Diggerland Theme Park re-opening!


It feels like such a long time since Diggerland last welcomed the public into the parks. We will be re-opening from Saturday 11th July, and we can’t wait to see you! It may have taken us slightly longer to get everything ready, but Duggy and Dotty wanted everything to be perfect for their visitors.

Are you feeling nervous about visiting?

Don’t be… We have everything in place for a safe family day out to Diggerland. Here’s what you can expect when you visit:


Upon arrival, all visitors will undergo a quick non-invasive temperature check to ensure they are ok to enter. Any guests who turn up presenting any symptoms of COVID-19 will be turned away.

Please ensure all guests have their booking confirmation email printed out or ready to show on a mobile device to a member of the admission staff. This will help to speed up entry to the park, and keep the queue time low.

We will accept customers who have turned up on the day and are looking to pay, but you will run the risk of being turned away if we are already operating on maximum capacity. During this difficult time, we want to keep things simple. We will not be able to accept any discount vouchers or codes, including Blue Peter Badges or 2 for 1 tickets, as this will take more time to process, and we want to avoid touching any unnecessary paperwork. We hope that after August we will be able to operate as we normally would.

Once we have seen your booking confirmation and you have passed the temperature check, we will need a few details from you. In line with the Government test and trace system, we ask any visitors to provide us with names and contact numbers of anyone entering Diggerland. We will be adhering to all GDPR policies, but we will need this information.

We will also ask anyone who is paying on the day, to pay by credit/debit card where possible to avoid handling any cash.

COVID-19 Temperature checks
Pay by card

Health and Safety measures

Once you have entered Diggerland, you will see numerous health and safety measures in place, in line with government guidelines.

We will have hand sanitiser around the park for all guests to use when required. If you want to bring additional sanitiser for your family you are more than welcome to.

Although we aim to open the park with all rides operational, we have to temporarily close some rides. The indoor soft play area and Little Tikes area will be closed. Additionally, Joyrider will be closed due to the close proximity of the marshal and the visitor.

For some rides, we will need visitors to wear a face mask or covering due to the nature of the ride. Signs will be clearly displayed when masks are required. We encourage everyone to wear a face mask for their own health and safety, although it is not mandatory. For any children under the age of 6, and visitors with certain health conditions and/or disabilities are not required to wear face masks. All of our staff will also be wearing face coverings.

When it comes to going on rides and drives, and even visiting the toilets we do politely ask for all visitors to go as a family. This will reduce queues for rides and the toilets.

Health and Safety at Diggerland
Hand Sanitiser

Diggerland Ticket Types

Gift Vouchers

Customers wishing to visit with a gift voucher that was purchased through Diggerland, we can book you in but we ask you to email us the following information:

  • Voucher type
  • Reference Number
  • Preferred park
  • Your chosen visit date
  • Contact number

Please ensure you do this at least 5 days before your visit, otherwise we will not be able to allocate you a place.

Complimentary tickets

Unfortunately there is no way a complimentary ticket can be used when pre-booking tickets online. We can only advise customers to turn up on the day of visit and present the ticket. If all presale tickets have sold out we will have to refuse entry, so if you’re worried you can always ring us on the morning of your visit date to check.

We advise customers to pre-book their tickets before their chosen visit date to guarantee entry to the park. Visitor numbers have been reduced to 500 people so we don’t want guests to be turned away.

Unfortunately Duggy and Dotty will not be around when we re-open as they have to self-isolate for a bit longer. They can’t wait to get back to the parks to give hugs and high-fives. Until then, stay safe, and most importantly, have an exciting family day out to Diggerland!

For further COVID-19 information please refer to our website.

Our Theme Park quiz that you can do during lockdown!


Have you been to Diggerland Theme Park? Do you consider yourself to be a digger fanatic? Whilst we normally offer school trips in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, COVID-19 has stopped us in our tracks. We are all left homeschooling for the time being instead! Fear not, enjoy learning some cool facts about our diggers and other construction machinery, and you will be tested at the end!


Telehandlers are a popular machine to have on construction sites, think of them as a cross between a fork lift and a crane. You’ve probably seen plenty, even if you didn’t know the name of them!

  • They are used mainly for transporting materials, and are very efficient in carrying large barrels of hay, or in our case people.
  • At Diggerland Theme Park we use a JCB telehandler for Groundshuttle and a Manitou telehandler for Skyshuttle.
  • We only have the very best machinery for our parks, if you’ve been on Skyshuttle, you’ll know that the machine lifts you 50 feet in the air, which is the equivalent of 5 elephants stacked on top of each other!
Theme Park ride - Skyshuttle
Dumper Trucks - Theme Park ride

Dumper Trucks

Here at Diggerland we have multiple Dumper Trucks available for our visitors to operate and ride around on, but how much do you really know about this particular construction machinery?

  • Did you know that the Dumper Trucks used at our Theme Parks are one tonne Thwaites Site Dumpers. This may not seem like a lot because of the size of them but they can actually hold the equivalent of two horses!
  • A dumper truck is normally used for carrying heavy loads and transporting material. This could include stones, dirt, or even  cement bags.
  • The advantage of using a dumper truck is that they are smaller than typical construction machinery, so it is great for small spaces such as a motorway or a roadside.
  • The Dumper Trucks at Diggerland have been adapted to only go the same speed as someone walking, purely for our visitors safety, but they could go a lot quicker!


We have tons of excavators at our Diggerland parks, obviously!

If you’ve been on all of our rides you will know that we have mini diggers, as well as larger diggers.

  • In the construction world there are two types of excavators, wheeled and tracked. As the names suggest, one type have wheels to move around with and tracked excavators have a set of steel tracks that rotate when the machine is moved.
  • The excavators we have at our theme parks are manufactured by Komatsu and JCB.
  • All construction machines manufactured by JCB and other companies are yellow so they can be visible on construction sites for safety reasons.
Theme Park ride - JCB 3CX

Backhoe Loaders

Probably the most well-known type of construction machinery, produced by JCB. At our theme park we use Backhoe Loaders for our JCB ride. For all of our keen Diggerland fans who have enjoyed our JCB ride will know the machine is fitted with a scoop at the front of the machine, and a bucket at the rear.

This type of machine can be used on a construction site as well as for farming purposes and transporting materials.

Did you know both loaders have separate controls, so the operator can swivel the chair round to use the back bucket as well as the loader at the front!

It’s quiz time…

Try and avoid the tempting urge to scroll back up to find the answers, we want to find all of the true digger fans!

Question 1: Our Excavators are made by which two manufacturing companies?

A) JCB and Thwaites B) Komatsu and JCB C) Komatsu and Manitou


Question 2: What tonne dumper trucks do we use at Diggerland?

A) 1 Tonne B) 5 Tonne C) 10 Tonne


Question 3: Skyshuttle lifts you how far up in the air?

A) 5 feet B) 50 feet C) 500 feet


Question 4: Our Telehandlers are made by which two manufacturing companies?

A) Manitou and JCB B) JCB and Komatsu C) Thwaites and JCB


Question 5: What colour are diggers?

A) Pink B) Yellow C) Green

Find the answers at the bottom of the page!

How did you do? If you didn’t get all of them correct you definitely take a trip to one of our Diggerland Theme Parks for a family day out. Tickets are available to pre-book today, so make sure you book yours to guarantee you entry for your chosen visit date.

1)B 2)A 3)B 4)A 5)B

Camping in Devon at our Diggerland Campsite


Who knows when we may next be able to fly to a warm country abroad, let’s make the most of the UK countryside and experience the exclusive campsite in Devon, with Diggerland on the doorstop!

Whether you’re a keen camper that enjoys nature and glorious views, or you’re a newbie, we’ve put together a guide for the ‘Do’s and Don’ts of camping.



Book in advance

Most campsites fill up pretty quick. Now we have to contend with a pandemic, it’s unlikely that people will not be going on their summer holidays. The majority of families will opt for a UK holiday instead. Most campsites would normally advise visitors to book at least 6 – 12 months in advance to avoid disappointment.

Familiarise yourself with the toilets

Other than your tent or your camper van, this is the most important place you need to identify. Everyone is going to need the toilet at one point or another, so save yourself the awkward trip of getting lost, and ensure you know where it is before you get desperate. We highly recommend this especially if you are camping with children!

Get creative with your meals

Camping doesn’t have to mean bog standard packet meals, we aren’t asking you to become Gordon Ramsey but I’m sure the whole family would appreciate well thought out meals. On the other hand, if you’re pushing the boat out and camping in the first place and want to have some normality, make sure you plan which local restaurants you want to dine in before you visit.

Pack technology as an emergency

Everyone knows that at least one communication device is needed for emergencies, but don’t let today’s technology ruin your tranquil moments of camping in Devon. This is the one time you get to have brilliant family days out to make memories, and you want your children to enjoy every moment, and not be watching the latest series on Netflix from their phones. However, we will make one exception… You will need a phone to take tons of amazing family photos when you visit Diggerland!

Any Diggerland campsite customers will also receive 20% off Diggerland tickets!

Check out your surroundings

If you’re camping in Devon for the first time, or you’re familiar with the area, it’s always great to know of any local attractions, places to eat, and things to do in Devon. After all, you will have planned your needed trip that far in advance that you can’t help but plan the rest of your trip.

Diggerland should already be at the top of your list to visit, but we would also highly recommend checking out Digger Lakes – the perfect place for any avid anglers.

Diggerland - Diggerland Campsite in Devon
Camping in Devon



Over pack

Believe us when we say you don’t want to over pack, especially if you’re going camping in Devon. Ensure that only the essentials are packed by your family, so you’re not worrying about a lack of space or lost items. We would recommend taking a change of clothes for all weathers, as you can never be too organised, as well as a spare pair of clothes in case the British weather lives up to its name.  We don’t think a Nintendo Switch or a full length ball gown count as essentials, so unfortunately they will have to stay home…

Don’t forget your camping essentials

When we say camping essentials, it would normally include:

  • Tent
  • Food
  • Clothing (sensible choices to cover all weathers)
  • Communication device, for example a mobile phone
  • A map of the local area
  • Torches

I’m sure if you were to forget a couple of bits, local shops will stock everything you need.

Don’t annoy other campers

Although you have your own space, please bear in mind that there will be other people around the campsite in Devon so you will need to be mindful of your noise levels and the time of day it is. All campsite rules can be found here. Make sure you have a read through before you visit us.

Whether you’re looking to take a drive to us or you’re local and looking for camping in Devon, we will be sure to have an option to suit everyone.

We will accept families that turn up and pay on the day, however you save 50% on your booking if you pay online in advance.

Our prices are as follows:

  • Tent for 1 or 2 people is £7.00 per night, with electric hook up is £14.00 per night
  • Tent for 3+ people is £10.00 per night, with electric hook up is £17.00 per night
  • Caravan / Motorhome is £13.00 per night, with electric hook up is £20.00 per night

Did you know you can buy Diggerland Gift Vouchers?


Although most of 2020 has been pretty much a write off, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Diggerland Parks may be temporarily closed to COVID-19 but why should you miss out on the excitement of visiting us, and having buckets of FUN!

You may have skipped a trip to one of our theme parks in the UK, but you may still get a chance to go later on in the year, or even next year.

The beauty of our Diggerland Gift Vouchers is that they are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase, so it will give you plenty of time to use them.

What gift vouchers are available, we hear you ask?

General Admission

Looking for family days out in Kent, Devon, Durham or Yorkshire?

A trip to any of our Diggerland theme parks will guarantee to put a smile on everyone’s face. Whilst we are closed, tickets cannot be pre-booked online currently, but there’s no stopping you from buying general admission vouchers ahead of the parks opening.

In light of Government guidelines, reduced visitor numbers will be happening at our parks, so if you pre-book your tickets you will be guaranteed entry on your day of visit.

The following general admission gift vouchers can be purchased:

  • 2 person gift voucher – £42.95
  • 3 person gift voucher – £63.95
  • 4 person gift voucher – £81.95

General admission gift vouchers will entitle the lucky recipients to use all 20 different rides and drives, as well as entry into the park. Make sure you bring some change for the coin operated rides, and dodgems if you do want to go on them!

Gift Vouchers - Dumper Racing

Dumper Racing

Have you tried out one of our most popular racing experience days?

Anyone over the age of 17 can participate in the fast action and highly exhilarating Dumper Racing. Enjoy 2 hours of getting to grips with, and racing in your very own JCB Skid Steer. We promise you you’ll be wanting to come back for more!

Anyone willing to take on Dumper Racing will find themselves weaving through the course, trying to complete it with the least amount of penalties, or even no penalties at all.

Available at Diggerland Kent, Devon and Yorkshire, a Dumper Racing gift voucher can be yours from just £44.95 per participant.

Is there someone in your family you would love to challenge and beat?

Watch the Dumper Racing in action before you book.

Monster Digger Experience

The mother of all experiences, the Monster Digger Experience, is not one to be missed!

The Monster Digger Experience allows the participant to experience a Komatsu PC210 (22 Ton Digger). Upon arrival, the lucky individual will be given a one-to-one session with one of our experienced instructors, covering all of the controls and health and safety procedures.

How hard could it be to dig a hole? Well harder than you think actually, only the best of the best will complete the challenge. Once you’ve got the hang of the basic controls, it will only get harder from then on.

Our Monster Digger Experience can take place at all four of our Diggerland Parks, and gift vouchers are available from £169.99 per person.

Are you ready to take on the challenge?

View the Monster Digger Experience here.

Gift Vouchers - Monster Digger Experience
Gift Vouchers - Group JCB Experience

Indivual & Group JCB Experience

For all the JCB fanatics, this experience is for you!

In our 90 minute JCB experiences, the participant will enjoy an introduction to the JCB 3CX Backhoe Loader as an individual or as a group. Get behind the wheel and navigate your way through the dirt, and dig to your hearts content, when you’re let loose on the construction machinery.

Diggerland Gift Vouchers for the JCB can be purchased from:

  • £149.99 per participant for Individual
  • £79.99 per participant for Group

The Group JCB Experience is available at Diggerland Kent, Devon & Yorkshire, and the Individual Experience is available at all parks..

What are you waiting for? Purchase your vouchers today!

View the Group & Individual JCB Experiences in action.

Psst… In case you’ve forgotten about Father’s Day, it’s only round the corner. Surprise your Dad with something more than the gift of love, the gift of Diggers!

Although we cannot currently book in lucky participants onto our driving experience days, the vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

We also allow any customers to add a personalised message to any gift voucher purchased online.

Unique Gift Ideas for anyone Digger Mad!


We have a ton of unique gift ideas that the whole family will love, and you can purchase these all from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re looking for an item of clothing or a special digger toy, we have gifts waiting to be worn and enjoyed.

All Diggerland Theme Parks may be closed for now due to COVID-19, but it doesn’t mean you can’t spoil your children, and anyone else who may love diggers!

Our top 5 unique gift ideas


Available in three different colours our branded Diggerland beakers will make the perfect present for everyone.

Families are having to get creative and mix up their surroundings during lockdown, and enjoying long walks in the countryside (sticking to government guidelines of course!) Everyone will need a break at some point and our Diggerland beakers are a great size to carry around. There will definitely be no children crying over spilt drinks, with an easy screw on lid and pop up straw!

What colour will you choose?

Digger Tshirt - Diggerland Unique Gift Ideas


Here at Diggerland, we are sure to have a t-shirt to suit anyone in the family. We can’t forget about our mascots, Duggy and Dotty, so this t-shirt seems perfect for the spotlight.

Great for all young construction workers to be, this boys royal blue t-shirt is stocked in the following sizes:

2 – 3 years

3 – 4 years

5 – 6 years

7 – 8 years

9 – 10 years

Even if you’re not at Diggerland now, you can still rock this look out and about until you can visit us!

Don’t worry Dotty supporters we have a similar t-shirt available for you too!

Diggerland Teddy Bear

Available in Pink and Yellow, our Diggerland Teddy Bears are loved by all of our young visitors.

Cuddle up to your very own branded Teddy Bear. When it is safe to visit Diggerland again, you can experience the fun and thrills of the park along with your very own teddy. Don’t leave them behind after your day out, we wouldn’t want you to be separated!

Will you name your Diggerland Teddy Bear after Duggy or Dotty?

Unique Gift Ideas - Teddy Bear
Insulated lunch bag with Diggerland Logo on - Blue or Yellow - Diggerland online Shop

Diggerland Lunch Bag

When you’re out walking during lockdown, the Diggerland Lunch Bag goes hand in hand with the Diggerland Beaker. Have your lunch readily available when you get peckish, in our easy to open branded Lunch Bag.

Again, like most of our products, we aim to provide various choices of colours, making it more difficult to choose the one you want – sorry!

Which snacks would you hide inside?

Diggerland Ripper Wallet

How about a branded Diggerland Wallet for unique gift ideas?

Safely store away any loose change with this awesome wallet. Perfect for any young children! With a zip panel and easy access to the main wallet, you’ll be missing out if you don’t have one.

Save up your pennies in your own fantastic Diggerland wallet. When you next visit the Diggerland Goodie Store, you can treat yourself to something else!


Do you like what you see? Find out what else Diggerland has to offer.

Fun Days Out in the UK

How can visiting a UK Theme Park calm your January blues?

With the festive season coming to an end, many of us will sadly be experiencing a case of the January blues. So, why not start planning your summer treats? As we approach warmer weather it’s vital to start planning trips to make the most of your time off.

Sun-filled days are approaching so families across the UK will start eagerly devising outings to a selection of attractions. For instance, venturing to the delightful seashore, strolling around lush gardens or enjoying the time of your life at a local Theme Park. To aid your fun in the sun schedules we’ve created a list of our top UK Theme Parks!

Our Top 3 UK Theme Park Attractions


It may seem biased, but we honestly believe our rides offer the most exhilarating experiences and life-long memories. We are the only Digger themed Theme park in the UK, offering a range of one of a kind experiences. A summer trip to Diggerland is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, with plenty of areas for parents to relax in the sun. You can visit us in Kent, Devon, Durham & Yorkshire, the Diggerland experience is sure to be unique and action packed! For the perfect summer pick up why not purchase tickets for our special event, the Diggerland 20th Birthday Gala Party. This special event provides ticket holders a range of entertainment, a buffet and unlimited roam on all of our rides. Pick up event tickets for just £25.00 per person for any four of our parks! 


Although we are closed during January, there are a few ways that we can still ease you through the tiring month. By pre booking your tickets in advance, you will then have a spectacular day to look forward to, during a time that most people find particularly depressing, especially if you plan to visit us in February Half Term! 

Thinking of ways for children to earn pocket money, for which they can spend in our magnificent Goodie Store, will also be a fun activity to take part in during January, and will help the time pass until we open again in February. This may also count as a good incentive!


Based on the famous building block toys that we all grew up playing with, Legoland is a UK Theme Park based in Windsor. This well-known park was built in 1996 and now has theme parks in over 12 countries with more on the way! With a focus on learning, kids will have the chance to construct, role play and participate in driving simulations. But the best part of Legoland, absolutely everything is made of Lego!

Paultons Park 

Paultons Park, similarly to Diggerland, is an award winning theme park situated in the charming town of Hampshire. With an array of attractions dotted throughout 140 acres of land, this UK Theme Park is also great for families. Paultons Park offers a chance for visitors to stay over for short breaks for as little as £49.00 including Hotel and Park tickets.

Diggerland Campsite

For those of you that are already daydreaming of the hot sun and blue skies, you’ll be pleased to know that our Diggerland Campsite, located at our Devon park, will be open once again from the 27th March 2020. Our campsite is the perfect place for outdoorsy families to really take in the fresh air and enjoy some quality time together.

Located on the same complex as the Diggerland Theme Park itself, you are surrounded by an abundance of activities and fun.

Diggerland UK Theme Park Campsite
Looking for camping in Devon?

Camping in Devon can be a fun and exciting experience for the whole family. Toasting marshmallows by the fire, enjoying long walks in the wondrous Devonshire woodlands, breathing in the fresh countryside air. Can you really think of anything better than being at one with nature? 


Camping in Cullompton

Cullompton is a charming little town in Devon. Home to the Romans and Saxons, the little town of Cullompton has plenty of history to keep the whole family engaged. During civil wars, Cullompton was visited several times by troops passing through. And latterly, Cullompton was a town well-known for its cloth and wool manufacturing. You can still this day, visit the Cold Harbour Mill, now a museum, where the past really is brought to life as visitors can see craftsmen and women making traditional textiles, as well as knit beautiful yarn and hand woven rugs. 

Just off the M5 at junction 31 or 32, Cullompton is perfectly located for those travelling down the country towards Plymouth, or up the country towards Bristol. It therefore makes perfect sense to enjoy a pit stop along the way of a long journey, or indeed just simply enjoy a holiday taking in the stunning surrounds that Cullompton has to offer. 

The campsite adjacent to the Diggerland Devon Theme Park, is perfectly situated upon acres of fields and woodlands. The River Culm flows nearby and within walking distance you will shortly arrive at the river and be able to revel in its natural beauty. 

When looking for locations that offer camping in Devon, Cullompton should really be top of your list. 

Diggerland Devon Campsite

Camping in Devon does not have to be expensive, simply pack your tent in your car or get everything sorted in your caravan or motorhome, and be on your way. 

You can simply turn up at any time when camping at the Diggerland Devon campsite, without pre-booking. However, we do recommend booking in advance as you will receive a very attractive 50% discount. 

Pay on the day prices start from £14.00 per night for a one to two man tent. However, this is reduced to just £7.00 per night, if you book in advance via the Diggerland website. 

Guests can pitch their tent or park their caravan or motorhome, with the option of having electric hook up if they so wish. There are shower and toilet facilities all provided on site. 

If sitting around the fire, cooking dinner together or enjoying chatting and telling stories is your thing, you are more than welcome to do this on the Diggerland Devon campsite.  

Just a short five minute walk away, there is a nearby filling station. On the same site as the filling station is also the Bluebell Restaurant, which has a four star TripAdvisor rating, and serves vegetarian and vegan friendly options. 

Diggerland - Diggerland Campsite in Devon

Diggerland Devon Adventure Theme Park

The Diggerland Adventure Theme Park is a stone’s throw from the Diggerland campsite in Devon. Kids and even bigger kids (the grown ups), can enjoy operating real diggers and dumpers, as well as experiencing the thrills of the world famous Spindizzy ride, Skyshuttle or Dig-a-Round carousel. 

Let the kids loose in a playground full of pure bliss, as they turn into construction workers for the day, digging up dirt, filling in holes and driving JCBs! 

Admission into Diggerland is just £19.95 per person if booked in advance online via the Diggerland website. Alternatively, pay on the day prices are charged at £23.95 per person. 

Anyone under 90cm in height is admitted into Diggerland free of charge and there are also concessions for OAPs. 

Fishing in Devon 

If you love fishing, then Digger Lakes is just a short walk from the campsite in Devon, located next door to Diggerland. Quality carp fishing, angling and pleasure fishing can be enjoyed at the Digger Lakes, whereby the owner Ben and his team will take very good care of you. 

Trust us, within a few hours you will be totally ‘hooked’ – get it? 

EVision Electric Car Hire

Car Hire in Devon 

You’ve travelled down to Devon for a relaxing family getaway in your caravan or camper van, but you don’t quite fancy leaving your pitch and taking such a mighty vehicle off to explore the local area and beyond?

Not to worry, as EVision Electric Car Hire have a collection and drop off point based at the Diggerland Devon Theme Park. Simply call EVision to book your hire and the friendly team will ensure you have either a BMW i3 or a Tesla fully cleaned and fully charged, ready for the whole family to venture off. 


Ready to make a booking?

To book the Diggerland campsite in Devon, click here 

If you want to book the Diggerland Adventure Theme Park for a day out, click here

Book fishing at Digger Lakes, click here 

To book an electric vehicle rental, click here

Diggerland UK Theme Park visit the Big Cat Sanctuary!

Diggerland UK Theme Park Outside Events

Last Thursday, Diggerland UK Theme Park attended the Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, and the weather was beautiful and sunny, reaching up to record high temperatures of 36 degrees. It was a very busy day, and the kids and adults loved it! 

At the event, we had Dippy Ducks and the Skittles attractions set up. We gave the public the chance to hook their ducks and knock down the skittles using the digger attachments. Both rides requires you to have concentration and great hand-eye coordination, but most importantly patience. The Big Cat Sanctuary in Smarden, Kent look after 16 different breeds of wild cats providing a sanctuary that is peaceful and calm for the breeding of endangered cats both large and small – such as Jaguars, Lions, Cheetahs, and many more.

The sanctuary also provide great experiences for people to come up close and meet the big cats, as well as other fun and exclusive events for its members to attend too. Finally, we would like to give a special thanks and hats off to our lovely marshals from Diggerland Kent, for running the machinery. We would also like to give special thanks to all the volunteers at the Big Cat Sanctuary for working with us to make the day successful, and wonderful for the visitors.

If you want us to exhibit our machines at an event you are planning next year or even the remainder of this year contact us today to discuss further!

Brands Hatch

Throughout the remaining months this year, Diggerland will be attending various outside events for the public to enjoy using our construction machinery. We have various events planned at Brands Hatch in Fawkham. We will be attending the British GT Championship on 4th August, as well as the Festival Italia 2019 on 18th August.

Brands Hatch, is a Grand Prix motor racing circuit, and also a popular event location for all things cars and other vehicles. Brands Hatch provide behind the wheel driving experiences to individuals young as 11, to ride around their tracks and loops. We have recently attended and displayed our machinery at the Mini Festival 2019, on 21st July 2019. We saw Mini fanatics gather from locations near and far to celebrate the 60th year anniversary of Minis. With some exciting races and vintage Minis for sale, it was a brilliant day out!

Diggerland will also be attending The Biddenden Tractorfest and Country Fair, York Racecourse Family Day and many more events. To keep updated with our future outside events and dates make sure you visit the website. They will be great family days out for everyone!

Dippy Ducks in Big Cat Sanctuary
Dippy Ducks in Big Cat Sanctuary
JCB Racing Durham

Diggerland Corporate Events

If going to an event isn’t for you, we can also offer exclusive visits for companies to host their corporate events at. We can provide various different fun rides and events for your staff and customers to partake in, such as Formula JCB Racing and Dumper Racing, as well as having full access to the Diggerland park and the 20 different arrives and drives. We also provide team building challenges, which encourage teamwork to complete the task in hand, which is great fun for everyone. Regardless of whether you are partaking in team building challenges or hiring Diggerland for exclusive use, your staff and customers are sure to have a great time when they visit us. Diggerland is definitely not just for kids! If you are looking to book your corporate event with us then ring our head office on: 01634 711711

Diggerland at Plantworx 2019

Diggerland are very excited to say that we exhibited our unique rides and drives at the UK’S Largest Construction Machinery Convention – PlantWorx 2019, and what a major success it was!


PlantWorx is a Construction Equipment Association (CEA) event based in Peterborough. The event is organised for businesses to showcase their craft amongst other like minded people, bringing all of those in the construction industry together. The event showcased some brilliant new plant technology, and the wet weather throughout the three days didn’t dampen the people’s passion for machinery!


In amongst the bustling, busy PlantWorx crowd were our big brothers, H.E. Services –  showing us all why they’re the world leaders in Digger Hire! Supporting H.E Group were more of our family, BuyADigger. Alongside us all were some fantastic construction and heavy machinery companies such as John Deere, JCB and Hydrema. It was a dream day for all of us construction fanatics.


Displays at PlantWorx 2019

The exhibition had some wonderful displays such as:

  • The Simulation Zone – The Zone consisted of six screens replicating a working construction site, designed to give you a complete immersive virtual experience!
  • Classic Plant Display – We took a step back in time to see the archives of the classic machines, that inspired us to design the modern machines we see today.
  • Primary and Secondary Engineering – A perfect example of the wonderful things on offer in the Modern Age of STEM degrees.


While PlantWorx brought everyone in the industry together, Diggerland brought buckets of fun and education for everyone with our Mini Diggerland. One of our mantras is aimed at getting kids and young adults into more vocational subjects, and this was the perfect opportunity for us to provide, not only children but adults too, a whole new experience. It was a complete success and thanks to our fantastic team, it was a very welcome addition to PlantWorx Student Day.

PlantWorx 2019
Looking for Group Visits in Kent?

Are you looking for fun family days out in Kent, but you’re part of a big group and worried it will be too expensive? At Diggerland UK Theme Park, we can offer group visits in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire for great discounted rates. You can then enjoy a family day out with your friends and family without worrying about it breaking the bank!

At Diggerland, we can offer varied group visit packages, which depend on the day you are planning on visiting plus how many people you are looking to visit with. We currently offer:


Pay on the day during normal opening hours

If you are part of a group of 10 or more, and turn up on the day to any of our Diggerland Theme Parks, you are entitled to pay:

  • £19.95 per person for anyone over 90cm
  • £11.95 per person for anyone who is over 65
  • Anyone under 90cm will enter for free!


Advanced booking during normal opening hours

To make the most of our group booking discount, plan your group visits in Kent at least 14 days in advance, and call our bookings team to pre-book your tickets for the below prices:

  • If you are a group of 10 – 49 you can enter Diggerland for £15.95 per person
  • If you are part of a group of 50 or more individuals then the price will be £13.95 per person, perfect for larger school trips, so make sure you get the word out!
  • Anyone under 90cm will enter for free and any visitors over the age of 65 will pay the same as the section above.


Advanced booking during school half term

Even though we are closed during school term times, we don’t want to limit the fun you can still have at Diggerland. Have you ever thought about booking group visits in Kent and have exclusive access to the rides and drives?

Perfect for stag dos and hen dos, school trips, birthday parties and even corporate events, make the most of a 2 hour and 30 minute time slot from: 10:00am till 12:30pm or 1:30pm till 4:00pm. To book an exclusive visit to any of our Diggerland Theme Parks, prices would be:

  • Groups of 25 – 49 are £15.95 per person
  • Groups of 50 can enter at £13.95 per person
  • Again, any visitors over 65 will pay £11.95 per person, and anyone measuring under 90cm will enter for free.


Don’t forget that the group booking discount price is not just for school trips, if you are part of a large family, or you’re celebrating a hen or stag do, or perhaps a birthday and you’re looking for group visits in Kent, then the price is for you too! Ensure you take a look at what our birthday parties at Diggerland offer, to get the full Diggerland experience for your child.

If you would like to make a group booking, please ring our bookings and admin team on: 0871 22 77 007 and get booking today, we can’t wait to see you!