertainment & Firework display! 

This special event is super affordable and has the makings of a memorable, fabulous date night. 


We dig learning!

Schools are back in full-swing following the long chilly winter. Thankfully spring time is just a stone’s throw away. The sunnier season is perfect for enjoying outdoor adventures and experiencing new things.

School trips are a fantastic way of boosting kids’ confidence and improving essential teamwork skills. For school trips in Yorkshire, Kent, Devon and Durham why not treat your class to a day at Diggerland? 

Diggers are an obsession for kids all over the world, with famous cartoons such as Bob the Builder. Furthermore many kids dream of having a fulfilling career within the massive construction industry.

A school trip to any of our parks is sure to have your entire class grinning from ear to ear!  

Dig-a-Round at Diggerland Theme Park

What does a School Trip to Diggerland look like?

As soon as your coach has parked in one of our free parking bays, your class will be wowed by the range of rides around the park. Once through the entrance, your class will tour the park while expanding their knowledge of diggers and mechanics.

With the opportunity to maneuver heavy plant machinery such as dumper trucks and giant diggers

From an academic perspective the class will be substantially improving their knowledge in subjects such as:

  • KS1 & 2 Mathematics
  • KS1 & 2 Science
  • KS1 & 2 Design & Technology

Throughout the day your class will take part in practical work, teaching them life skills whilst having an exhilarating time. A snippet of the important skills a class would gain include:


  • Learning the essentials of Health & Safety by putting it into practice 
  • Knowledge of car mechanics such as clutches and gearboxes
  • How to balance the machine and exploring how gravity works
  • Why tyres have different patterns in relation to traction

The entire class will also prosper from the social interactions throughout the day with our friendly Diggerland staff. When the bellies start rumbling your group can enjoy lunch at our food outlet offering a range of affordable kids meals.

But we know most schools prefer to bring packed lunches so your class can enjoy munching away in our relaxing picnic area. Children may wish to bring some pocket money along to purchase some digger memorabilia at our Goodie Store.

These amazing facilities are available for school trips in Yorkshire, Kent, Devon and Durham.

Mini Tractors at Diggerland Theme Park
Dumper Trucks at Diggerland Theme Park

What about the teachers?

Diggerland is a theme park for the whole school! We have fun experiences for everyone including adults. Staff can attend the rides and take part in the adventure, to help structure the day you could book in to use Diggerland for staff lectures.

This will include worksheets and quiz packs and can be booked for school trips in Yorkshire, Kent, Devon and Durham.  

Join your class as they participate on rides including:

  • Go Karts
  • Buried treasure 
  • Skyshuttle

And so many more, We promise a day of Digging fun for everyone! 

How much does this amazing experience cost?

To book tickets for your school trip, prices are as follows:

Pay on the Day – For schools, clubs & groups that have NOT booked in advance – for entry during Diggerland’s normal opening times – (Minimum Group Size: 10 visitors)

– Under 90cm: Absolutely FREE admission

– Over 90cm: £19.95 per person

– Age Concession – Over 65’s: £11.95 per person

Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free.

Pre-booked in advance during normal operating hours – (Minimum Group Size: 10 visitors)

– Groups of 10-49 children/adults: £15.95 per person

– Groups of 50 or more children/adults: £13.95 per person

– Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free. 

Pre-booked in advance during term time – (Minimum Group Size: 25 visitors)

Dippy Ducks at Diggerland Theme Park

Outside of the theme park opening hours (during half term), we offer school groups/visits with a 2 hour and 30 minute time slots, which are: 10:00am – 12:30pm or 1:30pm – 4:00pm.

– Groups of 25-49 children/adults: £15.95 per person

– Groups of 50 or more children/adults: £13.95 per person

– Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free.

Please note that all advance bookings must be made at least 14 days before the day of your visit. Prices above include UNLIMITED use of all rides and drives at Diggerland, for the duration of your visit.

Call for school trips in Yorkshire, Kent, Devon and Durham, spoil your class with a bucket load of fun this Spring and Summer!

Teacher of the year goes to….

Learning is made possible with the help of the wonderful teachers around the world! We believe great teaching is an art and deserves more recognition. To help support little learners we are happy to announce we will be sponsoring the 2020 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards. That’s not all, we will also be sponsoring the 2020 Sussex Teacher of the Year Awards! 

These amazing Awards are being hosted by Inspire Schools run by KM Charity Team.  With a humongous focus on introducing school initiatives like:

  • Walking to school 
  • The Importance of Road safety 
  • Literacy help to benefit kids education 

Furthermore, the charity supports fundraising events and challenge events across Kent. 

Fun Days Out in the UK

How can visiting a UK Theme Park calm your January blues?

With the festive season coming to an end, many of us will sadly be experiencing a case of the January blues. So, why not start planning your summer treats? As we approach warmer weather it’s vital to start planning trips to make the most of your time off.

Sun-filled days are approaching so families across the UK will start eagerly devising outings to a selection of attractions. For instance, venturing to the delightful seashore, strolling around lush gardens or enjoying the time of your life at a local Theme Park. To aid your fun in the sun schedules we’ve created a list of our top UK Theme Parks!

Our Top 3 UK Theme Park Attractions


It may seem biased, but we honestly believe our rides offer the most exhilarating experiences and life-long memories. We are the only Digger themed Theme park in the UK, offering a range of one of a kind experiences. A summer trip to Diggerland is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, with plenty of areas for parents to relax in the sun. You can visit us in Kent, Devon, Durham & Yorkshire, the Diggerland experience is sure to be unique and action packed! For the perfect summer pick up why not purchase tickets for our special event, the Diggerland 20th Birthday Gala Party. This special event provides ticket holders a range of entertainment, a buffet and unlimited roam on all of our rides. Pick up event tickets for just £25.00 per person for any four of our parks! 


Although we are closed during January, there are a few ways that we can still ease you through the tiring month. By pre booking your tickets in advance, you will then have a spectacular day to look forward to, during a time that most people find particularly depressing, especially if you plan to visit us in February Half Term! 

Thinking of ways for children to earn pocket money, for which they can spend in our magnificent Goodie Store, will also be a fun activity to take part in during January, and will help the time pass until we open again in February. This may also count as a good incentive!


Based on the famous building block toys that we all grew up playing with, Legoland is a UK Theme Park based in Windsor. This well-known park was built in 1996 and now has theme parks in over 12 countries with more on the way! With a focus on learning, kids will have the chance to construct, role play and participate in driving simulations. But the best part of Legoland, absolutely everything is made of Lego!

Paultons Park 

Paultons Park, similarly to Diggerland, is an award winning theme park situated in the charming town of Hampshire. With an array of attractions dotted throughout 140 acres of land, this UK Theme Park is also great for families. Paultons Park offers a chance for visitors to stay over for short breaks for as little as £49.00 including Hotel and Park tickets.

Diggerland Campsite

For those of you that are already daydreaming of the hot sun and blue skies, you’ll be pleased to know that our Diggerland Campsite, located at our Devon park, will be open once again from the 27th March 2020. Our campsite is the perfect place for outdoorsy families to really take in the fresh air and enjoy some quality time together.

Located on the same complex as the Diggerland Theme Park itself, you are surrounded by an abundance of activities and fun.

Diggerland UK Theme Park Campsite
How to Enjoy Driving on a Digger if you have Motion Sickness

Enjoying your day out at Diggerland Theme Park

If you have motion sickness but you have always dreamed of manning your own digger, know that there are both natural and medical approaches that can ensure you have the time of your life at Diggerland Theme Park!

If you have motion sickness, then know that it is usually something that passes, and that sometimes, it just involves feeling a little dizzy for a couple of minutes.

Motion sickness is not actually a disease; it is no more than a normal response to, because there is a difference between what we are focusing on (a fixed point in our environment) and the movement of our vehicle.

Dig-a-Round at Diggerland Theme Park

Kids and Women can be more prone to Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is rare in toddlers. In fact, it reaches its peak by the age of 12, declining between 12 and 21.

At Diggerland Theme Park, children from the age of two to sixteen or seventeen can drive a digger, so by this time they should be just fine.

Also, if by any chance they feel like enjoying another activity, they will be happy to know that there are many rides and activities to choose from. There is a sizeable indoor play area featuring slides, bouncy castles, arcade games, and more.

Preventing Motion Sickness at Diggerland Theme Park

Battling nausea and wooziness while travelling is important if the journey is to be enjoyed. One way to do so is through prevention. Researchers at Siena College found that feeling stressed can make you feel more symptoms of motion sickness.

Children can benefit from knowing that although riding a digger at Diggerland Theme Park is a different experience, they can feel more in control if they drive the digger themselves.

They should know what to expect, but be encouraged to take a chilled out stance to any potential symptoms. They should know that they can simply get off if they are feeling a tiny bit dizzy, and take place in a plethora of other activities with their siblings and parents.

Mini Tractors at Diggerland Theme Park
Dumper Trucks at Diggerland Theme Park

Natural Approaches to Motion Sickness

Some natural methods people use to quell motion sickness include consuming ginger (in the form of a ginger ‘shot’ or by chewing on candied ginger). A ginger shot can be a little too strong for younger children, but older teens will probably enjoy naturally squeezed ginger juice blended with orange juice, or a cup of tea that has been infused with ginger.

Acupressure has been found to be useful for nausea, meanwhile. A study by researchers at the Center for Advancing Health found that stimulating an acupoint on the wrist can help reduce this symptom of motion sickness. To be precise, pressure should be applied to the pericardium (P6) point, located around two inches from the base of the palm, on the inner side of the wrist.

Use your thumb to apply gentle pressure to this spot, and make sure you target both wrists. Eating a small amount of food can also be helpful, so give your child a healthy snack a few minutes before they get on the digger. Ensure the snack isn’t heavy or greasy so it does not strain their digestive system.

What about Medication?

For people that have serious motion sickness, doctors sometimes describe medications like Dramamine, which is safe for children aged two and above.

In some cases, medications for motion sickness can cause drowsiness. Therefore, the decision of whether or not to give these should be taken after discussion with a paediatrician.

Keeping stress down and expectations realistic will help stave off symptoms, and you should also try natural remedies such as ginger. Finally, remember to bring light, healthy, sugar- and fat-free snacks that will help ensure your child enjoys his or her first digger drive to the full!

Dippy Ducks at Diggerland Theme Park

If you are planning a visit to Diggerland Theme Park, know that there are so many activities available that kids or parents with motion sickness should know that they will have a good time.

Written by our guest blogger Jane Sandwood
Diggerland’s tips for hosting the family on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is one of those wonderful – yet slightly stressful – days of the year. As well as scouting out the perfect turkey or trying to come up with original, thoughtful gifts (we’d recommend our Christmas gift vouchers if you’re stuck for ideas!), there’s the small matter of hosting – a responsibility that a fair few people shy away from.  

In fact, a recent campaign carried out by retailer Next found that in December 2018, 110 people Googled the phrase “how to tell family you’re not hosting Christmas” – an increase of 100% from the year before. 

Aside from all things dinner-related like portion sizes, setting the table and making sure everybody’s got enough to eat, there’s also the small matter of entertaining the children – who, by about midday, are likely to be hyped up on sugar and presents. 

We’ve put together a couple of tips to help your Christmas Day run smoothly.

Girl opening presents - Christmas Gift Vouchers

Tip 1: Decide when to open presents

Present etiquette can be hard to get right. Do you open in the morning or the afternoon? Pre-dinner or post-dinner? What if you’ve already opened your gifts but your guests and their children haven’t? 

To avoid any unnecessary tears and restlessness on the part of the little ones, establish when gift-giving will take place ahead of the big day. That way, you’re all aligned and each child can open his/her presents at the same time as the others. 

If you’re stuck for gifting ideas, we’d recommend going for an experience rather than a product or toy that’ll likely be tossed to the side in a couple of years. Our gift vouchers allow entry into the Diggerland adventure park with access to all rides and drives for the day – perfect for adults and children alike and a great way to encourage your kids to get out and about.

Tip 2: Stagger sugar consumption throughout the day

Christmas Day is a day of food, food, food (a lot of which is high in sugar!) which is why it’s a good idea to try and stagger your children’s sugar consumption throughout the day to avoid them becoming too hyper too soon. 

Try and shift their focus to something other than what they’re putting in their mouths – for example, by setting up an arts and crafts corner. There are plenty of printable materials available online and we recommend a Christmas card-related activity – great for any little ones that have forgotten to write mummy and daddy a card.

Making Biscuits - Christmas Gift Vouchers
Christmas Dinner - Christmas Gift Vouchers

Tip 3: Set up activity stations

Although arts and crafts is a great way to fuel children’s creativity, it may be that some of your tinier guests are keener on getting out and about and moving around.

Try and schedule periods throughout the day when some of the adults can go for a wander and take the kids (those who want to go) with them. If you’re hosting and taking charge of the cooking, you might appreciate some of your guests disappearing for a little while, leaving you in peace to get on with dinner prep or clearing up. 

Similarly, some of the children might feel like watching a Christmas film. Set up a movie viewing area in the living room for those that feel like cuddling up and watching something.

By having lots of different activity stations, restlessness and possible tantrums become less likely. 

Tip 4: Consider investing in a kids’ table

Christmas Day is as much about the adults as it is about the children – and we know that many mums and dads yearn for a little bit of alone time.

To give the grown-ups some time to catch up, consider making one part of the dinner table specifically for the kids. Or, invest in a smaller, separate table if you have the space.

Drawing Table - Christmas Gift Vouchers

We hope we’ve given you some useful tips for hosting Christmas Day with family. Diggerland opens again in February (you can see the opening times here) – why not give the gift of an experience this Christmas and buy your family some of our gift vouchers

And if you’re curious to see how a celebrity like Emma Willis celebrates Christmas, have a look at her Christmas routine and traditions here.

Wonderfully written by our guest blogger Tasman Hogan
Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! At Diggerland we want to help bring joy to houses across the UK during this special season. We believe our selection of unique gift ideas will help spread festivity in your home during Christmas time. 

We offer a phenomenal range of unique gift ideas and amazing value vouchers that everyone will love. Gifting a Diggerland experience this Christmas will provide your loved ones with a precious day full of special lifelong memories. 

To help make your present shopping experience stress-free we have put together the perfect Diggerland Gift Guide. The following guide will help you find the best Christmas gift ideas for all budgets and ages!

Dippy Ducks - Unique Gift Ideas

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas on a budget

If you’re on a tight budget thinking of unique gift ideas can be tough. Diggerland offers a fantastic range of Christmas gift ideas that are perfect as Stocking fillers or special secret Santa surprises! 

The unique gift shop offers a range of digger themed merchandise perfect for children and adults. For example we have an amazing range of digger themed pyjamas with prices starting from as low as £6.99. With a range of awesome colours and sizes these pyjamas are perfect for children with a passion for diggers! 

For adults we offer a range of digger themed stationery which could be a good-humoured gift for your secret Santa. For £4.99 you can purchase a foot calculator which would provide some knee-slaps at work as a comical gift. 

Unique Christmas Gift Experiences

Experiences are priceless, Diggerland provides an enjoyable and safe opportunity to try something brand-new. Why not make a special persons Christmas extraordinary with a Diggerland experience voucher!

If you are searching for a unique gift for two love birds we would suggest purchasing a pair of Diggerland admission vouchers, for the pair it only comes to £42.95! Truly this voucher opens up the doors to an abundance of fun and an awe-inspiring day out, the exciting day would include some of the following experiences:

  • Operating a Giant JCB 806 Digger.
  • Driving a real car in the Joyrider.
  • Getting lifted 50ft in the air by the Skyshuttle.
  • Entry to over 100 machines and 20 different rides and drives.
Diggerland Train at Diggerland Theme Park
Gift Vouchers - Monster Digger Experience

Adult Experience Days

If you wish to make this special gift more personal, you can even write a personalized message inside the purchased digger fans gift card for the lucky recipient. After purchase the vouchers can be used at any of our four Diggerland Parks based in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. 

For thrill seekers we recommend purchasing gift vouchers for some of our mind-blowing experiences such as:

  • Dumper Racing.
  • Individual JCB Experience.
  • Monster Digger Experience.

Unique gift experiences offer pure adrenaline and long lasting memories.

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire

EVision Electric Vehicle Hire also offer an incredible range of exhilarating gift ideas. These experiences are fantastic for your family and friends to share.

From a BMW i3, to their top of the range Jaguar I-Pace and/or Tesla Model S, they have got you covered. Talk about luxury!

Their self-drive service also offers you the chance to experience the fantastic, and very elegant Tesla Model 3 and Audi e-tron.

Their whole fleet includes the following spectacular cars:

  • Renault Zoe
  • BMW i3
  • Multiple Tesla Models
  • Kia e-Niro
  • Jaguar I-Pace
  • Audi e-tron
Jaguar I-Pace

From all of us at Diggerland, we hope we have given you an insight to some truly incredible unique gift ideas. 

Have a wonderful Christmas!