Best unique gift ideas at Diggerland UK!

Diggerland UK offer the ultimate unique gift ideas for anyone looking for an action-packed, hands on, construction experience. We are located across the UK, with Diggerland parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire.

Alongside family fun, Diggerland has so many options for those looking for unique gift ideas. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out, a birthday gift or a treat for yourself, Diggerland has something for you! Available across the country, our experiences are available at all 4 of our parks. However, space is limited and we fill up quickly for each event therefore pre-booking is essential!

Dumper Racing

Race against the clock in our high speed, fun dumper track racing experience! If you think you have the skill and speed, then this is for you! 

Our Diggerland dumper racing experience involves co-ordination and nerve. Not only do you race against one another, you’re also racing against the clock in at least 2 race heats. If you’re fast enough to pick up one of the quickest times, then you excel to the Grand Final!

The winner receives a certificate to commemorate their victory – as well as having eternal bragging rights!

There is no charge for dumper racing spectators as this experience takes place in the evening once our Diggerland park has closed and the rides are not in operation.

Group or Individual JCB Experience

Maybe you’re looking for some unique gift ideas that are a bit more hands-on? Why not take charge of one of our JCB 3CX diggers? This is the perfect gift for anyone looking for the full on construction experience.  

Get to grips with using the front bucket, digging with the backhole, driving the machinery and digging holes, filling holes and leveling the ground! You can choose to operate our JCB diggers within a group or individually depending on what you’re looking for!

Did you know that all the JCB Backhoe Loaders produced in one year would be able together to move 1.5 billion tonnes of earth?

In our group experience, you will be alongside other digger enthusiasts as well as one of our experienced instructors. Whereas, our individual experience is much more personal! You work one-to-one with our expert instructor in a 90 minute training session learning how to drive the JCB, turn and dig into the ground and shift earth.The best part is both of our JCB experiences include admission for 2 additional people to visit Diggerland that day!  Why not try your hand at mastering the controls of our JCB 3CX digger and book here!

JCB Experience Diggerland
JCB Experience Diggerland

Monster Digger Experience

Looking for something bigger? Look no further!

Our monster digger experience is the most incredible experience we offer! In our one-to-one 90 minute experience you can operate our biggest digger to date, but it’s not called our monster digger for no reason…

This unique gift idea can easily result in embarrassment as you realise the monster digger isn’t as simple as it looks! Our expert instructor will be on hand to guide you through taking charge of the controls. This is ideal for any digger fan looking for something different, and big!

Day trip to Diggerland UK!

While our adult experiences are only suitable for those over 17, a day out to Diggerland is still the perfect unique gift idea for digger fanatics! With over 20 different rides and drives Diggerland is fun for all ages.

You can get to grips with real JBC and Komatsu excavators, take a head-reeling turn or two on Spindizzy or rise to lofty heights on the Skyshuttle. Diggland is the perfect place where the kids can let off steam while the parents sit back and relax… or join in the fun! Book your visit to one of our Diggerland parks today! Not sure when you can visit? Don’t worry, you can always purchase one of our Diggerland UK gift vouchers so you can come whenever suits you!

Is Diggerland Covid-19 safe?

We are delighted to be able to provide all our visitors with a safe, fun day out during what is a difficult time. All of our Diggerland parks are going above and beyond to ensure the risk of Covid-19 is limited by having the following safety measures:

  • Limiting guest numbers and encouraging social distancing
  • Temperature checking all guest before entry
  • Deep cleaning all touch points and rides after use
  • Encouraging visitors to pay by card wherever possible
  • Wearing face coverings when indoors and on certain rides.

For more information about any of our unique gift ideas or Diggerland UK, you can email us at or visit our website, here.

* All information correct as of 21/06/2021.