A Bug Friendly Day Out At Diggerland

As we edge into another season, the autumnal bugs are coming out to play. In this week’s blog post we take a look at the seasonal bugs plus 10 weird facts that you’ll want to share with your friends. If your child is fascinated by anything to do with bugs and nature, then we have a great bug friendly day out for you and the whole family at Diggerland. Interested? Find out more below!


Autumn is known for colder nights, bonfires and the lead up to the much loved evening of Halloween. Additionally, there are a few other seasonal favourites that will shortly be making an appearance. Can you guess who?


Whether you are a lover or hater, spiders are here to stay. Depending on the species of spider, will determine the time of year that you see them however there is a high chance the number of spiders present increase during Autumn

Spiders often start making their way out in early September, and you’ll often see them roaming around your house in October. Much like humans they seek shelter during all weathers. If it’s too hot, too wet, too cold they seek refuge from the external factors. Often you will also find them lurking around sink taps or bathtubs. Is it a coincidence we hear you ask? Not at all, they will use these particular locations as a water source for survival.  


Did you think that bees were only popular in the warmer months? Then you would be wrong! Although they are fantastic when it comes to pollination in the summer, they are often seen buzzing around in September and October. As the winter months approach, bees need to get prepared for the colder months. 

They may also be looking for a warm place to call home over the winter, so it is likely that they could be hanging around your home.


Similar to bees, ladybirds will also be looking for a warm place to call home over the winter. If you take a walk out into your garden you may be surprised to see a lot of ladybirds still hanging around despite saying goodbye to the warmer weather. 

Did you know that ladybirds do not lay eggs? This is great for anyone that may have found a few in their home, it will stop an infestation happening. As cute, and as harmless as they are, it’s not something you would want in your home over the winter!


Do you want to wow your friends and family with some great, and maybe weird facts about bugs? Carry on reading below!

Caterpillars have 12 eyes!

Who needs 2 eyes when you can have 12? Caterpillars do! They are used as defensive mechanisms to warn off any predators from eating them. 

Most adult bugs tend to die after they have laid their eggs 

Did you know that there are a lot of insects that will lay their eggs, but die shortly after? Insects such as butterflies, ticks, mayflies and beetles will mate, lay their eggs and die shortly after. Unfortunately it is just the next part of the life cycle for these creatures.

There are 46 species of ladybirds

We are all brought up to learn that the majority of ladybirds are red with black dots, but did you know that there are actually 46 different species currently alive around the world. 26 of these are known as conspicuous ladybirds, meaning that they are the familiar and most well known kinds. 

The other species are known as inconspicuous as they are normally smaller and less recognisable.

Butterflies taste with their feet!

Can you imagine using your feet to taste your food? As soon as they land on a plant, they can identify if it is sweet, sour, bitter and even salty. How amazing is this? 

One honey bee can produce around 100kg of honey each year

Do you love honey? Well, each year bees can produce up to 220 jars of honey each! If you’re not a lover of bees, this is certainly one fact that may change your mind about the species. 

For more weird and wonderful facts make sure you check out National Geographic!


Here at Diggerland, we are all for nature!

As we are a UK outdoor attraction, we are always embracing the nature around us, and everything it has to offer. As well as welcoming human visitors to our parks, we also welcome the local wildlife. At each of our 4 UK parks we have a bug house that children can get up close and personal too.

Will you be able to spot any creepy crawlies or flying bugs? Take a good look around as there is plenty to see!


There’s only one thing better than a family day out to Diggerland – benefitting from a discount when buying Diggerland tickets in advance! Pre-book your tickets online today, and you can save just over £6 per person, compared to paying our pay on the day rate. 

Anyone entering the park will need a ticket as our 20 main rides and drives will be included in the admission fee. Our prices are as follows:

  •     £25.95pp for anyone over 90cm tall 
  •     £12.97pp for anyone over the age of 65
  •     Free entry for anyone less than 90cm tall 
  •     Free entry for carers with any paying visitor who is registered as disabled

Remember that we are a seasonal attraction and the last day of our 2022 season is 30th October. If you’re looking to book a family day out in the next few weeks then don’t miss out!


*All information and prices correct as of 11/10/2022.