Armed Forces Day 2017

Celebrate Armed Forces Day 2017

with Diggerland!

Diggerland - Armed Forces Day Blog   This Saturday 24th June 2017 marks Armed Forces Day. To celebrate the dedication, hard work and perseverance of our armed forces service staff, as well as our fabulous emergency services staff, we have decided to express our heartfelt gratitude by offering a whopping 50% off standard entry discount. Defence and emergency services personnel work tirelessly to make the lives of others so much better by protecting us and looking after us. They do this without complaint and they deserve to be rewarded for their loyalty to their country. This weekend defence and emergency services personnel can be heroes once again, as they take their kiddiwinks, family and friends to Diggerland for a half the price, action packed and family-friendly fun day out! To claim this voucher, please click here. Don’t work in the armed forces or emergency services? Don’t worry, you can still benefit from a saving this weekend. Celebrate Armed Forces Day 2017 with 25% off for this weekend only! To claim this voucher, please click here.  

How else can you celebrate Armed Forces Day?

Join the nationwide celebration of our heroes on social media. Upload a photo or video of either yourself, your friends, or even Duggy and Dotty, saluting! Tweet your pictures using the hashtag #SaluteOurForces. If you decide to take your salute pics when visiting one our Diggerland parks, then make sure to tag us @Diggerland_UK. We would love to see your involvement at our parks! Don’t forget to also tag the official @ArmedForcesDay.  

How to salute

For everyone planning their salute for our forces, we have put together a quick how-to. Follow these short and simple steps, and you will have mastered the real armed forces salute. 1. Stand upright. 2. Bend your right arm, and put your right hand to your forehead. 3. Salute with an open palm. 4. Salute with the palm facing forward. Please remember that whilst you are saluting, you are doing this in respect of our Armed Forces. Armed Forces Day have made some short videos to show how the real armed forces salute! Check them out here. We will be expecting to see perfectly practiced salutes on your visit to Diggerland this weekend! P.S Don’t forget to claim your discount vouchers!