Why hire a motorhome for your holiday?

Fancy a road trip? Want the freedom of camping, but not the discomfort? Then hiring a comfortable motorhome or classic campervan on Goboony could be the perfect option for your next holiday. Here are 5 great reasons why you should hire a motorhome or campervan for your next holiday.


#1 Comfort

Camping in a tent may well be one of the best ways to experience the great outdoors but…even the keenest camper has to admit that it can be rather uncomfortable. While investing in a state of the art sleeping bag may give that hard earth some padding, the key to true comfort with an outdoor vibe is definitely taking a campervan! There is a great array of options available from the classic to the more modern. Many motorhomes come with their own heating, air conditioning, toilets, showers and even fridges, everything you could need for a holiday with easy access to nature. They become little homes on wheels and be made to feel really homely. Importantly they can provide comfort all year round, so you can brave the Highlands even in December!

#2 Budget

Campervans and motorhomes are a great way to save money on a holiday, especially if you hire one from a private owner. They are both your accommodation and your transportation and if you use one of the many free camping spot finders, you can even park up for free! If you choose a motorhome, the whole family can easily fit, so there is no need for multiple hotel rooms and you have many more eating options. Many motorhomes come with stoves and fridges, giving you the choice of cooking yourself, rather than having to eat out. There are also plenty of great resources out there, providing delicious and cheap one pot wonders to keep the whole family happy!


#3 Space

Unlike when you catch a flight, with a motorhome holiday you do not need to worry so much about what you can and can’t take with you. You will have plenty of space! There is usually space for an outside table and chairs, all your outdoor gear, kitchen equipment, food supplies and even bikes. You can be fully self-sufficient and not have to worry about having to buy or rent extras (even if you do forget something it is easy to pop to the supermarket in your mobile accommodation). Motorhome travel also means that you don’t have the hassle of having to pack and unpack your suitcase at every new destination!

#4 Nature

Motorhome travel allows you to make the most of what glorious nature has to offer! You have the freedom of the open road and can drive almost anywhere. Experience the dramatic beauty of the Scottish Highlands, go surfing on the Cornish coast or enjoy a scenic drive through the Lake District. You can stop anywhere along the way, whether it is just to take a better look at the view, explore the local area on foot or on your bike or stop for the night. If you want to spend the night under the stars with the sounds of nature you can, a motorhome just gives you the flexibility of choosing a comfortable bed each night. You can still enjoy the patter of raindrops on the roof and step out each morning straight into nature!

on the road

#5 Freedom

Last but by no means least, a motorhome holiday provides you with freedom and flexibility. You choose where you want to go and if you really like a place, you have the choice to stay another night! There is no stress from rushing to the airport, queuing for security or worrying about luggage, it is a far more chilled and relaxing experience. You can enjoy your holiday at your own pace. Seize the freedom to build your own unique holiday and make wonderful memories!

If you are still not convinced, then why not give the experience of hiring a motorhome or campervan a try for a weekend away? With Goboony you have the opportunity to hire a motorhome from a private owner. This means that you will enjoy a personal touch. Goboony’s private owners are experts on their vehicles and can give you all the advice you need about driving a big vehicle, how to use everything and what to do if something goes wrong. They also know all the best kept secrets in their local areas! There is a great choice of motorhomes and campervans available on Goboony, whether you are looking for a modern 6 berth motorhome or a more classic 2 berth VW campervan, Goboony will have the perfect option for you. Are you ready to give it a try?

Diggerland Ideas for Christmas Inspiration

It’s that time of year again! Christmas is just over a month away, and we can officially start talking about it. There are three types of people around this time of year:

  • Individuals that have already bought and wrapped everyone’s Christmas presents
  • Individuals that are starting to organise buying Christmas presents, but are struggling for ideas
  • And individuals that will panic buy on Christmas Eve!

Diggerland Theme Park can help you if you are struggling to know what to buy your loved ones. With a well planned out gift voucher, what could go wrong?

Gifting a voucher is now very popular, whether you know exactly what they want, or it’s a new experience, they are incredibly convenient! Diggerland Theme Park offer a range of gift vouchers from General Admission to Experience Days, which are perfect for unique experience days or family days out.


General Admission

Our Diggerland General Admission vouchers can be purchased for families of 2, 3 & 4. This will allow you entry into our parks located at: Kent, Devon, Yorkshire & Durham. Along with admission, the voucher will also allow you access to our Rides & Drives within the theme park. Whether your family and friends prefer to try and hook a duck on our JCB diggers or drive a dumper truck all Rides & Drives will be included, apart from coin operated rides and dodgems.

  • General admission for a family of 2 – £42.95
  • General admission for a family of 3 – £63.95
  • General admission for a family of 4 – £81.95

Group JCB Experience

Why not treat your family to a group experience, driving around their very own JCB 3CX. Who hasn’t dreamt of using the front bucket and digging and filling in holes in a huge digger?

Included in the gift voucher price, you will also receive admission for 2 members of the party to enjoy the thrills of Diggerland.

This experience is available at our Kent, Devon & Yorkshire park and participants must be at least 17 years of age to participate.

Group JCB Experience

Individual JCB Experience

Similar to the Group JCB Experience, the Individual JCB Experience is exactly what it says on the tin! Have a more intense, and individual experience with your very own JCB 3CX. The participant will receive a safety briefing, and one-to-one training on operating the digger, then you will be left to your own devices, to turn, dig, and create huge dirt piles.

The 90 minute individual JCB experience will cost you £149.99 per person. The perfect gift for anyone who is digger mad!

Dumper Racing

Participants can find themselves racing both against the clock and other participants. Dumper Racing tends to last up to 2 hours, but this is dependent on the amount of individuals competing on that particular day.

Participants can expect to race in at least 2 heats and for the best drivers, the chance to race in the final to be the reigning champion!

This experience is only available at our Kent, Devon & Yorkshire park and participants must be at least 17 years of age to participate.

Dumper Racing Experience Days

Formula JCB Racing

JCB Racing is for the competitive digger mad individuals. Have you ever wanted to race a JCB 3CX Backhoe-Loader clocking 35kph? Going over bumpy, uneven ground in a large digger, is going to take a lot of guts to get that acceleration pedal down and burn some rubber!

Monster Digger Experience

This experience is available at all four of our parks (Devon, Durham, Kent & Yorkshire). For the biggest, elevating experience of them all. The Monster Digger Experience is definitely the one for digger devotees, and is bound to beat any Christmas present!


If you choose to purchase a gift voucher through Diggerland, you will also be able to write a personalised message.

All gift vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. Please note that we are a seasonal attraction, so we are not open all year round. We advise for all visitors to check our opening times prior to travelling to our parks.

Keeping it green together

Every year at Diggerland theme park, we have a very special day where all of our staff work together to plant trees and shrubs to help improve the environment. It also makes our parks look very green. Our staff are very environmentally friendly and really dig this fun, annual event.

Digging the green energy

At Diggerland we do everything we can to make sure that the energy we use will not upset Mother Nature. We use carbon-neutral biomass boiler systems to heat the parks. This system also produces surplus electricity that we put to good use.

And did you know that all of our Diggerland theme parks use solar power? At Diggerland, we’ve been busy installing a lot of solar panels on the roofs at all of our Diggerland locations. The solar power we store gives us a lot of the energy we need to run the parks. This means that we really cut down on the greenhouse gases that harm our environment.


Electric car charging

Electric Cars are great for the environment and we love to see them at Diggerland. To show our appreciation for electric car drivers, we have 11kwh Tesla Destination charging points at all of our Diggerland locations (capable of charging all electric cars, not just Teslas). Our Kent Park also has a 7kw Type 2 charge point on site as well. All of our charge points are, of course, powered using solar power.

As a thank you to our customers who drive electric cars, we provide our charge points absolutely free of charge. But don’t worry if you are passing by and need to top up your ‘tank’. We also allow non-customers to use our charge points for a fee of £5 for up to 2 hours of charging.

Our friends at EVision Electric Car Hire

Diggerland is proud to be closely partnered with EVision Electric Car Hire. Like Diggerland, EVision uses solar panels to power up their cars. Both of our companies share the same, strong environmental beliefs and do our best to keep Mother Nature happy.

With over 120 electric cars, EVision Electric Car Hire has something for everyone. If you’ve never driven an electric car before, now is a great time to hire a Renault ZOE or rent a BMW i3 from EVision. What’s more, you can even use the Diggerland Parks as a collection point for your electric vehicle.

If you want something a little bit special, why not hire a Tesla! EVision has a huge selection for you to choose from, including various types of the Model S and the Model X SUV. Maybe you are looking for a unique present for someone? If so, EVision has a lot of amazing driving experiences on offer for you. If you are too young to drive a Tesla, don’t worry. There are also passenger experiences for Tesla fans of all ages, young and old.

EVision Electric Car
Duggy and Dotty

And don’t forget, when you hire an electric vehicle from EVision, you can use all the Diggerland Theme Park charge points for free without having to use the park (although why would you want to miss the fun!).

To find out more about EVision, or to make a booking enquiry, visit their website at www.evrent.co.uk

Diggerland Theme Park Opening Hours

With only two weeks left of the season and children on half term, our theme park opening hours have changed slightly. If you were lucky enough to grab our special End of Season Madness £10 tickets or you’re just planning a family day out, then you need to make sure you know when Diggerland is open.

As some of you may know we were hit quite badly with snow earlier in the year, forcing us to close for a week, meaning we missed out on seeing all your lovely faces at the park. We made the decision to extend our theme park opening hours to ensure you didn’t miss out on important family days out to Diggerland. Now it is half term, we are open 7 days a week until our season finishes.


From Monday 22nd October to Saturday 27th October we are open 10am to 5pm.

From Sunday 28th October to Sunday 4th November we will be open from 10am to 4pm.


Don’t forget that the clocks go back on Sunday, meaning you will be getting a whole extra hour in bed! How exciting! It does also mean that the park will be open for an hour less unfortunately.

We are working on our dates for the season next year, but for now we can’t say any more!

Opening Hours
KM Charity Forum 2018 - Celebrating Best Practice

Today, Friday 12th October 2018, our Marketing department attended the KM Charity Forum at the Mercure Great Danes Hotel in Maidstone.

The annual KM Charity Team Forum is an opportunity for schools, charities, PTAs and good causes to come together and share information.

There were a series of sessions held throughout the day that covered various educational and charity schemes.

Diggerland held a presentation alongside Leeds Castle both showing how to fit a school excursion into the UK National Curriculum. During the session, attendants were given the opportunity to win a free school trip in Kent to Diggerland as well as a trip to Leeds Castle. We held a mighty 20 question quiz, with questions all relating to Diggerland, whittling the contestants down to just two…but there could only be one winner!

Be the Boss Campaign - Diggerland UK Theme Park

This follows a successful campaign in partnership with the KM Charity team ‘Be the Boss’ where Diggerland gave the winner of a writing competition a chance to be the boss at our Diggerland Kent park. Steve Biggs, General Manager of Diggerland Kent, was more than happy to show the rightful winner, eight-year-old James Taylor the ropes for the day!






School trips in Kent - Take your children to Diggerland!

September has come and gone, and children have now settled in for the school year, and planning school trips in Kent for the academic year ahead is underway. Learning in a classroom environment is important for children, but Diggerland can enhance learning outside of the classroom with practical learning, encouraging children to get involved and take control of their own academic learning.
We believe that a day at Diggerland can boost confidence and encourage precision, concentration, coordination and skill. We give children the chance to learn how to use everyday construction machinery including real diggers and dumpers in a safe environment.

How is Diggerland educational, and what can we offer you?

A visit to Diggerland will allow students, pupils and club & group members to get practical experience of what it is like being “180” & “360” operators and dumper and backhoe-loader drivers. They will also gain an idea of some of the dangers and hazards of working on construction sites with plant machinery, allowing teachers to explain and highlight the importance of knowing and following the appropriate Health & Safety at Work procedures and practices.

With a range of heavy plant machinery, 4×4 cars, and go karts, school children will learn:

  • An overview of how clutches and gearboxes work,
  • Centre of gravity – how this might affect stability of machinery,
  • Suspension of different machines, and why it is necessary,
  • Coordination – Using our mini diggers to play Dippy Ducks, Skittles or Buried Treasure.

School trips in Kent to Diggerland will also cover National Curriculum subjects at KS 1 & 2: Mathematics; Science, and; Design & Technology.

Dippy Ducks at Diggerland UK Theme Park


For school trips in Kent, prices to Diggerland are:

Pay on the Day – For schools, clubs & groups that have NOT booked in advance – for entry during Diggerland’s normal opening times. (Minimum Group Size: 10 visitors)

– Under 90cm: FREE admission

– Over 90cm: £16.99 per person

– Age Concession: Over 65’s: £9.95 per person

– Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free.


Pre-booked in advance during normal operating hours – (Minimum Group Size: 10 visitors)

– Groups of 10-49 children/adults: £13.99 per person

– Groups of 50 or more children/adults: £11.99 per person

– Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free.


Pre-booked in advance during term time – (Minimum Group Size: 25 visitors)

Outside of the theme park opening hours (during half term), we supply school groups/visits with a 2 hour and 30 minute time slots, which are: 10:00am – 12:30pm or 1:30pm – 4:00pm.

– Groups of 25-49 children/adults: £13.99 per person

– Groups of 50 or more children/adults: £11.99 per person

– Disabled concession: Same as above price but ONE accompanying carer or helper per impaired person admits free.

Please note that all advance bookings must be made at least 14 days before the day of your visit. Prices above include UNLIMITED use of all ride and drives at Diggerland, for the duration of your visit.


For future school trips in Kent, visit Diggerland and have a bucket load of fun, as well as an educational day out! Give the children something to remember.


On a side note, Diggerland will be attending the Free Forum to inspire schools talk at Mercure Great Danes Hotel in Maidstone on 12th October, along with Leeds Castle. Perfect for school staff and governors. Diggerland will also be giving away a free school trip to only lucky class, book your place today!

KM charity team
We cater for hen and stag parties in Kent

Are you looking for unique stag do ideas? Whether your event is last minute or you’re planning ahead for next year, Diggerland have got you covered. Have you ever fancied becoming big kids for one day, getting competitive with your party, or simply experiencing something totally unique, then you have definitely come to the right place.

Diggerland Theme Park is the venue to ensure that your stag parties in Kent are as memorable as they are fun, exhilarating and different! We have various packages and prices available, therefore you can choose the best option for you and your party:


Daytime Grown Ups Parties when Diggerland Theme Park is Open

If you prearrange a daytime Grown Ups Party to take place during Diggerland’s normal opening hours/days, you will enjoy:

  • VIP Treatment
  • Your own dedicated host or hostess to look after you and your guests – to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • UNLIMITED goes on all Diggerland’s rides & drives*
  • 3 x FREE rides EACH on the Diggerland Dodgems
  • A personalised, commemorative certificate each
  • Food and beverages are not included in the entry price, but visitors can purchase from our on site eateries, or pre-arrange for their visit.

Price: £19.95 per person (minimum 10 per party)


Evening Grown Ups Parties at Diggerland

Pre-book your eveing Grown Ups Party (with a minimum of 15 party goers) and you will enjoy 2 full hours of:

  • UNLIMITED goes on all Diggerland’s rides & drives*
  • UNLIMITED free rides on the Diggerland Dodgems
  • Organised competitive activities (to find the best digger driver/operator in your group)
  • No waiting or queueing to go on the rides and drives… the Park is yours!
  • VIP Area for exclusive use of party bookers
  • Your own dedicated team of Diggerland Marshals to look after you and your guests – to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • A personalised, commemorative certificate each
  • Food and beverages are not included in the entry price, but visitors can purchase from our on-site eatery, or pre-arrange for their visit.

Price: £47.00 per person for a 2 hour stay (minimum 15 per party)


Daytime Grown Ups Party when Diggerland Theme Park is Closed

Pre-book your daytime Grown Ups Party (with a minimum of 15 party goers) to take place on a day when Diggerland is CLOSED to the general public, and you will enjoy 2 full hours of:

  • UNLIMITED goes on all Diggerland’s rides & drives
  • UNLIMITED free rides on the Diggerland Dodgems
  • VIP Area for exclusive use of party bookers
  • Your own dedicated team of Diggerland Marshals to look after you and your guests – to ensure everything runs smoothly.
  • A personalised, commemorative certificate each
  • Food and beverages are not included in the entry price, but visitors can purchase from our on site eateries, or pre-arrange for their visit.

Price: £40.00 per person for a 2 hour stay (minimum 15 per party)

*Dependent on weather conditions, some rides may be closed during high winds for obvious Health & Safety reasons


We don’t cater for just stag parties in Kent, we also welcome hen parties that are looking for a fun filled day. We know that some people would rather just dress up and go out somewhere nice, while some hen parties don’t. Diggerland  welcome all parties that don’t mind getting dirty and muddy, and just are looking to have a good day out.

If you’re wanting to organise something extra special for the stag or hen, why not organise and surprise them with one of our Digger Experience Days on top of entry to the park, or book in our Group JCB Experience for everyone to participate in.

If you’re struggling to plan unique Stag Parties in Kent, then why not take a trip to Diggerland? Treat your group, and experience a day like no other!

For more information about hen or stag parties, please contact us on: 0871 22 77 007 or email us: corporate@diggerland.com

Stag Parties in Kent
Days out in Kent

The summer holidays may be over for another year, and children are now finally back at school, but there is still one more half term break to get through until the new year and our season finishes! There’s never a better time to look for things to do, and days out in Kent for the family. You may think you have exhausted all your options over the 6 week break, but fear not, there are plenty of days out in Kent that you can take advantage of over the October holidays.

Diggerland Kent

The whole family can experience our unique Theme Park with ride and drives to suit all ages.  Here you can drive, operate and ride real diggers and a range of other full size construction machinery like dumpers. This is a fantastic and unique attraction if you want fun, excitement and somewhere that is full of action. We will be open 10am-5pm during the October half term, so you definitely won’t get an “I’m bored!” out of any of your kids. October probably won’t bring much sunshine, but as long as you come prepared with a change of clothes, and a spare pair of shoes, you can spend all day at Diggerland.

You can also experience:

With an onsite eating establishment, and an indoor play area, there is something for all ages. If you want a day of adventure for the whole family then look no further! With 3 other parks around the UK, we have you covered, wherever you are.

Handy tip: If you come equipped with a Nestle sweet wrapper and a voucher from the website, kids go free with a paying adult (Please note: The voucher will expire 28/10/18, so don’t miss out!)

Historic Dockyard – Chatham

One of Britain’s leading maritime heritage destinations and the world’s most complete dockyard from the ‘age of sail’ – will prove to be quite an adventure. With something for the whole family, it’s one of many perfect days out in Kent. With 3 historic ships to explore: HMS Gannet, Second World War Destroyer HMS Cavalier, and Cold War Submarine Ocelot, make it a trip to remember!

The Historic Dockyard have put together a top 10 list on things to do when you visit:

  • Make rope at the ropery,
  • Peek through the periscope on HMS Ocelot,
  • Mission Explore!
  • Indoor Play
  • Green Screen Fun,
  • Pipe Bending
  • Ring the bell on HMS Cavalier,
  • Swing in the hammocks in HMS Gannet,
  • Try out Kentish Pies,
  • Sit in our giant deckchair.

Hop Farm – Paddock Wood

For days out in Kent located further out of Medway, The Hop Farm Family Park can be found in Paddock Wood, Tonbridge. The Hop Farm family park is packed full of attractions for the children and fabulous places to eat and drink. With attractions including: Giant Jumping Pillows, 4D Cinema, Combat Laser Quest, Driving School, Outdoor Adventure Play Area, Childrens Rides and live magic shows and discos. During the October holidays, kids can get involved in special events: ‘Halloween Half Term Fun’ and ‘Fireworks Spectacular’.

As well as providing day time fun, The Hop Farm Family Park also offer the Moonlight Drive in Cinema, so why not pick a film,book your tickets, park up, order some movie snacks and enjoy the entertainment from your own car.

Buckmore Karting Circuit – Chatham

For exhilarating days out in Kent, Buckmore Park is one of the most prestigious karting venues in the UK. They provide a safe and enjoyable experience that leaves children with memories that last a lifetime. Located in Chatham, Buckmore offer Junior Karting available to children from aged 4 and up. All the family can enjoy karting sessions on the main circuits on which Quadruple World Champion Lewis Hamilton honed his skills as a youngster. Perfect for competitive family days out in Kent.

Port Lympne Animal Reserve

Home to over 700 rare and endangered animals, and with regular animal births and new species coming in every year, there’s always something different to see at Port Lympne. Make it an extra special October break and treat your children to an Experience Day, including: Gorilla Scatter Feed and Animal Encounters.

Visitors will even have the option to go all out, and treat the whole family to the ultimate safari, and book yourself in for the night at the Port Lympne Hotel or any other of the short stay accommodations available. Which is especially useful if you haven’t managed to experience the whole of the park in one day!

Leeds Castle – Maidstone

With 500 acres of beautiful parkland and formal gardens, a maze and grotto, free flying falconry displays, an ancient caste to walk around with a museum and exhibition, and year round attractions, Leeds Castle is one of the best days out in Kent located in Maidstone. During the October half term, kids can get involved in ‘The Monster Halloween Quest’ and attend a spectacular Firework show with the whole family.

If you fancy something a bit more adventurous and exhilarating to wear the kids out, Go Ape can also be located at Leeds Castle. Go Ape Tree Top Junior, is a jam-packed hour of wobbly bridges, intricate crossings and an awesome zip wire finale suitable for children aged 6-15.

Buckmore Park
Historic Dockyard Logo
Diggerland Logo
Hop Farm
An attraction that has it all - Explore Diggerland with myhotelbreak

We have invited the hotel deals website myhotelbreak.com to discuss why their guests love visiting Diggerland Theme Park. View what they said in our latest blog:

One of the great things about hotel getaways or holidays are having fantastic attractions near to where you’re staying. For our guests staying in our hotels in England, we highly recommend taking a day trip with the family to Diggerland Theme Park.

With locations in Kent, Devon, Durham and Yorkshire, this is a fantastic attraction for all the family.

Let’s find out more about this attraction…

If you want a day of adventure then look no further than Diggerland. The whole family can experience this unique Theme Park and create memories.  Here you can drive, operate and ride real diggers and a range of other full size construction machinery like dumpers. This is a fantastic and unique attraction if you and the kids want fun, excitement and somewhere that is full of action.

This attraction is perfect for all age groups (permitting height restrictions apply though) as it has over 20 rides, drives and other experiences to savour. From real JCB’s to the head reeling Spindizzy, or the 360 excavators. Experience the Skyshuttle and its views and then the off-roading Groundshuttle. Diggerland also has Dodgems and Go-Karts which are always a treat too.

Diggerland Theme Park Robots Ride

What else should you experience?

These are just some of the fun filled activities you and your loved ones can take part in. For more information please click here.


Create memories to take home

The parks all have a great Diggerland Goodie Store. Here you have an abundance of toys, merchandise and souvenirs to choose from. There are also cafes where you can kick back and relax and enjoy some down time after a day having fun.

What are the prices?

  • Adults £19.95pp
  • 65+ (ID needed) £9.95pp
  • Groups of 10+ £16.99pp
  • Children under 90cm go free

For the full pricing list click here.

This is a wonderful place if you’re looking for somewhere different to take the family. No matter where your hotel break takes you in England this year, enjoy a day out at Diggerland and explore the unexpected.

Diggerland Theme Park is fun for all the family!

At Diggerland Theme Park, we take pride in the fact that we have something to offer for each member of the family. With over 20 different rides and drives and over 100 machines, there really is something for everyone to enjoy!

Diggerland is the perfect location for Grandparents to take the Grandkids on a unique, exciting and enjoyable theme park experience, without the worry that Nan & Granddad will be left out.

Whilst we do have some thrilling attractions, we also have gentle static machines which means that they are accessible for all (height restrictions apply).

Grandparents can experience what it’s like to operate their very own Dumper Truck, as well as taking in the incredible views from Skyshuttle and taking a seat in the Diggerland Train.

Children and adults can ride/drive real construction machinery together and make special memories to last a life-time.

Each Diggerland Theme Park also has an indoor soft play area where children can let off some steam whilst the adults sit and relax, perhaps with a cup of tea from our catering franchise, The Dig Inn.


Robots at Diggerland UK Theme Park

Diggerland Theme Park have the pleasure to be featured on the Age UK website which provides numerous ideas of what Grandparents and Grandchildren can get up to in South East England. This includes a wonderful piece written about the Diggerland Kent park.

Age UK is a registered charity who’s ultimate goal is to make the UK a great place to grow older. They do this by providing millions of people with information and advice on their rights and how to make the best possible decisions for later on in life. In addition to this, they regularly run campaigns and conduct research to help make later life better for older people.

In order to help support the well being of senior citizens, they also encourage older people to become more active and provide support for people to stay independent for longer.