How can Diggerland help you and your family?

We encourage visitors to make contact with us prior to making their visit. Approximately 2/3 working days (we will not see enquiries from Friday night, over the weekend). The park you will be visiting will be provided with this information, on the day you will need to ask for a specific manager (this will be provided to you). The manager will ensure your needs are met as much as possible. Park Marshals will be made aware of your child’s visit and will know to make special allowances.

It is helpful if your child wears or carries something that will easily make your child identifiable to our staff. We would recommend a badge, particular colour top, backpack etc. Please let us know beforehand what your child will be wearing to make them easily identifiable. Kindly note we do not operate a queue jump system, however rides and drives typically take no longer than 10-15 minutes (during quieter times) queuing time before getting on the attraction. Please kindly note that during busier periods, queue times can possibly reach up to 45 minutes.

We had a blogger visit our Diggerland Kent site with her autistic son, who gave an honest and fair review of our Autism Friendly Attraction.

Prior to making your visit, please complete the form below.

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