5 outdoor activities for muddy Autumn days.

Here at Diggerland, we love mud! Sometimes the mud can leave us feeling trapped inside all day to avoid wet, soggy and dirty children. But, we can guarantee that your children love playing in mud – and won’t mind getting wet. If you want to hear some of our favourite outdoor activities for the months ahead, just keep reading!

Mud painting

Having an arts and crafts day could be something you would suggest when you realise the good, old British weather is yet again rainy. Why not take the creativity outside?

We guarantee your children will love making some mucky handprints! Just take some paper or card outside and let the kids loose with their own ideas. They can choose to paint whatever they like out of mud!

If you’re feeling extra creative, you could add some food colouring to the mud to make rainbow mud painting. You can do this anywhere outside that works for you, but remember to dress your kids for some very messy play.

Muddy car wash

Creating a muddy car wash is likely to be a big hit, especially with toddlers and young children. All you’ll need for this outdoor activity is a bucket, water, dish soap and some paint brushes. 

Simply let your children enjoy driving their toy cars through the mud till they reach the car wash. Then they get to wash them clean, and go back through the mud. This can be done with any vehicles that you like.

You could even let the kids ride their bikes or scooters through muddy puddles to get them as dirty as possible, then go through the mud car wash to get them clean! This is a super easy, fun and creative way to plan outdoor activities that allow kids to play in the mud.

Mud sculptures

Everyone loves a sand sculpture on the beach, so why not try a mud sculpture in your local park or woodland area? Kids can get as creative as they like with this activity. Mud sculptures can be anything from figures, shapes and mud animals.

You could even try building a mud house using mud bricks! Adding sticks, leaves and flowers to make them extra awesome. While older kids might be better at this activity, children of all ages can get stuck into building whatever they like!

Jump in puddles!

Planning outdoor activities doesn’t have to be difficult at all, sometimes the simplest games can keep kids busy for hours!

Possibly the muddiest activity of our muddy activities list! For this activity, make sure you wrap up warm and pack wellies! Children love the freedom that comes with jumping in puddles – and as it probably isn’t something they do a lot, it will feel like a big treat!

If you’re fortunate enough to have some muddy puddles in your garden then this will be a super easy activity for the kids to let off some energy. Otherwise, why not take a quick car drive to a local park where your little ones can jump in all the puddles they like.

If you are driving somewhere wet and muddy, it’s a good idea to pack an extra pair of shoes and socks. You could also take a spare carrier bag that you can put all the muddy wellies in when you head home. Then switch the kids into their warm, fresh and comfy socks for the drive home.

5 Outdoor activities for muddy Autumn days.

Dig in the mud

If you fancy braving a day out in the mud, why not check out Diggerland’s outdoor activities? As the majority of our attractions are outside, all of our rides and drives operate even if it’s wet or muddy.

5 Outdoor activities for muddy Autumn days.

Some people even prefer Diggerland when it is muddy! Plus, kids are never fazed by bad weather. You can get to grips with the controls of our Giant Diggers, where both children and adults can operate a Komatsu tracked excavator.

These are real construction machines that are commonly used during building, landscaping and DIY projects. Climb aboard one of our specially adapted machines where you can practice digging and scooping dirt, swiveling the arm and dumping.

Our Giant Diggers attraction is available to all guests over 90cm. Anyone between the height of 90cm -110cm will need to be accompanied by an adult, whereas any over 110cm can operate the machine themselves.

What about driving a real, full size JCB digger?

Accompanied by one of our trained marshals, you can drive a JCB digger around our specially designed course with your family. Any guests over the height of 90cm can ride in the JCB digger. However, we do ask that only guests over 110cm drive the JCB digger to ensure everyone is kept safe.

If digging isn’t your thing, don’t worry! We have a bunch of theme park style rides which don’t involve sitting in a machine digging. You could take a ride on the Dig-A-Round, which is a merry-go-round style ride that spins guests round a specially constructed JCB digger.

You could also try out Crazy Carts, Go-Karts and Groundshuttle, all of which are open despite the mud! 

There really is no better place to visit when it’s muddy than Diggerland! We were literally built for muddy days out! Make sure you pre-book tickets to Diggerland, here, to receive a discounted rate and secure your entry to our parks.