5 Hilarious April Fool’s Day Pranks you Can Pull at Diggerland Durham!

This year, April 1st falls on a Saturday, meaning our Diggerland Park’s will be open! If you arrive before 12pm, our team of marshal’s will be expecting to see you pull some hilarious pranks on your parents. 

To make sure you have plenty of inspiration, here are 5 hilarious pranks you can pull on April Fool’s Day at Diggerland Durham. You never know, our marshals might even get on board and help you…

Cause some TV troubles

This prank is super easy and will definitely wind your parents up. All you need to do is take the batteries out of your TV remote. Then your parents won’t be able to change the channels or even turn the TV on! Just make sure it’s set to the programmes that you want to watch before you take the batteries out. 

Do a cheeky phone swap

If your parents have the same phone and both have phone cases, you could pull this cheeky prank. Take both phones out of the cases and swap them over. This will leave both of your parents so confused, especially if they can’t unlock “their phone”. If you’re feeling extra sneaky, you could even change the passcode on each phone to match the other. They will be so disoriented when they can access their phone, but their apps aren’t where they left them. 

Dippy Ducks in Pond at Diggerland Durham

Cracked screen

Sticking with the phone theme, if you’re lucky enough to have your own smartphone, you could prank your parents by pretending to have a cracked screen. There are plenty of apps you could download or pictures you can save to “prove it”. Just try and get a video of their faces once you’ve screamed April Fools. 

Get your ducks in a row

Are you a household that loves rubber ducks? Why not start hiding them in random places around your house? This prank could go on for months if you find some really good hiding spots. Just make sure you put some in obvious places, so everyone can see and join in the fun. Our marshals might even join in and hide our Dippy Ducks around the park…

Toilet humour

Everyone loves a bit of toilet humour, and this joke tops them all. If you really want to make your parents worry, tape a piece of dry pasta underneath the toilet seat. When your parents sit down, they’ll hear the crunch and think that they cracked the toilet seat.

Enjoy April Fool’s Day at Diggerland Durham

This year, April Fool’s Day is on a Saturday, meaning you can have an amazing family day out in Durham at our park. Make sure you pre-book your tickets, so you get the best price. You can save over £6 per person when you book online. 

Pre-book your Diggerland tickets today!

You can book tickets up to midnight the day before you plan to come, allowing you plenty of time to arrange your trip. 

All adults and children over 100cm: £25.95

Over 65s: £12.97

Under 100cm: FREE

Disabled Carer: FREE

We look forward to welcoming you to our Diggerland Park (and helping you pull some pranks throughout the day…). 

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All information correct as of: 28/03/2023