What’s On this October Half Term?


What to do this October half term – that is the question looming in everyone’s mind.

With local restrictions across the UK, it’s proving more difficult to decide where to spend your time.

Diggerland is the perfect destination for families looking to spend some quality time together in the outdoors. All main attractions are situated outside, making your day that extra safe!

Why visit Diggerland this October Half Term?

By providing our visitors with the capabilities of driving their own diggers and dumpers, we’re certainly one of the most unique attractions in the UK.

Diggerland is located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. This means that you’re never too far away from digging until your heart’s content!

We have a variety of different attractions to suit everyone in the family, it’s not just for children! Need further convincing? See what one of our customers said on Trip Advisor.

A visit to Diggerland is sure to provide one of the most unique days out of the year, and will most certainly be a talking point for your kids when they go back to school!

Is Diggerland Covid-19 friendly?

We have a number of measures that have been taken to ensure that your visit is as safe as possible, whilst having as much fun as possible!

At Diggerland, you can expect to see social distancing markers and signage, sanitised machines and touch points and a reduced visitor capacity. All visitors will undergo a non-invasive temperature check on arrival.

All employees will be wearing a face covering, and hand sanitising stations are provided upon entering the park. 

You will also notice that our soft play areas are currently closed to keep the little ones as safe as possible!

To read up on our Covid-19 information, you can visit our website.

When can we visit Diggerland?


Diggerland is open this October half term week up until the 1st November. 

After this, we close for the winter season and re-open in February 2021 *sad face*.

We currently recommend for our visitors to pre book their tickets online in order to guarantee their entry. Tickets can be purchased on arrival, should we not already be fully allocated.

So, press pause on your pumpkin carving and be sure to visit our Diggerland parks before we close!

Star - Diggerland Feature.  Andy Jones and Paige Tyler.                13.7.2011                Picture by Tim Merry©

Outdoor Activities During Covid-19


It’s no surprise that as restrictions get tighter in the UK, we’re all wondering what we can do for fun, especially as outdoor activities are the best option!

At Diggerland, you can be rest assured that we are certified ‘Good to Go’. Very Covid friendly!

After all, we think you will all agree that walks to the park are becoming slightly repetitive, so why not switch up your day with a thrilling day at Diggerland?

Why choose Diggerland?

Diggerland is the only place in the UK where children can actually operate REAL digger machines! If that alone doesn’t convince you, let’s delve a bit further into what we offer.

We have 20 different rides and drives included within your entry price, providing you with enough machines to dig until your heart’s content.

If you have any digger crazed children or even adults in your group, Diggerland is truly the best place to be. It’s where all your digging dreams can come true!

Robots outdoor activities

Rides & Drives

We have an abundance of outdoor activities for our guests, including the almighty JCB 3CX, Skyshuttle and our personal favourite, Spindizzy! 

That’s right, you and your family can enjoy the thrills of a JCB 3CX accompanied by one of our fully trained marshals guiding you around a specially adapted track.

Or if you’re not scared of heights, Skyshuttle will be right up your street! Hop into your seat and buckle up, as the operator lifts you 50 feet into the air. We bet you haven’t seen the views of your local area from that height!

Mini Landrovers are the perfect activity for the mini guests! They each get to operate their own vehicle around a designed course. 

For thrill seekers in the group, Spindizzy and Groundshuttle are perfect! As an added bonus, they can both be enjoyed in your groups. Spindizzy is quite literally what it says on the tin, spinning around in the air by a PC210 machine! How fun does that sound?

Groundshuttle is the perfect attraction for those that don’t mind a bumpy ride! Together as a family, you can enjoy this wonderful machine as it takes you for a spin around a configured track.

To see all other attractions that we have to offer, head to our website.

What’s different at Diggerland?

When searching for Covid-19 friendly outdoor activities, Diggerland is the perfect stop!

Extra health and safety measures have been put in place to help keep you all as safe as possible.



  • Restricted visitor numbers to 500 (Kent & Yorkshire to 600)
  • Encouraging all customers to social distance from other guests & have provided one way systems around the parks
  • Face coverings required when indoors and on certain designated rides
  • Soft play & Little Tikes areas are currently closed
  • Contactless payments are advised where possible
  • All visitors will undergo a non-invasive temperature check on arrival
  • All Diggerland parks are deep cleaned including any touch points and machines. We do suggest customers also bring hand sanitiser as well
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out

How do I book?

Due to limited availability, we recommend pre-booking on our Diggerland website to guarantee your entry. 

Just click the link below!

Enjoy Diggerland Theme Park during October Half Term

So the spooky season is slowly creeping up on us. That’s right…Halloween! At Diggerland Theme Park, we tend to steer away from anything too scary, due to a large number of smaller guests visiting our parks. But this doesn’t mean that the Halloween fun has to stop there!

Within this blog, we talk about Diggerland (of course), tips on Trick or Treating during Covid-19 and other ways to celebrate the festivities.

Dippy Ducks at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggerland Theme Park

We’re so excited to open our parks for the October half term week. That being between the 26th October, right through to the 1st November, EVERYDAY!

That means even more opportunity for you and your family to hop in the car and visit us before the end of our 2020 season.

With just 11 days left of Diggerland opening, there’s no better way to end the October half term with a cracking day of digging in the mud! 

At Diggerland Theme Park, we provide an array of 20 different rides and drives, including the almighty Spindizzy. If you’re wondering what Spindizzy is, it’s pretty much how it sounds. You and your family can jump into a PC210 machine, whilst our expert operator lifts you into the air and spins you around! Sounds great right?! 

Other attractions include the Dippy Ducks, whereby you can use the digger controls to ‘hook a duck’. Or you can race around in your very own Crazy Carts and learn to operate your very own Giant Digger.

The possibilities are endless at Diggerland, and for digger crazed children is their whole dream come true!

Trick or Treating Tips during Covid-19

Understandably, the children will be more than excited at the thought of going Trick or Treating this year, especially after spending so much time indoors.

But how can we make Trick or Treating Covid-19 friendly? Of course, children putting their hands in buckets full of sweets and chocolate is not necessarily the safest way to do this.

The BBC have issued an article explaining a few ways to still celebrate the 31st October, but continue to stay safe whilst doing so.

  • Giving out individually wrapped sweets so that children are not touching something and then directly putting into their mouths
  • Leaving little gift bags of sweets and attaching them to a tree or fence
  • Checking with nearby neighbours in advance to check that they are happy to be visited for Trick or Treating
  • Take hand sanitiser with you to ensure that their hands are clean at all times
Trick or Treating


Now, every year it feels like a contest to have the best costume. Even better than last year’s! 

If you need some costume inspiration, there are several supermarkets that provide a range of spectacular yet affordable costumes for your little ones. Will it be a cat, zombie or perhaps a witch?

Better yet, what about a Halloween digger costume? We’ve seen some fantastic costumes on Pinterest which ought to get the creative juices flowing! This is the perfect way to bring all of your lockdown DIY skills into practice.

Enjoying the Festivities

Whether you’re the type of family that gets into the spooky spirit of Halloween, or even if you’re more of a quiet group that do not celebrate the season as much, there are still many ways for you to get involved this Halloween.

Pumpkin Picking

Pumpkin picking has been a massively popular tradition that has grown vastly over the years. It’s a great way to get outside for a few hours with the family whilst picking out your favourite pumpkins straight from the field. You simply turn up, grab your wheelbarrow and off you go!

Halloween Treasure Hunt

Organising your own Halloween treasure hunt is another great way to celebrate the season whilst also staying safe within your own social bubble. You can still look the part in your costumes, and work together to solve the clues, and eventually end up stuffing yourselves with sweets and chocolate! Which sounds great in our opinion!

Scary Movie Night

Watching a scary movie with the family is the perfect choice if you’d prefer things low key. After all, snuggling up on the sofa with some popcorn is a winner, right?

We hope that this blog has given you some inspiration for the upcoming Halloween season and we hope to see you at Diggerland Theme Park soon! 

Before you leave, why not have a look at some of the festive colouring sheets that the kids can print off and get stuck into?

Fun Things to do in Durham


When you think about fun things to do in Durham, what do you think of? The beautiful scenery, the historical culture? We think about diggers!

Of course, all those other things are brilliant and definitely provides the family with a great experience. But did we mention that you get to ride and drive REAL diggers at Diggerland?

At Diggerland, we provide a unique experience for families and friends, and take pride in that we have something for everyone in the group. After all, where else can you say, “I got to drive a JCB”?

Things to do in Durham – Diggerland of course!

If you have children that are digger obsessed, or a big kid (otherwise known as a parent) that has always dreamt of driving their own digger, then look no further.

We have an array of 20 rides and drives as well as additional activities to provide your family with the most unforgettable experience.

Take a ride together as a family on the ultimate Spindizzy attraction, where a Komatsu PC210 will lift you up in the air and spin you around. Yes, you read that correctly!

Or perhaps you can all enjoy breathtaking views like you’ve never seen before from our Skyshuttle ride. All you need to do is hop into your seat, and the operator will safely raise you 50 feet up in the air! Who knew that Durham could look even more stunning from that high?

You might be the calmer type of person, whereby Diggerland offers a range of low key attractions. You can sit back and enjoy maneuvering your way around in a Dumper Truck, or let someone else take the wheel and give you a tour on our Safari

We have a variety of different attractions catered to suit all members of the family. But don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself what one of our customers said on Trip Advisor.

Covid-19 Friendly

Looking for things to do in Durham during the current pandemic can be quite daunting.

Rest assured, Diggerland is certified ‘Good to Go’ by VisitEngland, and have met the required criteria in order to provide the safest day out for our guests.

You can expect to see reduced visitor numbers, one way systems to help with social distancing and sanitised equipment.

Other measures include the wearing of a face covering, a non-invasive temperature check upon arrival and hand sanitiser in our admissions area. We understand that carrying out extra health and safety measures is vital in ensuring that our visitors and staff are as safe as possible.

One way system - covid-19 friendly days out

I want to go!

Due to limited availability, we currently recommend that customers pre book their tickets via the Diggerland website (plus, guaranteed entry that way!)

Be sure to take a look at our interactive Ride Height Chart just before making your booking, so that you are aware of the height requirements. It’s also very exciting for the children, as they get a glimpse as to what’s to come on their magical day at Diggerland!

Customers are more than welcome to pay on arrival if we have availability, however we recommend to call us ahead to avoid any disappointment on the day. (01634 711711)

We hope that you will consider Diggerland Theme Parks for your Covid-19 friendly days out & look forward to welcoming you all soon!

3 Fun Ways to Surprise Your Family with a Diggerland Theme Park Trip


It is with good reason that Diggerland has been hailed the ultimate UK theme park experience. Apart from being the chosen destination for countless spontaneous family outings, a Diggerland trip can also double as a gift for a special occasion.

When gifting someone with such a special gift you may want to present it in a way that is both surprising and creative.

Thankfully, there are a number of ingenious ways in which you can present your family members with an outing to one of the four Diggerland locations across the UK. From organising a scavenger hunt to planning an unexpected discovery, let’s look at a few fun ways to give someone a surprise gift.


Everyone loves a scavenger hunt

A great way to present your loved ones with a Diggerland gift voucher is to organise a fun-filled scavenger hunt. You can make it as simple or challenging as you wish, either limiting the adventure to your own home or garden or extend it to the entire neighbourhood.

Scavenger hunts are enjoyed by children and adults alike. The difficulty of the clues will depend on who is partaking in the hunt. If you plan to take the whole family to Diggerland your clues may have to be simpler as when the planned trip is just for you and your partner. You can take your scavenger hunt to the next level by incorporating a construction machinery theme into all the clues. Just remember that the final clue will reveal the gift – a Diggerland gift voucher!

Goundshuttle ride at Diggerland Theme Park

Making a special occasion out of it

Although children may be among its biggest fans, countless adults will list a trip to Diggerland Theme Park among their favourite fun experiences. Such experiential gifts are especially popular among couples who find it increasingly difficult to buy presents for a partner who seemingly already ‘has it all.’

If you really want to bring a smile to your partner’s face, surprise them with a Diggerland grown-ups evening complete with unlimited rides and drives and a personalised commemorative certificate. There are many ways to spring the surprise of a Diggerland party on your partner. It can be as easy as simply blindfolding them before driving them to your chosen Diggerland location or as complex as having the party be the final destination in an Amazing Race-type quest.

Unexpected discoveries are the best

Instead of simply handing over a Diggerland gift voucher, why not let the lucky recipient simply stumble upon it while they go about their business? The possibilities are literally endless when it comes to orchestrating an unexpected discovery.

If you want to surprise your children, hide a Diggerland voucher inside a cereal box, on top of a gaming console, or in a clothes drawer.  If you want to surprise your partner, on the other hand, consider places such as in a handbag or briefcase, inside the medicine cabinet, or on your car’s dashboard. Whatever hiding spot you choose, make sure it fits in with the intended recipient’s regular routine to ensure that the surprise factor is maximised.


A trip to Diggerland Theme Park will undoubtedly make the perfect gift for many special occasions. By presenting the gift in an unconventional way you can make the overall experience even more memorable.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

Diggerland Gift Vouchers


We think that it is safe to assume that 2020 has been a difficult year, and everyone will be glad to get it out of the way. Just before we do that though, we have one more thing to cover. No, not Coronavirus, Christmas gift vouchers! 

In a survey that was carried out in 2015, it appeared that November was the most popular month for consumers to start purchasing their Christmas presents. But where’s the harm in starting earlier?

At Diggerland, we provide a variation of different gift vouchers, perfect to kick start the Christmas shopping!

General Admission Gift Vouchers

General admission gift vouchers can be purchased for families of 2, 3 and 4 people. 

Included in your gift voucher, is the use of all 20 rides and drives that Diggerland has to offer (height restrictions apply). Families can enjoy the thrills of our famous Spindizzy ride, or take a more relaxed approach on the Dumper Trucks whilst in the accompaniment of your loved ones.

An added bonus is that the big kids can enjoy the attractions just as much as the children! What a great excuse?


Dumper Racing

Going back to excellent gifts for the big kids, the Dumper Racing experience is one of the most unique days out you can ask for. It’s one of our most loved experiences by our customers, and extremely popular for friends and family members to enjoy together.

Participants can find themselves racing both against the clock and other participants. Dumper Racing tends to last up to two hours, but this is dependent on the amount of individuals competing.

Dumper Racing
JCB 3CX - Group JCB Experience

Group JCB Experience

Perhaps something calmer may be preferable, such as driving around in your very own JCB 3CX?

Endure a 90 minute experience, in a shared session with one of our expert instructors. You’ll be sure to feel like a JCB professional afterwards!

Included in the gift voucher price, is admission for two members of the party to enjoy the thrills of the main Diggerland park.

Formula JCB Racing

Formula JCB Racing is for the inner competitive and digger fanatics. This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX! 

Take this monster machine to its speed limit on our specially designed course, in order to become Champion of the Day.

Formula JCB Racing
Monster Digger Experience

Individual & Monster Digger Experience

This is where we start to take it up a notch! 

The Individual JCB & Monster Digger Experience are both the perfect day out for the dedicated digger lovers. 

Each lasting for 90 minutes, you can experience a one to one session with our specialist instructor in a JCB 3CX, or 22 Ton Komatsu PC210.

Participants will take part in a short health and safety briefing, and then the land is yours to dig until your heart’s content!

Purchasing Diggerland gift vouchers has never been easier, as they can be received directly to your email address, without even needing to leave the house! 

You can also be rest assured that our attractions are ‘Good to Go’ and have worked extremely hard to put the relevant Covid-19 health and safety measures in place.

Social Distancing Tips While Enjoying The Best Of Diggerland Theme Park


Businesses across the UK have already reopened in the era of new normality, with senior MPs telling the BBC that social distancing may nevertheless be required for at least the rest of 2020.

Diggerland Theme Park has adopted a host of measures to ensure your visit to the park is as safe as it is fun.

These include restricting visitor numbers, asking visitors to wear face coverings, and encouraging social distancing. If you are visiting the park, what steps can you yourself take to ensure you stay at a safe distance from other visitors?

Visiting In Small Groups to Diggerland Theme Park

In addition to visiting the park with friends, aim to make it a family affair. You can go on rides with other members of your family, having the ride of your life while staying safe. If you visit Diggerland Theme Park with family friends, stick by the rule of riding with your own family members if you can. You can still enjoy the company, but by sticking to the two-metre distance rule with friends, you can keep both them and you safer.

Robots outdoor activities
Diggerland train

Maintaining Distances At Meal Time

When enjoying a snack or break at Diggerland’s Dig Inn, know that the restricted visitor number will mean that social distancing can be easily achieved. Thought is always put into the positioning of tables to allow ample space for staff and visitors, and tables will now be far enough away from each other to comply with safety rules.

You can also do your share by ensuring that you are seated at the required distance from friends or other families visiting the park. If you have a choice of seating, opt for different smaller tables for families rather than one large one for you and other families. Diggerland has many picnic benches throughout the park, so you can also opt to bring your own snacks instead.

Keeping It Clean

Make sure to wash your hands frequently, and bring hand sanitiser, taking extra care to clean your hands before handling food. If you are visiting on the same day as family friends, it is best if each family prepares its own snacks and if children enjoy their meal alongside their parents.

Try to sit at the required distance from friends at all times, only removing your face covering while you are eating or if you are standing at a far enough distance from each other. Finally, try to eat food with utensils instead of your hands, or opt for snacks with wrapping you can hold on to while tucking in.

Diggerland Theme Park social distancing
Goundshuttle ride at Diggerland Theme Park

Wearing Face Coverings

While you may not be required to wear facial coverings in all parts of Diggerland, you may be required to do so while you are on some rides.

If so, make it fun for kids by purchasing them cute masks with animal prints or other designs that will make them seem more like a fashion statement. You should ensure that masks are on particularly if your children are playing with other children and, at times, they occasionally get a little closer to each other than the two-metre minimum calls for.

Diggerland is a super fun outdoor activity that is ideal for active families wishing to enjoy a safe time in the great outdoors.

If you will be visiting with friends, ensure you stand at least 2 metres apart and wear face coverings if you can, even in areas where it is not obligatory. Enjoy snacks and food, but sit at least 2 metres away from friends. Make your own food or buy food at Dig Inn, making sure to wash your hands before eating, and to use utensils if possible so that your hands do not touch your mouth.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

What should I wear to Diggerland Theme Park?


The top amusement parks in the UK have seen an average turnover of 4.8% in 2018 driven by a growing number of millennial consumers looking for new experiences during their free time. Diggerland Theme Park is perfect for this!

As more people seek adventure tourism during holidays, theme parks offer a different world to have fun and spend quality time with friends or family.

Part of making sure that your trip to Diggerland will be a success is to dress up appropriately. Wearing the right clothes and shoes ensure that you’ll have a comfortable and safe stay making your outing a memorable one.

Consider the Weather

Although Diggerland is not open in winter, you still should consider the weather when visiting the park.  You may get unexpected rain which means that bringing an extra pair of footwear is a good idea to keep your feet dry. There’s nothing more annoying than moving about in wet shoes.

Bring a raincoat to protect yourself from getting soaked if there is a sudden downpour. It does not hurt to prepare for a drizzle by carrying a rain poncho in your bag. Ponchos are not heavy and would easily fit in your rucksack.

There are also disposable ones that you can buy if you don’t want to deal with the wet mess afterwards. Just make sure you are disposing them properly to respect environmental concerns.

Robots outdoor activities
Diggerland train

How to Dress Up

The best style of dressing when going to Diggerland is to layer up donning a t-shirt or top as base. Throw in a cardigan or jumper to keep you toasty if temperatures are nippy.

When shopping for clothes, look at the material and consider the advantages of each fabric type. For example, cotton is a natural fabric that is breathable enhancing your comfort.

Garments that have Lycra or Spandex in them such as leggings and athletic wear offer ease of movement because of the stretch material. A pair of shorts is also ideal so that you are free to move inside an excavator without fear that your trousers will get caught in something. If you’re wearing trousers, ensure that they are not too long to avoid tripping in them or at worst,  getting the hem tangled in the pedals.

When it comes to footwear, fit flops, slip slops, slip ons and any other type of slippers must be avoided.

At Diggerland, you’ll be very active digging dirt, driving go karts, dumping earth, enjoying a safari, or playing indoors. Wear closed shoes such as wellies, trainers, flat shoes, or flat boots to protect and support your feet. Do not show up in high heels as they can affect your ability to operate the machinery safely.

Diggerland has tons of activities that will suit a wide range of age groups, subject to certain restrictions. Dress properly and you will surely relish your day in the outdoors feeling relaxed and safe.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood

Diggerland is Covid-19 Friendly & Good To Go!


As lockdown restrictions start to ease across the UK, more and more of us are looking for Covid-19 friendly days out.

After months of spending time at home, the Government is now encouraging people to venture outside with their families. But how do you choose where to go? 

Of course, we completely understand that leaving your homes after all this time can be daunting. As we start to enter into a world with a new ‘norm’, there are a lot of things that have changed.

At Diggerland, we’re here to show you that you can still get back to the good ol’ digging days, but with just some small changes.

We’re Good To Go

Visit Britain has released an industry standard whereby attractions can apply for a ‘We’re Good To Go’ consumer mark. In order to receive this, an online assessment must be completed, to make sure that health & safety practices are in place. 

Diggerland are delighted to be part of this, to help assure our lovely customers that we are indeed Covid-19 friendly!

Covid-19 friendly days out - Good to go

What’s different at Diggerland?

When searching for the ultimate Covid-19 friendly days out, look no further than Diggerland Theme Park.

Since our re-opening in July, we have received a surge of positive feedback on our health and safety practices. Don’t believe us? Check out what one of our customers said earlier this month on Facebook!

At all Diggerland locations, certain health and safety measures have been put in place to help keep you all as safe as possible.


  • Restricted visitor numbers to 500 (Kent & Yorkshire to 600)
  • Encouraging all customers to social distance from other guests & have provided one way systems around the parks
  • Face coverings must be worn when indoors and on certain designated rides
  • Soft play & Little Tikes areas are currently closed
  • Contactless payments are advised where possible
  • All visitors will undergo a non-invasive temperature check on arrival – this is for the safety of all visitors and staff
  • All Diggerland parks will be deep cleaned including any touch points and machines. We do suggest customers also bring hand sanitiser as well
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out
One way system - covid-19 friendly days out
Outdoor picnic area - covid-19 friendly days out

Eat Out To Help Out

We are very excited to be included in the Eat Out to Help Out Government scheme. 

This is currently available at our Devon, Durham & Yorkshire locations between Monday – Wednesday. 

Our onsite cafes provide a range of hot and cold food, alongside a fresh cup of happy customer service.

There is bound to be something tasty for you and your family!

If bringing your own food from home is better suited to you, we provide outdoor picnic benches for customers to dine in the sunshine instead.

Great, how do I book?

Due to limited availability, we currently recommend that customers pre book their tickets via the Diggerland website (plus, guaranteed entry that way!)

Be sure to take a look at our interactive Ride Height Chart just before making your booking, so that you are aware of the height requirements. It’s also very exciting for the children, as they get a glimpse as to what’s to come on their magical day at Diggerland!

Customers are more than welcome to pay on arrival if we have availability, however we recommend to call us ahead to avoid any disappointment on the day. (01634 711711)

We hope that you will consider Diggerland Theme Parks for your Covid-19 friendly days out & look forward to welcoming you all soon!

Children with Special Needs Have a Great Time at Diggerland Theme Park!


Around 8% of children in the UK have special needs, including learning difficulties, hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If you have a child with special needs then you may wonder if they would enjoy a day out at Diggerland. This fun park has a host of facilities aimed at making a visit easier and more practical – including parking, and free entrance for carers of disabled visitors.

This means that if your child loves nothing more than playing with toy diggers and dreams of being able to drive or ride in a real-life digger, then taking them to Diggerland Theme Park may just become their favourite activity!

Children with Wheelchairs

It is easy to get around Diggerland if your child has a wheelchair. Most surfaces comprise tarmac and gravel and entryways are wide enough to easily negotiate.

You can leave your wheelchair on terra firma while your child is enjoying an amazing ride alongside you in a digger. Some machines are easier to access than others and you will need to lift or assist your child yourself.

Moreover, not all machines are ideal so it is important to be flexible with the type of activity you choose. The good news is that most diggers are operated using hand controls only and these do not require great power to handle.

Child playing in nursery - Diggerland Theme Park

Catering to Different Needs

Children with ASD can be very much into specific toys and if cars and diggers are their thing, then they may ask you for a ride almost immediately. However, children who are sensitive to motor sounds may not wish to climb up on a digger, in which case you should ideally bring safe toys your child loves so they can keep entertained.

Ensuring they have age-appropriate toys that are shatter-proof and don’t contain sharp edges is a good idea when you are visiting Diggerland as a group. If you are visiting the park with your partner and other kids, for instance, they can enjoy an active ride while children who prefer with their own toys stay focused on carrying out familiar activities.

Finding a Ride Your Child Enjoys

For a super fun experience at Diggerland, let your child lead the way in terms of the activities he or she chooses.

Kids who love being in the company of other little ones will love the sound of laughter and elation at rides like the Groundshuttle, in which all they have to do is sit back while the driver takes them on a fun-filled adventure.

Those who prefer to be with parents and other people they already know might opt for a safari ride to view the beautiful natural surroundings.

Children who normally get around on wheelchairs may love controlling a digger while digging for Buried Treasure using a Komatsu PC14 mini digger. This activity takes loads of concentration and is ideal for children who are goal-oriented.

Goundshuttle ride at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggerland Theme Park offers a fun day out for adults and kids alike, with so many activities to partake in.

There are many areas in the park in which you can relax, too, so children who aren’t into rides can play with their favorite toy while siblings are digging up land or finding treasure. The key to making the most of a visit is to go with an open mind and to let your child define their own idea of fun.

Written by our Guest Blogger Jane Sandwood