3 of the most unique experience days to do this Summer!

The summer months are nearly upon us so it’s time to start planning some brilliant days out! Here at Diggerland, we’re pleased to be able to provide a completely unique day out for both children and adults. But, today, we want to share some of our more extreme activities! 

Perhaps you’ve got a special birthday to plan, or just fancy trying something new! Our unique experience days have something for everyone. If you’re an adrenaline junkie or construction lover, we guarantee you’ll love these 90 minute activities we run.


The first of our three unique experience days is Dumper Racing! This is one of our most popular events as it allows everyone to get involved. As a group, you’ll race against each other around our specialised track in a JCB skidsteer. 

You’ll need more than just speed for this experience though as manoeuvring one of these machines certainly isn’t a piece of cake! It takes speed, skill and coordination to come out on top of Dumper Racing. 

You can take part in our Dumper Racing experience day at our Diggerland parks in both Kent and Yorkshire. This event usually takes place on Saturday afternoons and runs from March to September every year. As Dumper Racing is so popular, all guests would need to pre-book this experience ahead of time with our Bookings team. 

You can book your Dumper Racing event here, or purchase a Dumper Racing gift voucher here!

Unique Experience Days


Next up are our JCB experiences! These events are truly unique experience days as you’d struggle to find somewhere else you can drive and operate a full-sized digger! We run a couple of different JCB experiences to suit what you’re looking for.

The first is a group JCB experience. This can be done in groups of three to four people and is generally for those who want to have a fun day out. You’ll get to grips with using the front bucket, digging with the backhoe and driving the machine. But, overall, you’ll get to see who’s the best digger operator out of your group!

At the end of the 90 minutes, you’ll all receive a JCB 3CX certificate which you can happily show off. Our group JCB experience is currently run at Diggerland Kent and Yorkshire. Want to do the experience yourself? You can book your space today here!

We also run an individual JCB experience, which is much more professional. It is a brilliant one-to-one experience with an expert instructor. Within the 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to operate a JCB 3CX and master the controls. 

Our individual JCB experiences are available at any time on a one-to-one basis at our parks in Kent, Durham and Yorkshire! To book your individual JCB experience, you’ll need to arrange a date with our Bookings team by calling 0871 22 77 007.

Don’t forget! All of our JCB experiences also include admission for one additional person to enjoy a day at Diggerland. You can spend all day in the park and then head over for your experience in the afternoon. 

Unique Experience Days


While our JCB experience can’t provide you with any formal construction training, we do have a team of experienced trainers available to those who would like! Our Diggerland Plant Training School run NPORS accredited and approved training courses seven days a week.

We offer operating courses for excavators, telehandlers, dumpers, rollers and more. Plus, we have a brilliant health and safety course! You can get in touch with our training team via mail@digger.school or give them a call on 01634 295 355.


What’s better than a JCB experience? A Monster Digger experience of course! This experience is quite self explanatory, it’s a very, very huge digger! You’ll get to operate one of the biggest machines we have on site with one of our experienced experts. 

While this is definitely one of our more unique experience days, it isn’t necessarily easy. Getting to grips with how to move, dig and fill holes in the Monster Digger is a challenge in itself sometimes! You can drive a Monster Digger at Diggerland Kent, Durham and Yorkshire. You’ll also be able to spend a day at Diggerland and experience our 20 other rides and drives while you’re there!

To book your Monster Digger experience, just give us a call on 0871 22 77 007 or to learn more, please click here.

Unique Experience Days


Are you planning on visiting one of our Diggerland parks this year? If so, make sure you pre-book your tickets to guarantee your entry. Our parks can get really busy over the summer months so it’s best to be prepared!

Plus, we offer a discounted rate to all guests who do choose to pre-book their tickets online! When purchasing tickets online, admission fees are £25.95pp for anyone who measures over 90cm. Whereas, when you purchase tickets on the same day as your visit, admission fees are £32pp.

Remember, anyone under 90cm will always enter Diggerland free of charge and we offer further discounts to those over the age of 65!


* All information correct as of 27/05/2022.