5 Amazing Benefits of Spending a Day Outside at Diggerland

As the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, we all want to spend more time outdoors. Everybody knows that enjoying an afternoon in the open air is good for our health, but do you know exactly how? Here are just 5 benefits of spending a day outside in Durham, at one of our Diggerland parks.

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You’ll sleep better

Naturally, our bodies are in tune with the sun. When the sky is awake, we’re awake and vice versa. As a result, spending extended periods of time in the sun is amazing for our circadian rhythm. The more time we spend soaking up some rays, the more likely we are: 

  • To feel tired at night
  • To take less time to fall asleep
  • To have an improved quality of rest

Spending a day running around at Diggerland will give you plenty of exposure to the sun (as well as space to play)! 

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More motivation to exercise 

This one might be a bit more for the grown-ups than for the children. Spending time in the great outdoors can be a great motivation to exercise. Visually, a green space is much more appealing than the gym. On top of that, it can make doing exercise much more interesting; and what could be more interesting than getting your 10,000 steps whilst playing on diggers and dumper trucks. 

Boost your immune system

While soap is a wonderful invention, at Diggerland we know that getting muddy can be good for you! Exposure to Vitamin D is amazing for your children, as it helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. Basically, it helps your children to have healthy teeth and bones, and to grow big and strong.  

Improved emotional wellbeing 

Spending time outside can ease feelings of pain and worry. It also promotes feelings of happiness, peace and optimism. When you come to Diggerland, we aim for everyone to have a carefree day out. We know that once you get amongst all of our rides and drives, you’ll be feeling on top of the world. 

Increased social interaction 

Human beings are social creatures. Spending time outside is an amazing way to meet people, and create a bond. At Diggerland, you could have a good chat with someone in the queue for the Dippy Ducks, or make an amazing connection with one of our marshals. We encourage interaction every step of the way, as you adventure around our park. 


Spend the day outside with us

Whether you want to feel the benefits of a day outside, or just want to play with some diggers and dumpers, the team at Diggerland is ready to welcome you. The best time to book your family day out in Durham is now. By booking ahead of time via our website, you can save over £6 per person:

  • Over 100cm: £25.95
  • Over 65: £12.97
  • Under 100cm: Free
  • Carer: Free

We hope you feel all of the amazing benefits of a day in the sun, when you join us at Diggerland. 

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All information correct as of: 23/04/2023