Diggerland Gift Vouchers


We think that it is safe to assume that 2020 has been a difficult year, and everyone will be glad to get it out of the way. Just before we do that though, we have one more thing to cover. No, not Coronavirus, Christmas gift vouchers! 

In a survey that was carried out in 2015, it appeared that November was the most popular month for consumers to start purchasing their Christmas presents. But where’s the harm in starting earlier?

At Diggerland, we provide a variation of different gift vouchers, perfect to kick start the Christmas shopping!

General Admission Gift Vouchers

General admission gift vouchers can be purchased for families of 2, 3 and 4 people. 

Included in your gift voucher, is the use of all 20 rides and drives that Diggerland has to offer (height restrictions apply). Families can enjoy the thrills of our famous Spindizzy ride, or take a more relaxed approach on the Dumper Trucks whilst in the accompaniment of your loved ones.

An added bonus is that the big kids can enjoy the attractions just as much as the children! What a great excuse?


Dumper Racing

Going back to excellent gifts for the big kids, the Dumper Racing experience is one of the most unique days out you can ask for. It’s one of our most loved experiences by our customers, and extremely popular for friends and family members to enjoy together.

Participants can find themselves racing both against the clock and other participants. Dumper Racing tends to last up to two hours, but this is dependent on the amount of individuals competing.

Dumper Racing
JCB 3CX - Group JCB Experience

Group JCB Experience

Perhaps something calmer may be preferable, such as driving around in your very own JCB 3CX?

Endure a 90 minute experience, in a shared session with one of our expert instructors. You’ll be sure to feel like a JCB professional afterwards!

Included in the gift voucher price, is admission for two members of the party to enjoy the thrills of the main Diggerland park.

Formula JCB Racing

Formula JCB Racing is for the inner competitive and digger fanatics. This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX! 

Take this monster machine to its speed limit on our specially designed course, in order to become Champion of the Day.

Formula JCB Racing
Monster Digger Experience

Individual & Monster Digger Experience

This is where we start to take it up a notch! 

The Individual JCB & Monster Digger Experience are both the perfect day out for the dedicated digger lovers. 

Each lasting for 90 minutes, you can experience a one to one session with our specialist instructor in a JCB 3CX, or 22 Ton Komatsu PC210.

Participants will take part in a short health and safety briefing, and then the land is yours to dig until your heart’s content!

Purchasing Diggerland gift vouchers has never been easier, as they can be received directly to your email address, without even needing to leave the house! 

You can also be rest assured that our attractions are ‘Good to Go’ and have worked extremely hard to put the relevant Covid-19 health and safety measures in place.


Social Distancing Tips While Enjoying The Best Of Diggerland Theme Park


Businesses across the UK have already reopened in the era of new normality, with senior MPs telling the BBC that social distancing may nevertheless be required for at least the rest of 2020.

Diggerland Theme Park has adopted a host of measures to ensure your visit to the park is as safe as it is fun.

These include restricting visitor numbers, asking visitors to wear face coverings, and encouraging social distancing. If you are visiting the park, what steps can you yourself take to ensure you stay at a safe distance from other visitors?

Visiting In Small Groups to Diggerland Theme Park

In addition to visiting the park with friends, aim to make it a family affair. You can go on rides with other members of your family, having the ride of your life while staying safe. If you visit Diggerland Theme Park with family friends, stick by the rule of riding with your own family members if you can. You can still enjoy the company, but by sticking to the two-metre distance rule with friends, you can keep both them and you safer.

Robots (1)
Diggerland train

Maintaining Distances At Meal Time

When enjoying a snack or break at Diggerland’s Dig Inn, know that the restricted visitor number will mean that social distancing can be easily achieved. Thought is always put into the positioning of tables to allow ample space for staff and visitors, and tables will now be far enough away from each other to comply with safety rules.

You can also do your share by ensuring that you are seated at the required distance from friends or other families visiting the park. If you have a choice of seating, opt for different smaller tables for families rather than one large one for you and other families. Diggerland has many picnic benches throughout the park, so you can also opt to bring your own snacks instead.

Keeping It Clean

Make sure to wash your hands frequently, and bring hand sanitiser, taking extra care to clean your hands before handling food. If you are visiting on the same day as family friends, it is best if each family prepares its own snacks and if children enjoy their meal alongside their parents.

Try to sit at the required distance from friends at all times, only removing your face covering while you are eating or if you are standing at a far enough distance from each other. Finally, try to eat food with utensils instead of your hands, or opt for snacks with wrapping you can hold on to while tucking in.

Diggerland Theme Park social distancing
Goundshuttle ride at Diggerland Theme Park

Wearing Face Coverings

While you may not be required to wear facial coverings in all parts of Diggerland, you may be required to do so while you are on some rides.

If so, make it fun for kids by purchasing them cute masks with animal prints or other designs that will make them seem more like a fashion statement. You should ensure that masks are on particularly if your children are playing with other children and, at times, they occasionally get a little closer to each other than the two-metre minimum calls for.

Diggerland is a super fun outdoor activity that is ideal for active families wishing to enjoy a safe time in the great outdoors.

If you will be visiting with friends, ensure you stand at least 2 metres apart and wear face coverings if you can, even in areas where it is not obligatory. Enjoy snacks and food, but sit at least 2 metres away from friends. Make your own food or buy food at Dig Inn, making sure to wash your hands before eating, and to use utensils if possible so that your hands do not touch your mouth.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

What should I wear to Diggerland Theme Park?


The top amusement parks in the UK have seen an average turnover of 4.8% in 2018 driven by a growing number of millennial consumers looking for new experiences during their free time. Diggerland Theme Park is perfect for this!

As more people seek adventure tourism during holidays, theme parks offer a different world to have fun and spend quality time with friends or family.

Part of making sure that your trip to Diggerland will be a success is to dress up appropriately. Wearing the right clothes and shoes ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and safe stay making your outing a memorable one.

Consider the Weather

Although Diggerland is not open in winter, you still should consider the weather when visiting the park.  You may get unexpected rain which means that bringing an extra pair of footwear is a good idea to keep your feet dry. There’s nothing more annoying than moving about in wet shoes.

Bring a raincoat to protect yourself from getting soaked if there is a sudden downpour. It does not hurt to prepare for a drizzle by carrying a rain poncho in your bag. Ponchos are not heavy and would easily fit in your rucksack.

There are also disposable ones that you can buy if you don’t want to deal with the wet mess afterwards. Just make sure you are disposing them properly to respect environmental concerns.

Diggerland train

How to Dress Up

The best style of dressing when going to Diggerland is to layer up donning a t-shirt or top as base. Throw in a cardigan or jumper to keep you toasty if temperatures are nippy.

When shopping for clothes, look at the material and consider the advantages of each fabric type. For example, cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable enhancing your comfort.

Garments that have Lycra or Spandex in them such as leggings and athletic wear offer ease of movement because of the stretch material. A pair of shorts is also ideal so that you are free to move inside an excavator without fear that your trousers will get caught in something. If you’re wearing trousers, ensure that they are not too long to avoid tripping in them or at worst,  getting the hem tangled in the pedals.

When it comes to footwear, fit flops, slip slops, slip ons and any other type of slippers must be avoided.

At Diggerland, you’ll be very active digging dirt, driving go karts, dumping earth, enjoying a safari, or playing indoors. Wear closed shoes such as wellies, trainers, flat shoes, or flat boots to protect and support your feet. Do not show up in high heels as they can affect your ability to operate the machinery safely.

Diggerland has tons of activities that will suit a wide range of age groups, subject to certain restrictions. Dress properly and you will surely relish your day in the outdoors feeling relaxed and safe.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

Diggerland is Covid-19 Friendly & Good To Go!


As lockdown restrictions start to ease across the UK, more and more of us are looking for Covid-19 friendly days out.

After months of spending time at home, the Government is now encouraging people to venture outside with their families. But how do you choose where to go? 

Of course, we completely understand that leaving your homes after all this time can be daunting. As we start to enter into a world with a new ‘norm’, there are a lot of things that have changed.

At Diggerland, we’re here to show you that you can still get back to the good ol’ digging days, but with just some small changes.

We’re Good To Go

Visit Britain has released an industry standard whereby attractions can apply for a ‘We’re Good To Go’ consumer mark. In order to receive this, an online assessment must be completed, to make sure that health & safety practices are in place. 

Diggerland are delighted to be part of this, to help assure our lovely customers that we are indeed Covid-19 friendly!

Covid-19 friendly days out - Good to go

What’s different at Diggerland?

When searching for the ultimate Covid-19 friendly days out, look no further than Diggerland Theme Park.

Since our re-opening in July, we have received a surge of positive feedback on our health and safety practices. Don’t believe us? Check out what one of our customers said earlier this month on Facebook!

At all Diggerland locations, certain health and safety measures have been put in place to help keep you all as safe as possible.


  • Restricted visitor numbers to 500 (Kent & Yorkshire to 600)
  • Encouraging all customers to social distance from other guests & have provided one way systems around the parks
  • Face coverings must be worn when indoors and on certain designated rides
  • Soft play & Little Tikes areas are currently closed
  • Contactless payments are advised where possible
  • All visitors will undergo a non-invasive temperature check on arrival – this is for the safety of all visitors and staff
  • All Diggerland parks will be deep cleaned including any touch points and machines. We do suggest customers also bring hand sanitiser as well
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out
Outdoor picnic area - covid-19 friendly days out

Eat Out To Help Out

We are very excited to be included in the Eat Out to Help Out Government scheme. 

This is currently available at our Devon, Durham & Yorkshire locations between Monday – Wednesday. 

Our onsite cafes provide a range of hot and cold food, alongside a fresh cup of happy customer service.

There is bound to be something tasty for you and your family!

If bringing your own food from home is better suited to you, we provide outdoor picnic benches for customers to dine in the sunshine instead.

Great, how do I book?

Due to limited availability, we currently recommend that customers pre book their tickets via the Diggerland website (plus, guaranteed entry that way!)

Be sure to take a look at our interactive Ride Height Chart just before making your booking, so that you are aware of the height requirements. It’s also very exciting for the children, as they get a glimpse as to what’s to come on their magical day at Diggerland!

Customers are more than welcome to pay on arrival if we have availability, however we recommend to call us ahead to avoid any disappointment on the day. (01634 711711)

We hope that you will consider Diggerland Theme Parks for your Covid-19 friendly days out & look forward to welcoming you all soon!


Children with Special Needs Have a Great Time at Diggerland Theme Park!


Around 8% of children in the UK have special needs, including learning difficulties, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If you have a child with special needs then you may wonder if they would enjoy a day out at Diggerland. This fun park has a host of facilities aimed at making a visit easier and more practical – including parking, and free entrance for carers of disabled visitors.

This means that if your child loves nothing more than playing with toy diggers and dreams of being able to drive or ride in a real-life digger, then taking them to Diggerland Theme Park may just become their favourite activity!

Children with Wheelchairs

It is easy to get around Diggerland if your child has a wheelchair. Most surfaces comprise tarmac and gravel and entryways are wide enough to easily negotiate.

You can leave your wheelchair on terra firma while your child is enjoying an amazing ride alongside you in a digger. Some machines are easier to access than others and you will need to lift or assist your child yourself.

Moreover, not all machines are ideal so it is important to be flexible with the type of activity you choose. The good news is that most diggers are operated using hand controls only and these do not require great power to handle.

Child playing in nursery - Diggerland Theme Park

Catering to Different Needs

Children with ASD can be very much into specific toys and if cars and diggers are their thing, then they may ask you for a ride almost immediately. However, children who are sensitive to motor sounds may not wish to climb up on a digger, in which case you should ideally bring safe toys your child loves so they can keep entertained.

Ensuring they have age-appropriate toys that are shatter-proof and don’t contain sharp edges is a good idea when you are visiting Diggerland as a group. If you are visiting the park with your partner and other kids, for instance, they can enjoy an active ride while children who prefer with their own toys stay focused on carrying out familiar activities.

Finding a Ride Your Child Enjoys

For a super fun experience at Diggerland, let your child lead the way in terms of the activities he or she chooses.

Kids who love being in the company of other little ones will love the sound of laughter and elation at rides like the Groundshuttle, in which all they have to do is sit back while the driver takes them on a fun-filled adventure.

Those who prefer to be with parents and other people they already know might opt for a safari ride to view the beautiful natural surroundings.

Children who normally get around on wheelchairs may love controlling a digger while digging for Buried Treasure using a Komatsu PC14 mini digger. This activity takes loads of concentration and is ideal for children who are goal-oriented.

Goundshuttle ride at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggerland Theme Park offers a fun day out for adults and kids alike, with so many activities to partake in.

There are many areas in the park in which you can relax, too, so children who aren’t into rides can play with their favorite toy while siblings are digging up land or finding treasure. The key to making the most of a visit is to go with an open mind and to let your child define their own idea of fun.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood
Camping in Devon

Camping in Devon is a really fun way of creating magical memories with your family. There is something for everyone when it comes to camping; whether it be taking in the glorious Devon countryside on a refreshing walk, or toasting marshmallows by the fire, and taking part in some sport activities.

Camping in Cullompton

This historic market town has been the centre of rural life in Mid Devon for centuries, as it is home to one of the UK’s most fantastic churches. The beautiful Devon countryside town of Cullompton is set within the tranquil Culm Valley.

Close to the vibrant city of Exeter, and the historic town of Tiverton, Cullompton is the ideal holiday destination if you want to escape into peaceful surroundings, get back to nature and explore the wonderful nature and wildlife in this part of the county. Not to mention that our Diggerland Adventure Park is also located in Cullompton!

If you’re looking for an outdoors get-away adventure, camping in Devon is the best place.

Camping in Devon

Diggerland Devon Campsite

At the Diggerland Devon campsite, you get two experiences in one place! The campsite is situated on the same complex as the Diggerland Devon Theme Park.

Camping in Devon has never been easier. Simply pack your tent or prepare your motorhome, and be on your way!

At the Diggerland campsite, you can even pay when you arrive with no pre booking, sublime! Although, if you do pre book, you can treat yourself to a spectacular 50% off.

Not only is our campsite within driving distance to Dartmoor and Exmoor National parks, it is also adjacent to the theme park, and for those avid anglers among you who love carp fishing, “Diggerlakes”. What a fantastic way to spend time with the family?

Of an evening, you can enjoy a peaceful night in with a home cooked meal with the family, or take advantage of the nearby restaurants. Roberto’s Pizza & Pasta, Noor Sitara Indian Restaurant and Vitamin Sea are just a small handful of eateries that are within a 10 minute drive. With ample variety, you can really indulge yourself in the local cuisine, as Vitamin Sea provides top quality, local Devon produce.

Camping in Devon

Diggerland Theme Park

Now, for a truly exciting and unique day out for the family. Diggerland Devon is just a stone’s throw away from the campsite. 

Our Theme Park is suitable for all ages, which is why it ties in perfectly for your camping trip. Children and adults (big children) can take on the experience of driving and riding real construction machinery. It’s safe to say that there is no other theme park that can offer that feeling, right?

There is an array of 20 rides and drives at our Diggerland parks, which includes the famous ‘Spindizzy’ ride. For those that prefer a calmer approach, you can dig until your heart’s content on the Giant & Dirt Diggers, as well as dig for treasure on our Buried Treasure attraction. 

Our onsite cafe, ‘The Dig Inn’ provides a wide variety of food and drink options, including vegan and vegetarian options. At the moment, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our cafe is operating as a takeaway service.

Alternatively, you may wish to bring your own packed lunch, which you can enjoy eating on one of our outdoor picnic benches.

Family camping in Devon has never been more fun!

We hope to see you soon at our Diggerland Devon campsite, and our Adventure Theme Park!

Fun Days Out in Yorkshire

At the moment, the topic in most people’s minds is, “when will this terrible pandemic end?” We’re here to share some of the incredible and fun days out in Yorkshire that you and your family can enjoy.

There’s no doubt that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) has left us all feeling anxious, isolated and a general feeling of uncertainty. We are all wondering when life will return back to normal, so that we can get back to doing the things we love, with the people we love.

Here’s a few ideas to put in the diary for your next fun days out in Yorkshire!

Diggerland Theme Park

First and foremost, Diggerland of course!

Diggerland provides a truly incredible and unique experience to add to your  fun days out in Yorkshire.

With 20 fantastic rides and drives to choose from, suitable for all members of the family, you’re bound to be impressed!

Where else can you learn how to operate real JCBs and 180/360 excavators? You can also experience what it is like to spin around on our Spindizzy ride! 

We provide a true variety of different construction based activities. Starting with rising to lofty heights on the Skyshuttle; and enjoying an off-road ride on the Groundshuttle. 

Additionally, you can choose from hooking a duck using a Komatsu PC14 machine, or moving and digging dirt in a JCB 8030 tracked mini digger!

Days out in Yorkshire - Spindizzy

Get stuck into history


Jorvik Viking Centre

For the families that have an interest in all things historic, we suggest planning a visit to Jorvik Viking Centre.

Experience the site which revealed some of the most incredible discoveries in modern archaeology. Taking you back to the 1970s, you can see at first hand what it was like living in the city. The sights, sounds and even the smells of the Viking Age are brought vividly back to life as you journey back. 

You can even get a closer look at some of the rarest Viking artifacts in the world, from delicate earrings and socks to frying pans and padlocks!


National Coal Mining Museum

Days out in Yorkshire just got super unique at the National Coal Mining Museum.

Here, you can go on an adventure 140 m underground into England’s last deep coal mine.

Just put on a hard hat and a lamp, and you’re good to go! 

Talk to charismatic former-miners as they tell the tales of their mining careers. Learn about the men, women, children, animals and equipment that worked the coal mines for centuries before them.

Hear how mining lingo, hardships and dangers shape how we live our lives today.


Bolton Castle

Bolton Castle is one of the country’s most magnificent and best preserved medieval castles. It bears the scars of over 600 years of fascinating history. The castle is still in the private ownership of Lord Bolton.

The beautiful castle based in Wensleydale provides groups and families a wonderful opportunity to delve deep into the history it holds. With their educational trips and tours, it’s perfect for the family.

Bolton Castle currently provides a 20% off discount to passengers that travel via Wensleydale Railway!

Jorvik Viking Centre
National Coal Mining Museum - Days out in Yorkshire
Bolton Castle - Days out in Yorkshire

Enjoying the great outdoors


Short Strolls (up to 5 miles)

If you’re the outdoorsy type of family (or even if you’re not), we bet that you’re looking forward to getting outside after a long time of being in isolation.

We have a list of really exciting outdoor walks that screams beauty.

The Yorkshire Dales offers a range of fantastic walks for everyone.

Some of the best family routes are at Aysgarth Falls that takes in a series of breathtaking waterfalls and the gem of a walk to Mill Gill Force and Whitfield Gill Force from Askrigg. 

Or, what if we were to tell you that you can take a halter trained alpaca for a walk?

In the Hambleton Hills, near Thirsk in North Yorkshire, you can! What a wonderful way to spend your days out in Yorkshire!

Walks of 1, 1.5 or 2 hours are available for adults over 16 (younger children over 10 can be accompanied by an adult). These delightful creatures are friendly, most endearing and easy to handle.

Three Peaks Challenge

On foot experiences

For the following walks, get ready to get your backpacks packed and your walking boots on your feet, as we mean business!

Coast to Coast is a classic walk, devised by the late Alfred Wainwright in 1973 to link the Irish Sea and the North Sea via the hills, Moors and valleys of Northern England. This is a 190 mile route which crosses two of Yorkshire’s National Parks, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

Or does The Three Peaks challenge interest you? We challenge you to complete the ascent and descent of Ingleborough, Whernside and Pen-y-ghent within twelve hours!

You can also discover 300 miles of waymarked walking, mountain biking and horse riding across wild and wonderful Yorkshire landscapes by taking part in one of Yorkshire’s National Trails. Long distance trails are a brilliant alternative for a break from home and enable you to explore even more of an area. Set yourself a personal challenge and grasp that fantastic sense of achievement that comes with tackling one.

We hope that this small guide has plucked some inspiration for your family.

To pre book your tickets to Diggerland, visit our website.


It’s Time To Go Clean & Green


Do you think of a clean and green theme park, when you think Diggerland? We completely get that you may have said no! We’re putting the word ‘theme park’ in the same sentence as ‘diggers’ of course.

However at Diggerland, you would be surprised at how much our theme parks are greener and cleaner than you might first think. 

Biomass Boilers

We have carbon-neutral biomass boiler systems that not only provide heat for the premises but which also generate surplus electricity. 

Solar Panels 

In the last few years, all Diggerland parks have been heavily involved in installing solar PV panels on the roofs of our buildings. This helps to reduce the effects of greenhouse gases by producing environmentally friendly energy. 

Diggerland solar panels

Electric Run Rides and Drives

We all know that diggers are dirty diesel guzzling machines. This is why at Diggerland, we have introduced rides and drives that run on electric instead. 

Our fully electric rides and drives include our Mini Landrovers, Crazy Carts and Quad Bikes. 


More Electrifying News

Not only can the kids enjoy driving around in electric cars but the grown ups can too! We have electric vehicle charging points installed at each UK Diggerland theme park. The charging ports are type 2 connectors. Patrons of Diggerland can charge up their EVs for free at any Diggerland. If you arrive and the charging ports are occupied, then check out ZapMap to see when the charging ports are available again. You can pop out of the Diggerland theme park but be sure to get your hand stamped so you can return again. 

If you have not yet experienced driving an electric car, then this can all change. All of our Diggerland UK theme park locations have electric vehicle hire satellite points, courtesy of EVision Electric Vehicle Hire. So whilst visiting a Diggerland park, you could enjoy a drive in an electric vehicle, such as the luxury Tesla Model S or fun-size BMW i3.


Electric Diggers

Electric diggers are quite scarce at the moment, however the well-known digger manufacturer JCB are working on that. 

JCB has already introduced an electric JCB 19C-1E digger. The JCB digger which is completely without an internal combustion engine has won the prestigious MacRobert Award. This digger has to date saved 15,100kg in CO2 emissions across 5,616 hours of work. 

We hope to see many more electric diggers on the market and hopefully thereafter at our Diggerland theme parks. Electric diggers are definitely the future for innovation to boost sustainability. Having a green and clean theme park is definitely at the top of our agenda.

Diggerland electric cars
jcb electric

What About You?

Are you clean and green? Everything from what we eat to what we use and what we do all impacts the environment. 

Be sure to eat lots of fruits and vegetables to ensure your body is clean and consumes lots of nutrients. Eating natural foods such as fruits and vegetables helps to reduce the amount of plastic produced. Just think of all the crisps and chocolate bar packaging. Eating healthily will aid your body as well as the environment. Try to buy your fruit and veg loose if you can, rather than packaged. 

Does your family recycle? With so much waste being dumped in our landfills and seas, we are ruining our beautiful planet. At least when we recycle our plastic, glass and cardboard these can be reused, therefore reducing the negative impact on our environment.

Help the environment every day by doing one simple thing – brushing your teeth. Do you use a plastic toothbrush when you brush your teeth? If so, you could be contributing to the 50 million pounds of waste that goes to landfill every year. Instead switch to a Bamboo toothbrush and every two to three months, snap off the nylon bristle head and throw the bamboo toothbrush handle in the compost.

How Can You Help Diggerland Be A Greener Place?

When visiting our Diggerland parks, try to reduce the amount of waste you bring with you. If you fancy a picnic, then why not wrap your food in beeswax wraps? Once your food has been eaten, you can take the beeswax wraps home with you, rinse them under the tap and use them again. 

Do you want to visit our clean and green theme park?

We advise customers to pre-book their tickets before their chosen visit date to guarantee entry to the park. Visitor numbers have been reduced to 500 people so we don’t want guests to be turned away.

Unfortunately Duggy and Dotty will not be around when we re-open as they have to self-isolate for a bit longer. They can’t wait to get back to the parks to give hugs and high-fives. Until then, stay safe, and most importantly, have an exciting family day out to Diggerland!

For further COVID-19 information please refer to our website.


Diggerland Theme Park re-opening!


It feels like such a long time since Diggerland last welcomed the public into the parks. We will be re-opening from Saturday 11th July, and we can’t wait to see you! It may have taken us slightly longer to get everything ready, but Duggy and Dotty wanted everything to be perfect for their visitors.

Are you feeling nervous about visiting?

Don’t be… We have everything in place for a safe family day out to Diggerland. Here’s what you can expect when you visit:


Upon arrival, all visitors will undergo a quick non-invasive temperature check to ensure they are ok to enter. Any guests who turn up presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 will be turned away.

Please ensure all guests have their booking confirmation email printed out or ready to show on a mobile device to a member of the admission staff. This will help to speed up entry to the park, and keep the queue time low.

We will accept customers who have turned up on the day and are looking to pay, but you will run the risk of being turned away if we are already operating on maximum capacity. During this difficult time, we want to keep things simple. We will not be able to accept any discount vouchers or codes, including Blue Peter Badges or 2 for 1 tickets, as this will take more time to process, and we want to avoid touching any unnecessary paperwork. We hope that after August we will be able to operate as we normally would.

Once we have seen your booking confirmation and you have passed the temperature check, we will need a few details from you. In line with the Government test and trace system, we ask any visitors to provide us with names and contact numbers of anyone entering Diggerland. We will be adhering to all GDPR policies, but we will need this information.

We will also ask anyone who is paying on the day, to pay by credit/debit card where possible to avoid handling any cash.

COVID-19 Temperature checks
Pay by card

Health and Safety measures

Once you have entered Diggerland, you will see numerous health and safety measures in place, in line with government guidelines.

We will have hand sanitiser around the park for all guests to use when required. If you want to bring additional sanitiser for your family you are more than welcome to.

Although we aim to open the park with all rides operational, we have to temporarily close some rides. The indoor soft play area and Little Tikes area will be closed. Additionally, Joyrider will be closed due to the close proximity of the marshal and the visitor.

For some rides, we will need visitors to wear a face mask or covering due to the nature of the ride. Signs will be clearly displayed when masks are required. We encourage everyone to wear a face mask for their own health and safety, although it is not mandatory. For any children under the age of 6, and visitors with certain health conditions and/or disabilities are not required to wear face masks. All of our staff will also be wearing face coverings.

When it comes to going on rides and drives, and even visiting the toilets we do politely ask for all visitors to go as a family. This will reduce queues for rides and the toilets.

Health and Safety at Diggerland
Hand Sanitiser

Diggerland Ticket Types

Gift Vouchers

Customers wishing to visit with a gift voucher that was purchased through Diggerland, we can book you in but we ask you to email us the following information:

  • Voucher type
  • Reference Number
  • Preferred park
  • Your chosen visit date
  • Contact number

Please ensure you do this at least 5 days before your visit, otherwise we will not be able to allocate you a place.

Complimentary tickets

Unfortunately there is no way a complimentary ticket can be used when pre-booking tickets online. We can only advise customers to turn up on the day of visit and present the ticket. If all presale tickets have sold out we will have to refuse entry, so if you’re worried you can always ring us on the morning of your visit date to check.

We advise customers to pre-book their tickets before their chosen visit date to guarantee entry to the park. Visitor numbers have been reduced to 500 people so we don’t want guests to be turned away.

Unfortunately Duggy and Dotty will not be around when we re-open as they have to self-isolate for a bit longer. They can’t wait to get back to the parks to give hugs and high-fives. Until then, stay safe, and most importantly, have an exciting family day out to Diggerland!

For further COVID-19 information please refer to our website.


Our Theme Park quiz that you can do during lockdown!


Have you been to Diggerland Theme Park? Do you consider yourself to be a digger fanatic? Whilst we normally offer school trips in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks. We are all left homeschooling for the time being instead! Fear not, enjoy learning some cool facts about our diggers and other construction machinery, and you will be tested at the end!


Telehandlers are a popular machine to have on construction sites, think of them as a cross between a fork lift and a crane. You’ve probably seen plenty, even if you didn’t know the name of them!

  • They are used mainly for transporting materials, and are very efficient in carrying large barrels of hay, or in our case people.
  • At Diggerland Theme Park we use a JCB telehandler for Groundshuttle and a Manitou telehandler for Skyshuttle.
  • We only have the very best machinery for our parks, if you’ve been on Skyshuttle, you’ll know that the machine lifts you 50 feet in the air, which is the equivalent of 5 elephants stacked on top of each other!
Theme Park ride - Skyshuttle
Dumper Trucks - Theme Park ride

Dumper Trucks

Here at Diggerland we have multiple Dumper Trucks available for our visitors to operate and ride around on, but how much do you really know about this particular construction machinery?

  • Did you know that the Dumper Trucks used at our Theme Parks are one tonne Thwaites Site Dumpers. This may not seem like a lot because of the size of them but they can actually hold the equivalent of two horses!
  • A dumper truck is normally used for carrying heavy loads and transporting material. This could include stones, dirt, or even  cement bags.
  • The advantage of using a dumper truck is that they are smaller than typical construction machinery, so it is great for small spaces such as a motorway or a roadside.
  • The Dumper Trucks at Diggerland have been adapted to only go the same speed as someone walking, purely for our visitors safety, but they could go a lot quicker!


We have tons of excavators at our Diggerland parks, obviously!

If you’ve been on all of our rides you will know that we have mini diggers, as well as larger diggers.

  • In the construction world there are two types of excavators, wheeled and tracked. As the names suggest, one type have wheels to move around with and tracked excavators have a set of steel tracks that rotate when the machine is moved.
  • The excavators we have at our theme parks are manufactured by Komatsu and JCB.
  • All construction machines manufactured by JCB and other companies are yellow so they can be visible on construction sites for safety reasons.
Theme Park ride - JCB 3CX

Backhoe Loaders

Probably the most well-known type of construction machinery, produced by JCB. At our theme park we use Backhoe Loaders for our JCB ride. For all of our keen Diggerland fans who have enjoyed our JCB ride will know the machine is fitted with a scoop at the front of the machine, and a bucket at the rear.

This type of machine can be used on a construction site as well as for farming purposes and transporting materials.

Did you know both loaders have separate controls, so the operator can swivel the chair round to use the back bucket as well as the loader at the front!

It’s quiz time…

Try and avoid the tempting urge to scroll back up to find the answers, we want to find all of the true digger fans!

Question 1: Our Excavators are made by which two manufacturing companies?

A) JCB and Thwaites B) Komatsu and JCB C) Komatsu and Manitou


Question 2: What tonne dumper trucks do we use at Diggerland?

A) 1 Tonne B) 5 Tonne C) 10 Tonne


Question 3: Skyshuttle lifts you how far up in the air?

A) 5 feet B) 50 feet C) 500 feet


Question 4: Our Telehandlers are made by which two manufacturing companies?

A) Manitou and JCB B) JCB and Komatsu C) Thwaites and JCB


Question 5: What colour are diggers?

A) Pink B) Yellow C) Green

Find the answers at the bottom of the page!

How did you do? If you didn’t get all of them correct you definitely take a trip to one of our Diggerland Theme Parks for a family day out. Tickets are available to pre-book today, so make sure you book yours to guarantee you entry for your chosen visit date.

1)B 2)A 3)B 4)A 5)B