Fun Facts with Diggerland Theme Park

Amazing And Surprising Facts About Diggers

At Diggerland Theme Park, we just absolutely dig learning!

Did you know that around £5m worth of diggers are buried beneath countless swimming pools and basement conversions in the West of London?

This phenomenon occurred in the early 1990s, when property developers decided that ‘burying a digger in its own hole’ was a great way to momentarily (or permanently) put these machines to rest after a million-pound project was completed. This is just one of many anecdotes about diggers and the big role they play in British life and industry.

Read on to discover more fascinating facts about these classic machines and feel more inspired than ever to drive one all on your own at Diggerland Theme Park.

Dig-a-Round at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggers And Railways

Did you know that the origins of diggers can be traced back to the late 18th century? The original excavator was the steam shovel, created by William Otis. This visionary used chains, pulleys and gears to provide the power required to dig through the earth.

This machine was developed to deal with demands posed by the railway industry, which was thriving at this time. In 1951, the French took the lead, creating excavators made with newer hydraulic technology – which was far more efficient and easy to maintain.

Diggers Are Ultra-Powerful

If you ever wondered to what extent diggers can speed construction work up, it is estimated that they can work as fast as 20 manual labourers put together. In fact, newer, more powerful models can work even faster.

A recent project in Bedford showed that one excavator was able to complete an entire project in around two and a half hours; three manual labourers took two days to complete only a fifth of the work.

Mini Tractors at Diggerland Theme Park
Dumper Trucks at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggers Have Caught Up With The Autonomous Craze

Drivers who are into vehicle maintenance and developments know that one of the biggest crazes to hit the industry, is that of autonomous vehicles. A plethora of companies – including Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan, are working on making car ownership easier and safer than in the past, thanks to self-driving features.

New diggers are boasting similar technology to those found in these cars. Built Robotics has developed a kit that fits existing construction equipment with GPS, WiFi and lidar to enable diggers to autonomously map and navigate their surroundings. The new tech will enable drivers to oversee various fleets at once, thus making it possible to meet deadlines quicker.

Diggers Can Be Huge

You might be surprised to know how heavy diggers can be. One of the heaviest in the world is the Bucyrus RH400/Terex RH 400, which weighs an impressive 980 tonnes! This is followed by the Hitachi EX8000-6, weighing in at 837 tonnes, and the Liebherr R9800, whose weight stands at 810 tonnes. Mini diggers, meanwhile, can weigh a little over 615 kg.

If you want to know what it feels like to drive a digger, there could be no better place to start than at Diggerland Theme Park. The power of even the smallest diggers makes it easy to experience what working in construction could feel like. Feel their power by trying one out, whether you are a child or an adult who is fascinated by the history and technology behind the world’s most popular and useful diggers.

Written by our guest blogger Jane Sandwood
How to Enjoy Driving on a Digger if you have Motion Sickness

Enjoying your day out at Diggerland Theme Park

If you have motion sickness but you have always dreamed of manning your own digger, know that there are both natural and medical approaches that can ensure you have the time of your life at Diggerland Theme Park!

If you have motion sickness, then know that it is usually something that passes, and that sometimes, it just involves feeling a little dizzy for a couple of minutes.

Motion sickness is not actually a disease; it is no more than a normal response to, because there is a difference between what we are focusing on (a fixed point in our environment) and the movement of our vehicle.

Dig-a-Round at Diggerland Theme Park

Kids and Women can be more prone to Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is rare in toddlers. In fact, it reaches its peak by the age of 12, declining between 12 and 21.

At Diggerland Theme Park, children from the age of two to sixteen or seventeen can drive a digger, so by this time they should be just fine.

Also, if by any chance they feel like enjoying another activity, they will be happy to know that there are many rides and activities to choose from. There is a sizeable indoor play area featuring slides, bouncy castles, arcade games, and more.

Preventing Motion Sickness at Diggerland Theme Park

Battling nausea and wooziness while travelling is important if the journey is to be enjoyed. One way to do so is through prevention. Researchers at Siena College found that feeling stressed can make you feel more symptoms of motion sickness.

Children can benefit from knowing that although riding a digger at Diggerland Theme Park is a different experience, they can feel more in control if they drive the digger themselves.

They should know what to expect, but be encouraged to take a chilled out stance to any potential symptoms. They should know that they can simply get off if they are feeling a tiny bit dizzy, and take place in a plethora of other activities with their siblings and parents.

Mini Tractors at Diggerland Theme Park
Dumper Trucks at Diggerland Theme Park

Natural Approaches to Motion Sickness

Some natural methods people use to quell motion sickness include consuming ginger (in the form of a ginger ‘shot’ or by chewing on candied ginger). A ginger shot can be a little too strong for younger children, but older teens will probably enjoy naturally squeezed ginger juice blended with orange juice, or a cup of tea that has been infused with ginger.

Acupressure has been found to be useful for nausea, meanwhile. A study by researchers at the Center for Advancing Health found that stimulating an acupoint on the wrist can help reduce this symptom of motion sickness. To be precise, pressure should be applied to the pericardium (P6) point, located around two inches from the base of the palm, on the inner side of the wrist.

Use your thumb to apply gentle pressure to this spot, and make sure you target both wrists. Eating a small amount of food can also be helpful, so give your child a healthy snack a few minutes before they get on the digger. Ensure the snack isn’t heavy or greasy so it does not strain their digestive system.

What about Medication?

For people that have serious motion sickness, doctors sometimes describe medications like Dramamine, which is safe for children aged two and above.

In some cases, medications for motion sickness can cause drowsiness. Therefore, the decision of whether or not to give these should be taken after discussion with a paediatrician.

Keeping stress down and expectations realistic will help stave off symptoms, and you should also try natural remedies such as ginger. Finally, remember to bring light, healthy, sugar- and fat-free snacks that will help ensure your child enjoys his or her first digger drive to the full!

Dippy Ducks at Diggerland Theme Park

If you are planning a visit to Diggerland Theme Park, know that there are so many activities available that kids or parents with motion sickness should know that they will have a good time.

Written by our guest blogger Jane Sandwood
Diggerland’s tips for hosting the family on Christmas Day

Christmas Day is one of those wonderful – yet slightly stressful – days of the year. As well as scouting out the perfect turkey or trying to come up with original, thoughtful gifts (we’d recommend our Christmas gift vouchers if you’re stuck for ideas!), there’s the small matter of hosting – a responsibility that a fair few people shy away from.  

In fact, a recent campaign carried out by retailer Next found that in December 2018, 110 people Googled the phrase “how to tell family you’re not hosting Christmas” – an increase of 100% from the year before. 

Aside from all things dinner-related like portion sizes, setting the table and making sure everybody’s got enough to eat, there’s also the small matter of entertaining the children – who, by about midday, are likely to be hyped up on sugar and presents. 

We’ve put together a couple of tips to help your Christmas Day run smoothly.

Girl opening presents - Christmas Gift Vouchers

Tip 1: Decide when to open presents

Present etiquette can be hard to get right. Do you open in the morning or the afternoon? Pre-dinner or post-dinner? What if you’ve already opened your gifts but your guests and their children haven’t? 

To avoid any unnecessary tears and restlessness on the part of the little ones, establish when gift-giving will take place ahead of the big day. That way, you’re all aligned and each child can open his/her presents at the same time as the others. 

If you’re stuck for gifting ideas, we’d recommend going for an experience rather than a product or toy that’ll likely be tossed to the side in a couple of years. Our gift vouchers allow entry into the Diggerland adventure park with access to all rides and drives for the day – perfect for adults and children alike and a great way to encourage your kids to get out and about.

Tip 2: Stagger sugar consumption throughout the day

Christmas Day is a day of food, food, food (a lot of which is high in sugar!) which is why it’s a good idea to try and stagger your children’s sugar consumption throughout the day to avoid them becoming too hyper too soon. 

Try and shift their focus to something other than what they’re putting in their mouths – for example, by setting up an arts and crafts corner. There are plenty of printable materials available online and we recommend a Christmas card-related activity – great for any little ones that have forgotten to write mummy and daddy a card.

Making Biscuits - Christmas Gift Vouchers
Christmas Dinner - Christmas Gift Vouchers

Tip 3: Set up activity stations

Although arts and crafts is a great way to fuel children’s creativity, it may be that some of your tinier guests are keener on getting out and about and moving around.

Try and schedule periods throughout the day when some of the adults can go for a wander and take the kids (those who want to go) with them. If you’re hosting and taking charge of the cooking, you might appreciate some of your guests disappearing for a little while, leaving you in peace to get on with dinner prep or clearing up. 

Similarly, some of the children might feel like watching a Christmas film. Set up a movie viewing area in the living room for those that feel like cuddling up and watching something.

By having lots of different activity stations, restlessness and possible tantrums become less likely. 

Tip 4: Consider investing in a kids’ table

Christmas Day is as much about the adults as it is about the children – and we know that many mums and dads yearn for a little bit of alone time.

To give the grown-ups some time to catch up, consider making one part of the dinner table specifically for the kids. Or, invest in a smaller, separate table if you have the space.

Drawing Table - Christmas Gift Vouchers

We hope we’ve given you some useful tips for hosting Christmas Day with family. Diggerland opens again in February (you can see the opening times here) – why not give the gift of an experience this Christmas and buy your family some of our gift vouchers

And if you’re curious to see how a celebrity like Emma Willis celebrates Christmas, have a look at her Christmas routine and traditions here.

Wonderfully written by our guest blogger Tasman Hogan
Room décor tips for the ultimate digger fan

We have compiled a list of ideas below on how Diggerland Theme Park can help turn your child’s bedroom into a magical, digger-themed world!

A recent survey commissioned by Next has found that parents’ most popular dream theme when decorating their children’s rooms is “Animal” followed by “Jungle/Forest”. 

But we know better than anyone that a lot of kids are very into diggers and JCBs, jumping at the chance to have a digger-themed space. But what does that look like, exactly?

Read on for some tips on digger-themed décor; what furnishings to go for, what colour scheme is best and what products we recommend for the ultimate digger fan.

Paint decorating - Diggerland Theme Park

Colours & Walls

When it comes to colour, we recommend opting for a yellowy/beige colour scheme to match the typical colour of diggers and JCBs.

In fact, nowadays over half of parents opt for neutral or bright colours like yellow, as opposed to traditional pinks and blues. In a shift away from traditional gendered colour schemes, 57% of parents prefer greys, yellows or other neutral shades to decorate a child’s room – according to Next’s survey. 

What’s more, yellow is “energising and uplifting” according to colour psychologist June McLeod, suggesting this particular scheme will have a positive impact on your little one’s mood. 

If you’re using paint, find one that’s free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) as these can let off harmful gases. Alternatively, invest in some digger wall stickers (Pinterest has some great ideas for how these can be used to jazz up the décor). Wall stickers are great because they’re easy to apply and remove, and since parents redecorate their children’s rooms and nurseries every 23 months on average, it’s important to invest in décor that can be altered and changed with ease.

Toys & Stationery from Diggerland Theme Park

Just because the bulk of the room is likely to be more neutral doesn’t mean to say bright colours shouldn’t be present. We recommend introducing the full spectrum of colours via toys and furnishings. Young children love to play with colourful toys while older children tend to express themselves in many different ways with colour. What’s more, brightly coloured toys and equipment can be easily moved or stored away to create a more restful atmosphere for quieter times. 

Ultimately, toys are a fundamental part of a child’s room and make the space feel homey and personalised – and for digger fans, there’s a wealth to choose from. 

At Diggerland Theme Park, we’ve got teddy bears and soft digger toys to make those restless nights a little more bearable for your tots. Meanwhile, retro Top Trumps Adventure Days offers hours of weekend fun.  

If your child is in primary school, get them kitted out with digger-themed stationery. These may just make those projects and homework assignments slightly more fun and enjoyable!

Child playing in nursery - Diggerland Theme Park


Update your child’s wardrobe with digger-themed clothes – this might make morning wardrobe battles a little more bearable! You can find a range of clothing options on both the Diggerland website and on Next too.

From wellies and socks to different types of tops, Next have the ultimate digger fan catered for – and their pieces will no doubt add a bit of colour to your child’s wardrobe. 

You can even create a personalised digger top (a great Christmas present for digger fans!) 

Mum & Son at Diggerland Theme Park

We hope we’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to decorating with the ultimate digger fan in mind.

Have a look at our Christmas Gift Vouchers and come and visit us at the Diggerland Theme Park in February!

Wonderfully written by our guest blogger Tasman Hogan
Fun Things to do in Durham

Things to do in Durham

There’s no denying that there is an array of spectacular things to do in Durham. You might say, that Durham is a county full of surprises, where you can delve further into the beautiful county’s history and explore it’s fascinating past from a multitude of attractions. 

Whether you have a keen interest in the medieval city, or are simply looking for something to fill up your weekend, we have compiled a list below of some must-see things to do in Durham.

Durham Cathedral

Durham Cathedral

The Cathedral was built in 1093 to house the Shrine of St Cuthbert, and is home to it’s beautiful architecture and wonderful location, which is in the heart of the Durham World Heritage Site. 

Durham Cathedral is just a 15 minute drive from our Diggerland Theme Park, which is located in Langley Park. This gives you the perfect opportunity to experience what Durham has to offer, by immersing yourself into the views from the Cathedral’s central tower, where you can see the historic city and surrounding countryside.


Set in 300 beautiful acres of the countryside, Beamish offers visitors a chance to really gain a first hand experience on what life was like in North East England, in the 1820s, 1910s and 1940s.

With a list of exciting events such as, The Great North Festival of Transport, the Georgian Fair and The Great North Festival of Agriculture, there are always an ample of fun things to do in Durham throughout the year. 


Fun Activities to do in Durham


You will find Diggerland Durham located in Langley Park, just off Front Street, which is the main road that runs through Langley Park Village.

The only place where adults and children can gain a real experience of the construction world, we provide an array of attractions whereby our guests can ride and operate real, full sized diggers and dumpers. With our specially adapted machines, visitors can learn to operate their very own Skidsteer, drive around a designed course and see if they can get to grips like a professional! If that’s not enough for you, how about operating the world famous JCB 3CX? Who would have thought that your little ones would have the opportunity to drive a real Backhoe Loader? For our littler guests, they may enjoy boarding our Diggerland Train, where they can turn the steering wheel and honk the horn on a journey around the park.

Down At The Farm

Based in the Sunderland area, Down At The Farm has been running since the 18th century. Visitors can meet a variety of wonderful animals such as alpacas, meerkats, reindeers and ponies.

During their season, guests can get up and close by washing, petting and feeding some of their farm animals.

Adventure Valley

With an array of attractions, indoor play areas and animal zones, Adventure Valley offers a wonderful family experience for all ages. You can even create magical memories at their upcoming Winter Wonderland.

Escape Rooms Durham

For an hours worth of adrenaline, an escape room may just be the perfect activity for your family or friends. A group of six people can experience two different games ‘Mr Barrowdales Study’ and ‘Escape The Lab’. These will certainly bring the group together, and are perfect for stag/hen parties or corporate team building exercises.

Places to stay whilst in Durham

Best Western Whitworth Hall Hotel

Whitworth Hall has 29 rooms with a purpose of providing relaxing stay, whilst also offering views over the deer park and local countryside. The hotel serves a variety of cuisine from The Library restaurant and their very popular afternoon tea. 

Alternatively, you can experience a variety of nearby restaurants such as The Royal Oak, which serves everybody’s well-loved ‘pub grub’ food. Casa d’Italia is also a very popular nearby Italian restaurant for all you pizza and pasta lovers!

Hotel Indigo Durham

Hotel Indigo Durham

Now this is classy! Hotel Indigo is the perfect stop for those that are looking to step into the history of Durham. Their boutique hotel is just a few short moments from the historic Durham City Centre, which is right in the heart of all the adventure. With the magnificent university, castle and spectacular Durham Cathedral right on your doorstep, you will be spoilt for choice!

Hotel Indigo is just a 15 minute drive away from Diggerland Durham, which gives you the perfect chance to ticket us off your list!

And there you have it, your one stop guide for fun and truly fantastic things to do in Durham. We hope to see you soon for our 2020 season!

Get your Christmas Gift Vouchers early!
Mum & Son at Diggerland Theme Park
The winter season is slowly creeping up on us, and with that in mind, that also means that Christmas is just around the corner. There we go, we said it!

Whether you consider yourself to be Santa or the Grinch, there’s no denying that the big day is looming upon us, and we’re here to help you with a range of Gift Vouchers which include an array of unique experience days.

Diggerland are able to provide Admission & Experience Day vouchers all year round, which is perfect for both the early birds who start their shopping in August, as well as the last minute shoppers who are rocking the Christmas Eve shop!

So how much more do we spend at Christmas?

According to an article written on the Bank of England website, it is said that the typical household spends over £500 extra in December, on top of the UK average household spend of £2,000 per month.

It is said that we spend an extra 16% on food, 43% on clothing and a whopping 68% on computers and electronics. The way consumers buy items has drastically changed over time, to which the value of online shopping has nearly doubled in the past three years.

With new events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday to consider, November is also a particularly pricey month too.

Why purchase a Gift Voucher from Diggerland?

We offer a wide range of Gift Vouchers throughout the entire year, offering spectacular days out and unique experience days such as the Monster Digger Experience and Dumper Racing Experience

Be ahead of the game this year and browse our selection of truly awesome and exhilarating Gift Vouchers, starting from just £42.95. They’re the perfect gift for families looking for a fun-fueled day out, but they are also an excellent present for the big kids too.

General Admission

Our Diggerland General Admission vouchers can be purchased for families of 2, 3 & 4. These Gift Vouchers will allow admission into any UK Diggerland park located in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire. But that’s not all! Along with admission into the park, the voucher will also allow you unlimited access to all 20 attractions within the theme park (height restrictions apply). The only activities that are not included within our Admission Gift Vouchers is the Dodgems and coin operated machines. 

  • General admission for a family of 2 – £42.95
  • General admission for a family of 3 – £63.95
  • General admission for a family of 4 – £81.95

Dumper Racing

Talking about providing excellent gifts for the big kids, the Dumper Racing is one of the most unique experience days you will ever endure. It’s one of our most loved experiences by our customers, and extremely popular for friends and family members.

Participants can find themselves racing both against the clock and other participants. Dumper Racing tends to last up to 2 hours, but this is dependent on the amount of individuals competing on that particular day.

You can expect to race in at least 2 heats and for the best drivers, the chance to race in the final to be the reigning champion!

Dumper Racing is available at Yorkshire, Devon and Kent.

Group JCB Experience

Treat your family to a group experience, driving around their very own JCB 3CX. 

Who honestly hasn’t dreamt of using the front bucket, digging and filling in holes in a huge digger?

Included in the gift voucher price, you will also receive admission for 2 members of the party to enjoy the thrills of the main Diggerland Adventure Park.

Formula JCB Racing

Formula JCB Racing is for the inner competitive and digger fanatics. This is your opportunity to get behind the wheel of an 8.5 tonne JCB 3CX! Take this monster machine to its speed limit on our specially designed course.

The British designed and built, JCB 3CX Backhoe-Loader is famed the world over as being a stalwart of the construction and civil-engineering industries.

Formula JCB Racing

Individual JCB Experience

The Individual JCB Experience is exactly what it says on the tin! Have a more intense, and individual experience with your very own JCB 3CX. The participant will receive a safety briefing, and one-to-one training on operating the machine, then you will be left to your own devices, to maneuver, dig, and create huge dirt piles.

Monster Digger Experience

When it comes to unique experience days, the Monster Digger Experience is sure to be an absolute winner. It will most definitely be the talk of the house on Christmas day. Participants will jump inside a whopping 22 Ton Komatsu PC210 Monster Digger, which is bound to impress those who hear!

Booking one of our spectacular and unique experience days has never been easier. To purchase any of the above activities as a Gift Voucher, you can do so either via the Diggerland website, or on the phone, where one of our Bookings Team will happily post out your Gift Voucher in a Diggerland branded envelope.

Diggerland Theme Park is great for younger guests too!
Mum & Son at Diggerland Theme Park
Last year, the total number of visitors to England’s theme parks and similar attractions grew by 2% compared to 2017.

However, child admission declined by 1%, according to Visit England. One reason for this is that parents with multiple children worry that theme parks won’t have much to amuse their youngest children.

But there’s no need to be concerned about this at Diggerland Theme Park as there is plenty to do for guests of all ages.

Preparation is key!

For safety reasons, a number of rides at Diggerland have a minimum height restriction of 90 cm in place. This means that the average 2 and a half-year-old will be able to go on the majority of the park’s rides, based on On Average’s figures, but children under this age won’t. There’s no need to avoid taking a trip to Diggerland if you have a child under this height though as they can still enjoy the rides with the assistance of you and their older sibling.

When asked about how Diggerland caters for younger guests, Fatima of Blogs by FA stated that “keeping the fact that children under 0.9 m enter the park free of charge, it’s impressive that the management has still ensured to include some activities to keep the little ones busy and entertained too.” Diggerland lists all the height restrictions for their rides on their website, so it’s recommended that you review these before your trip. This will allow you to steer your smaller child’s attention to the height-suitable rides and attractions as soon as you enter the park and avoid an explosive toddler tantrum.

Diggerland Mini Landrovers

Mini Fun

Rides play a big part in the enjoyment you’ll experience at Diggerland. While some of the site’s youngest guests aren’t able to take a spin on Spindizzy or have a laugh bumping up and down on Groundshuttle with their older brother or sister, they can have their own fun on the coin-operated rides which are dotted around all of Diggerland’s parks. For just £1 a go, smaller children can hop on board miniature electric-powered diggers and cars, which is a great way to ensure they don’t miss out on the fun. 

You’ll also find indoor and outdoor play areas, including soft play which cater to young toddlers in need of burning off some energy. Alternatively, the Little Tikes’ section is the ideal hang out for toddlers wanting to get in a vehicle and drive themselves around. When asked about activities for toddlers at Diggerland, Fatima advised that “the most favourite activity for this age group, according to my observation was the indoor play area where they could jump, bounce and enjoy slides. Little Tikes Wheelz Play Zones also seemed popular where children under 5 can enjoy playing with Little Tikes toys such as dump trucks and diggers and even ride on Cozy Coupe.”

Full Tummies

After spending several hours having fun on the diggers, you and your children are sure to want to fill your tummies with good food. Many parents worry about eating out with their offspring as 22% of children are fussy eaters. But at Diggerland, all tastes are catered for as you can bring your own food on site or purchase food from the park’s food outlet. At Diggerland Kent and Diggerland Devon you have the option of warming up baby food and baby bottles using the park’s equipment. If you’re planning a trip to Diggerland Durham or Yorkshire you’ll need to take your own heating equipment to warm up your child’s milk; but this is easily achieved with a portable bottle warmer or plug-in car bottle warmer.

Dumper Trucks diggerland fun things to do in Yorkshire

Make your own fun!

One of the best things about Diggerland is that it offers a great opportunity to spend some family time together. Research from Highland Spring Group reveals that the average British family spends just 34 minutes together per day. Yet, 86% want to take part in activities that they can do together. Diggerland is all about spending time together as a family, which is why there are rides and activities suitable for all ages and abilities. However, families should also consider ways that they can make their day at Diggerland more enjoyable and memorable. Small children who aren’t able to go on the bigger rides with their siblings will enjoy having their own disposable camera to take photos of their favourite diggers in the park. This will then increase your family time as once you get the photos developed you can make a scrapbook together with them. Other joyful and simple games to play while you wait for older siblings to finish on the bigger rides include ‘who can spot the biggest digger?’ and ‘how many diggers can you see?’.

Family Time

When visiting a theme park with two or more children of different ages, it’s common for one parent to stay with the older ones while the other parent takes the younger sibling or siblings off to do age-appropriate activities. At Diggerland there are plenty of opportunities to come back together as a family as the Diggerland train invites family members of all ages to ride together. There’s the option for young guests to ride up front or they can sit in one of the back wagons and have fun steering and honking the horn. When asked about Diggerland as a family attraction, John Adams of award-winning blog said: “The beauty of Diggerland is that many of the rides are open to little people. My kids love the place and won’t turn down the chance to visit. It’s also surprisingly diverse with theme-park style rides as well as driving challenges. For those who aren’t tall enough, the safari ride is a great attraction because kids can sit in the back of the vehicle while someone else drives.” 

Diggerland Train at Diggerland Theme Park

Diggerland is designed so that children of all ages have a whale of a time. You can even enhance their experience by diverting young children to height-appropriate rides and activities by planning ahead. No matter what, one thing is for certain and that is that your children will want to come back and experience something new as they grow.

This article was wonderfully written by Amy Fletcher
Kent Teacher of the Year Awards 2019

Nominations are open for the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards 2019. Can you think of a worthy winner? Head over to the KM Charity website to nominate someone who you feel makes an incredible impact each day.

This prestigious event was created in order to recognise and congratulate the massive contribution that teaching staff make to our community and how much they inspire us all; which is why Diggerland are so proud to sponsor this remarkable event.


Categories for The Kent Teacher of the Year Awards include primary, secondary, newly qualified teacher, a volunteer award which includes members of the PTA and school governors, non teaching member of staff including dinnerladies and caretakers.

Ashford, Canterbury, Dartford, Dover, Gravesham, Maidstone, Medway, Sevenoaks, Shepway, Swale are among some of the local authority areas that are judges will be selecting from. You can see further information here.

Kent Teacher of the Year Awards

Sherene Garvin-Mack, from Diggerland commented, “Diggerland sponsored the Kent Teacher of the Year Awards in 2018, and after seeing the incredible standard from the wonderful teaching and non teaching staff as well as the volunteers, I couldn’t be more excited to sponsor the 2019 event.”

“It will be an absolute pleasure to meet all of the commendable candidates for this year to praise them on their fantastic efforts that they have made to our community. They are a true inspiration.”

All nominees will attend a magnificent ceremony in May at the Ashford International Hotel. The awards dinner will also follow with a fundraising element with your chance to win some spectacular prizes in the raffle. All proceeds raised from this will go to literacy and road safety projects within the region.

An attraction that has it all - Explore Diggerland with myhotelbreak

We have invited the hotel deals website to discuss why their guests love visiting Diggerland Theme Park. View what they said in our latest blog:

One of the great things about hotel getaways or holidays are having fantastic attractions near to where you’re staying. For our guests staying in our hotels in England, we highly recommend taking a day trip with the family to Diggerland Theme Park.

With locations in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, this is a fantastic attraction for all the family.

Let’s find out more about this attraction…

If you want a day of adventure then look no further than Diggerland. The whole family can experience this unique Theme Park and create memories.  Here you can drive, operate and ride real diggers and a range of other full size construction machinery like dumpers. This is a fantastic and unique attraction if you and the kids want fun, excitement and somewhere that is full of action.

This attraction is perfect for all age groups (permitting height restrictions apply though) as it has over 20 rides, drives and other experiences to savour. From real JCB’s to the head reeling Spindizzy, or the 360 excavators. Experience the Skyshuttle and its views and then the off-roading Groundshuttle. Diggerland also has Dodgems and Go-Karts which are always a treat too.

Diggerland Theme Park Robots Ride

What else should you experience?

These are just some of the fun filled activities you and your loved ones can take part in. For more information please click here.


Create memories to take home

The parks all have a great Diggerland Goodie Store. Here you have an abundance of toys, merchandise and souvenirs to choose from. There are also cafes where you can kick back and relax and enjoy some down time after a day having fun.

What are the prices?

  • Adults £19.95pp
  • 65+ (ID needed) £9.95pp
  • Groups of 10+ £16.99pp
  • Children under 90cm go free

For the full pricing list click here.

This is a wonderful place if you’re looking for somewhere different to take the family. No matter where your hotel break takes you in England this year, enjoy a day out at Diggerland and explore the unexpected.

Diggerland Theme Park is fun for all the family!

At Diggerland Theme Park, we take pride in the fact that we have something to offer for each member of the family. With over 20 different rides and drives and over 100 machines, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!

Diggerland is the perfect location for Grandparents to take the Grandkids on a unique, exciting and enjoyable theme park experience, without the worry that Nan & Granddad will be left out.

Whilst we do have some thrilling attractions, we also have gentle static machines which means that they are accessible for all (height restrictions apply).

Grandparents can experience what it’s like to operate their very own Dumper Truck, as well as taking in the incredible views from Skyshuttle and taking a seat in the Diggerland Train.

Children and adults can ride/drive real construction machinery together and make special memories to last a life-time.

Each Diggerland Theme Park also has an indoor soft play area where children can let off some steam whilst the adults sit and relax, perhaps with a cup of tea from our catering franchise, The Dig Inn.


Robots at Diggerland UK Theme Park

Diggerland Theme Park have the pleasure to be featured on the Age UK website which provides numerous ideas of what Grandparents and Grandchildren can get up to in South East England. This includes a wonderful piece written about the Diggerland Kent park.

Age UK is a registered charity who’s ultimate goal is to make the UK a great place to grow older. They do this by providing millions of people with information and advice on their rights and how to make the best possible decisions for later on in life. In addition to this, they regularly run campaigns and conduct research to help make later life better for older people.

In order to help support the well being of senior citizens, they also encourage older people to become more active and provide support for people to stay independent for longer.